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  • zerubberballs

    G'day MadApostate,

    1. The Link works.
    I get half linked to a forum of some kind.

    2. Tina deserved all the crap she got. In a thread, one of whose subplots was "equal rights", she lambasts others, but then runs to the authority figure when she got back what she dished out.

    What has that to do with what I just said? All I questioned was the shallow nonsensical responces you gave over there. Neither of us could work out what you were saying. Now if you'd used your English language skills there as you have here ... LOL

    3. You can go FUCK YOURSELF. I don't have to take my time to explain myself to you. Try reading my 875+ posts in the past 7 months.
    Pleasent thoughts aside, (any fuck sounds good to me right now) All i was asking was for a link to something that tells me more about your nature. All i've seen so far are one liners, links to the thoughts of others etc... The search goes on for an interesting MA post... Not flattered by this little fluffy butts attention eh? Sounds as if Silentlambs isn't by yours either. You plan on addressing the issue at hand here or what?


  • MadApostate

    SamBeli NOT:

    To the contrary, Sam. You, AlanAssWipe, and all the "clique" and its groupies can call me a "troll" all you like.

    It proves to everyone else that I am correct:


    I WILL NEVER SACRIFICE MY PRINCIPLES TO BE ACCEPTED BY YOU IDIOTS, and nothing short of SIMON kicking me off the DB will silence me.

    Posts like MessiahBill's and your's provides "feedback" that my efforts to make you guys stop and think about your own idiocy is working, and hopefully countering the "groupthink" that is your own worst enemy.

    Thank you!!!

  • Pathofthorns

    I like reading MA's stuff. Sometimes you need the intelligent extreme to keep things in perspective or to offer a different but valid idea, or viewpoint.

    People like MA are part of the system of checks and balances that help keep us level headed. You need people to ask the questions others don't dare to, and we need criticism not just pats on the back.


  • dirty larry
    dirty larry


    ill adress the issue,who appointed mister lamb as some kind of adjudger of what will and will not be published on this board.
    who does mister lamb think he is coming here insisting on apology.
    who does mister lamb think he is telling people what they can and cannot say on an open board.
    Mister lamb seems to think he has some god given right to be untouchable and say whatever he likes and we all fall silent because his subject is a terrible one. It is indeed terrible.
    But this is a free board, if everyone can post whatever they like about any one else, why is he so sacrosanct that people cant post any damn thing they like in his threads?

  • Mommie Dark
    Mommie Dark


    paranoia, anyone? Sour grapes, sour grapes!


  • DazedAndConfused

    First off I want to say that I have no problems with any posters in here personally. I agree, or don't, with many in here........but this continual bashing of others is starting to get under my skin. The one and only statement in the initial post that stands out to me is:


    One poster on the other hand made no such move he called her a liar repeatedly and demanded actual police reports before he would ever believe otherwise.


    I did not see the posts that were referred to...........but I will have to say that to ask for (demand) proof is not out of line. Think about it. How many posts have we seen in here that seem to be just purely out of the attitude of bashing, for no other reason than to look for the minutest thing that the Borg has done? Don't get me wrong.......I think for the most part what is written in here is good. But I will have to say that petty arguements, specifically focusing on one person in a negative post, or even those posts that are seeking "boogey men" where boogey men do not exist gets very, very tiresome. Why not take these issues to a personal level? Why not face each other and try to settle differences without a public forum? From what I have seen quite a number of times the misunderstandings are due entirely to the fact that seeing words written rather than spoken causes a lot of hard feelings and flame wars that are totally unnecessary if 2 (or more) so called adults would agree to talk to each other civilly.

    Like I said, I don't know what transpired here but can't it be taken care of in another, more civil way?

  • zerubberballs

    So there is a power clique!!!

    LOL Just when I thought some folks saw eye to eye and somefolks don't. Just when ... ah fluff ....

    Great Rant MA. I love it.

  • dirty larry
    dirty larry

    hey momma is that picture there a portrait of you?

  • dirty larry
    dirty larry

    ah someone wearing their own face speaks. D and C. Good for you and a woman to boot. Imagine if a bloke had made D and Cs comment, youd all be thinking "child molester".
    Thats right D and C. just cause mr lamb prints it dont let it automatically push your buttons of repulsion.just cause someone gives a testimony is not a conviction. moral crusaders are dangerous.they must be watched and their views weighed fair and rationel.

    (By all means exterminate the abomination of child molestation.)

  • Prisca

    I am yet to see evidence of Mad Apostate being a troll. He/she has even been accused of being a Bethel spy, if I remember correctly.

    Is there any conclusive proof (not paranoia) that indicates that MA is a troll?

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