Here is a short version of my life story. I was raised as a JW practically from birth. My parents studied during the whole 1975 thing. My mom became pregnant with me that year. I was born Jan. 14, 1976, 14 days after Armageddon LOL. Mom was baptized in 1981, I think. Dad never was baptized as a JW, but forced Mom to go to meetings and take me. It is strange how Dad never felt worthy of being a JW, but he made me get baptized in 1995. Mom pioneered from about 1984 to 1986. She quit going to meetings in 1987 and did not go to hardly any meetings again until 1990. She became regular at meetings for about 2 years. I think the first Gulf war might have had something to do with her desire to go again. I was baptized in 1995 and went regularly until May 2000. I have not been to a meeting since Aug. 2000. The last one was 3 days after Dad died. I sat through that Sunday talk thinking I don't believe any of it anymore. I had been reading the various websites that talk about JWs and the GB deceptions. That summer I bought Crisis of Conscience and read it too. I shared what I learned with mom who had no plans of going regularly ever again anyway. She just figured she would die at Jehovah's day and no longer cared if she did. Her opinion was why live with a bunch of people who told her she could not leave an abusive husband. Why would she want to live with abuse forever? Death sounded much better to her than that. So that is my story.