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  • Valentine

    Are you always this stupid? Or are you making a special effort today.

  • anewperson

    Mad may indeed be a Watchtower man, and one as highly placed as the Schroeders (Albert, son Judah) at that. I based this not just on the fact that yesterday as on previous days I found him and his probably alter-ego name-entities bashing excellent anti-Watchtower posts but also on some past posts revealed in-between-the-line clues of inside-the-Watchtower knowledge and unusually heightened personal vehemence.

    Simon has stated that although loathe to do so on rare occasions where the need arises due for example to probable breaking of the law, he can check the originating ISP number for posters. If he so chooses in the case of Mad, then it will be interesting to see if the number indicates New York or New Jersey although I am aware that California is another major area of their control efforts, even having Watchtower Security Inc - which also needs investigated.

    As to a huge organized group against the Watchtower Society, that is and is not true. We are autonomous individuals, increasing by the day, who however can and do cooperate gladly to work against the WTS at times. The WTS doesn't exhibit common sense when they simplistically tell elders the effort is consolidated. If all the power to get things done was consolidated into, say, the hands of one person (e.g. Alan, Ray etc) or some tiny elite group (e.g. Alan + Ray etc) then the WTS would have identified, infiltrated and choked us to death long ago.

    So on one too, we are laughing at you WTS. Your demise is coming because of your own arrogance and presumptiousness on point after point. Not to say Alan may not have helped mastermind many good things to a small extent with some and to a larger extent with others, but as he will tell anyone some things like the coming of our Free Christians Newsletter (free subscriptions from have occurred naturally without his influence that of Randy, Kent or others. When people are put under fire they tend to die or to battle back.

    But returning to Mad. At times he has produced some nicely anti-WTS stuff, but then that would be expected from someone who was trying to get us to think him on the side of Christian Freedom. At others he has made transparently clear his desire to derail anti-WTS efforts. Therefore, whether part of the WTS's fellow-worker troll police, a lone ranger flamer or other is irrelevant. Simon clearly needs to seriously consider possible actions to protect the board from Mad. As a starter I recommend that he check Mad's ISP.

    Prisca, I appreciate your desire to be fair but in this case I'm with silentlambs/Bill in saying we must be fair to victims even more than to this "mad" entity. But then that's me for it, the big question is this: now that the ball is definitely in the hands of Simon, .... Simon says......... what?

    Or perhaps he needs some others to comment about Mad first......

  • hawkaw

    It is really too bad that all this has to happen but for some unknown reason I think I understand it.

    Mad A. was very helpful during the UN/WTS investigation. He was part of a team working on his own time and expense that really exposed the issue.

    AlanF, Bill, Sam B etc. etc. have also been very helpful in exposing serious problems with the Borg.

    Uness I'm missing something I don't think there is an "organized" group.

    I think all of you guys are working toward the same goal at your own expense and time. But you just have different personalities. Mad A has a much different personality than most on the board. And sometimes these personalities do get in the way. He used to respond to me all the time and now nothing - but I understand what drives him.

    Just look at me right now with this Joe A. guy. I can't stand the "goof" and he is driving me nuts on the UN issue.

    All in all I am glad to be working with all of you, learning from all of you and trying to help these innocent little kids and getting people to realize what they are really into.


  • Ranchette

    This whole situation is very sad.

    I was shocked when I first heard about it.

    I refused to believe it was Mad Apostate who had a personal vendetta against Silent Lambs and had allowed those negative emotions to be taken out on an innocent victim of abuse because I have seen so many good things from him in the past especially with the UN situation.

    I was very disappointed when I returned to the board to find that it was MA.

    This is the very reason why victims don’t come forward.
    They are afraid their story won’t be believed. It takes great courage to come forward and to have this happen is terrible.

    I will never come forward on a public board with my story after seeing what happened to this victim. I wonder how many other victims feel the same way as I do now?

    Many of these victims are still suffering mentally, emotionally and as we all know because of being JWs have very limited education.
    It is heartless to interrogate a person who has had to overcome so much to come forward.

    We must think of how fragile these people are.
    For example if this victim had of attempted suicide after sharing her story and being treated that way, those who participated in tearing her story down would bear some responsibility for what happened.

    MA ,
    You don’t have to apologize to Silent Lambs this was never about him.

    This is about the victim and I do think an apology would be nice for her to hear from you.

    I also wish you would call or email Bill because you could accomplish so much more together instead of what we see happening here.
    Also I believe you will find you are very wrong about the motives you impute to him.

    Please think about this.

  • YoYoMama

    The truth is that most here would believe anything that is said against the Witnesses, whether it's true or false.

    At least MA questions its validity.

  • Simon

    While it's ok to question things I do wonder at the style of MA's questioning which could and most probably already has done real harm to someone already hurt because of abuse.

    I do not intend to allow such posts on the forum.

    If MA or anyone else persists in such posts or attacks on silentlambs then I will remove the posts and the account.

    I would hate for people to miss out on the support that they could get here because of a few wild posts.

    I have enjoyed some of your other posts MS and respect the effort you put in on other fronts so beg you to reconsider your stance.

  • MadApostate


    HA HA!!!

    I have already received word via one of my many email accounts that you have already promised THE CLIQUE that you were going to close my account.

    My positions have ALWAYS been in support of TRUTH and HONESTY.

    I PROUDLY will take your deathstroke.


  • LDH

    MA's problems seem mostly to be with those whom he terms the POWER CLIQUE on this board.

    I wonder, really, if he ever was a JW or belonged to ANY group?!?!?!? He would understand how these things work.

    Example: I've been attending cong. X for twenty years, and while others have come and gone in that time, there IS a core group of us who have always had each other to rely on. NEWBIE moves into town and demands immediate acceptance. The more people he offends and alienates, the more necessary it is for him to cry "POWER CLIQUE" as the reason he's not 'accepted.'

    The real truth is, this board is a lot like a congregation or ANY group for that matter. Some of us have credibility on certain issues. Silentlambs, I would say, has the ultimate in credibility on the child molestation issue.

    MA, the green horn who comes charging in demanding this 'proof' is obviously NOT AWARE of the credibility that's been built up over months.

    Ranchette is right, ANY story Bill tells is, SADLY, true many times over. The board loyalists don't need proof.

    MA obviously has issues with acceptance.

    He's digging his own grave. And as far as his '875 posts in 7 months,' yeah well ummmmm how many does Fred Hall have, and do THEY really add anything?

    Clique Queen Class

  • Simon

    Well MA, since I have not emailed anyone that I am going to close your account and there is no 'clique' as you claim I can only assume that you are just trying to stir things by lying so ...

    ... I will close your accounts. I hope you can appreciate my reasons for doing this.

    Please email me if you'd like to dicuss it in private.

  • sf

    I really am stunned to WITNESS this. Now what? You've shut him up. How do you suppose he is FEELING now? Do you wonder of his feelings or mine or anyone elses that seems to get minimized here by so many?

    What about what Doug(Farkel) did in exposing details of private phone conversations between he and I? You all basically coddled the dipfuck and told him he is such a great MAN. But my vitals are STILL up. Yet you delete and deactivate Mad? bwahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    sKally, going to a meeting now, klass

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