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  • mike047

    Simon, don't let the complaints that will follow get to you. You made the decision, and it is your board[which I am grateful for]. You will never be able to make everyone happy, regardless of what you do. Push On.

  • sf

    Another thing seems to take place here and other places; the minimizing of spiritual RAPE. Physical rape is much more acknowledged as more devastating to the victim. I've been physically raped a few times, in various degrees; one being outright violent attack. Yet the spiritual RAPE that penetrated my spirit as a young girl, due to my mothers decisions to "join hands" in this Organization, will always be more devastating for me. I will never get over it.

    What Farkel did is RAPE me spiritually. That's how I FEEL. Yet his account is still active and my vits are still posted. Guess it's freedom of speech, eh? So is/was Mad's post. I can only imagine how HE feels now, spiritually, emotionally and otherwise. To be "shut up" like this. Guess I better shut up now too. It's very clear that minimization occurs here grossly.

    sKally, feels good being expressive, klass

  • ARoarer

    Mad, Silentlambs,Sam Beli,and all,
    This is sounding uncomfortably familiar to me. In speaking in behalf of victims of abuse from personal experience, it seems that reading all of the bickering amongst you over the issue,reminds me of being back at the Kingdom Hall listening to the different opinions being argued amongst themselves, over who was right and who was wrong, and who was in more support of the victims and who wasn't, how brother elder so and so was not as understanding as brother elder so and so from the blah blah congregation... and sister so and so elderette was speaking in behalf of brother so and so, and the other sister so and so is just a dumb sister anyway because she is in disagreement with the rest of brothers so and so and blah blah blah blah, on and on and on and suddenly the victim's wondering shit! what the fuck did I bother coming forward for. It really isn't about me, it is all about them and THEIR POSTITIONS AND GROUP CLOUT AMOUNGST THEMSELVES. Why don't you all just get over yourselves and stop re-enacting Watchtowerland. You should hear yourselves from the victim point of view. Forget your elder day personality commitee meeting clashes and start acting like you are in the real world not arguing in the back of a Kingdom Hall over "who is greater" or for that matter "who's husband is greater". Victims are tough. They have to be. They survived it. So lets call them survivors and get over yourselves. GEEESH!!! You all sound like a knit picking bunch of former pharisees. A buch of bull headed bull clashing horns at each other as if to say "I have the biggest horns". It's Friday nite. Enjoy it guys.
    Love ARoarer

  • Ranchette

    Hear her roar?

    Please listen to what she's saying.


    Hope everyone enjoys this friday night too.

  • Simon

    I don't take any pleasure in stopping anyone posting and hope that I can reactivate MA ASAP. I do care how people feel but am compelled to take other peoples feelings into account as well.

    I'm sorry if I appear inconsistent at times - I honestly do my best to do what I think is right but will obviously make mistakes and may handle things differently as I haven't drawn up any hard and fast rules that I follow for stuff like this.

  • waiting

    Awe Simon,

    If you think you're perfect, well, just have Ang. slap you upside the head to remind you.....judgement calls are just that. And they're based upon the needs of the moment.

    I think you made a judgement call - and it can be addressed or amended between you and MA privately, as you've invited him to speak with you.

    Personally, the guy has made good points many times....but damn! He is one unsocially skilled man. That's ok....until someone who doesn't deserve it gets hurt - and others see it and step back into the darkness.

    Howdy y'all,

    Victims are tough. They have to be. They survived it. So lets call them survivors and get over yourselves. - ARoarer
    True a point. I am a victim/survivor also. Victims will always be victims of a crime - and most survive the experience to a varying degree to go on, thus being survivors. But to negate the victimization of them, or their children, saying "hey, you survived, get on with your life.." as some do, is so insensitive.

    I suspect most survivors will always have a part of them that's a victim, because the lost innocent child was killed. Another part took over, the survivor. Some are tough, but some just survive.

    This isn't a courtroom, nor is this therapy. This is a discussion group - as such, I agree that room should be given to allow victims/survivors to tell their experiences without cross examination to a great degree - at least until we know more about them, or they post more than one single post.

    In the deleted thread, I spoke about Rape Advocates who work with the police, intervening for the victim. The primary reason they were introduced was because the act of telling the horrific crime to highly insensitive persons was like being raped all over again. I believe before they were introduced, less than 25% of rapes were being reported to the police and going forth to trial (not sure of percentage.) It was just too hard on the victims.

    Remember that other person that was finally found to be false? No one jumped on them or their experience for a while....see what happens as the story developes.

    If we have an issue with Bill, instead of shredding the victim/survivor's account - why not take it to Bill through e-mail?

    Hello SilentLambs

    LB stated that he was a friend of Nute - who was the mother/victim in this account. He said that Nute did not know that her account would be on any forum - let alone this forum. Is this true?



    Hey Simon,Waiting is on the money with this one.I`ve looked after sexually abused kids and it is no easy deal..>>>Hey Waiting,when I first came to this forum,I posted harshly to you on this subject,little knowing you were a victim.I have always regretted it,I am truley sorry...OUTLAW

  • waiting

    Why, thank you, outlaw!

    Being old and decrepit, I have no memory of your rudeness - and you best be thankful of that, little one.

    Victims/survivors are an odd lot - all different, some different hour by hour. Kinda like slightly crazy persons. Speaking of myself, naturally.

    Thanks again, outlaw.


  • Billygoat

    OUTLAW - I like you more and more. That takes guts!


  • Pathofthorns

    Thumbs down on the deactivating of MA.

    I think this is a guy that is a straight-shooter, who definitely isn't seeking a following or to please anybody. I don't think that can be said of too many in the "power clique" of posters and you'd have to be blind to deny that such exists.

    I can't condone alot of the guy's tackless style, but alot of the more prominent posters have said and done much worse, but it is alot harder to take action against those who have alot of friends on the board.

    I'll take an honest poster that might be a bit rough around the edges any day over those with the big egos that cry everytime someone gives back what they give out.

    Anyway, it's not my house, so whatever happens happens. Whether its just or not, sometimes its an honor to accept the 'punishment' if its the price paid to hold to your ideals.


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