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  • silentlambs

    I wish to make a comment on something that disturbs me deeply to the point I cannot let it pass or be ignored. A little over a year ago I resigned as an elder to protest WT policy and how it hurt children. The impetus that brought me to that conclusion was a child I knew personally that was in danger. To stand up for her eventually meant a stand against six million misinformed JWs. It is a simple point that many have joined with a basic conclusion; we will not support or condone anyone who hurts children or victims of child molestation. If that happens to be the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society then so be it. But is that the only entity that we take this stand against? If so, that would make us nothing less than simple WT haters and what is good accomplished in that?

    I recall a few months ago when I was at the trial in Ritzville Washington. A local reporter asked for information about the trial. We offered to provide it on the condition that she wait till the trial starts before she published the material. The reason was the possibility it could cause difficulty for the defense in providing an impartial jury. The reporter broke her word and ran the story a week before the trial. In the end it did not do any real damage but it caused some very stressful moments before the trial. When the reporter approached me for comment during the trial I told her, “no comment.” When she asked me why, I stated, “You broke your word to me and your actions placed the victim in a difficult position I do not help people who hurt victims.” At that point I encouraged everyone there to not offer her any comments. Why? For the reason stated above. If you hurt victims you become an enemy of silentlambs. It would be inconsistent to condemn WT and not condemn others who might do the same.

    A few days ago I posted a victims story on this forum, as I have done this many times before, it helps to bring the issue back up and shows new victims come in every week. As I have previously mentioned stories are posted at a five to one ratio. That means for every five I hear, one person will send me the story to be posted publicly. Most are just not ready, this is perfectly understandable, yet others want to add their voice to the hundreds that are speaking out with the hope in the end it will protect children. Their courage is to be honored and appreciated for they are the true heroes of the silentlambs issue. I do not know why but with this victim’s story three people chose to challenge the way certain statements were made. I tried on three occasions to defuse the negative comments and two of the posters came around and either allowed room for misunderstanding or apologized. This was commendable as it helped the victim to see it was not intentioned the way it may have appeared.

    One poster on the other hand made no such move he called her a liar repeatedly and demanded actual police reports before he would ever believe otherwise. I requested that Simon remove the thread from the board due to the cutting remarks. This is unacceptable it crossed the line and is not to be tolerated. This person calls themselves “Mad Apostate.” I do not know if you were having a bad day or if you simply were not thinking, but I would encourage you to think long and hard about what you have done. You owe the victim and this board a public apology for your actions. You were wrong, you hurt a victim of child molestation, you insulted her, and you would be better served to make it right. This is not a place for smart remarks or idle threats, but if you feel you have the right to hurt victims of child molestation, that is not freedom of speech it is pure evil. I offer you this opportunity to correct your mistake.

    I have also noted comments of an “insider elite” that control the board. This is simple paranoid delusional thinking. There is not a secret organization or special group of insiders who control everything. If you wish to know something communicate! Email and use the telephone that is the way you find stuff out. As I mentioned from the beginning of the silentlambs issue, by any means necessary I wish to force the wt to change policy to protect children. I will talk to anyone anywhere anytime, if you wish to help lets talk and see what can be accomplished. That is not an insider club it is an effort of those who wish to assist in a common goal. Different people offer different things, some do not have computers but together I think it is a collective effort by those who do what their heart motivates them to. Other people may have different agendas they wish to accomplish, yet, while I have talked to many people I have yet to find any evidence of some well-financed apostate conspiracy that operates like the CIA to destroy the wt at all costs. That is simple JW think. You see JW’s want all JWs to believe that there is this huge organization ran by the Devil that is seeking to destroy God’s people. Are you going to fall for the same claptrap? Face the reality that anything that is being accomplished is done by people like you and me who get off our asses and put forth the effort to do something meaningful. So if you think you are missing out on some inside information please follow the sentence that preceded this one, then you can be an “insider” to.

  • avengers
    I wish to force the wt to change policy to protect children

    This is not enough. The WT is an organization led by evil men. to change their policy is not enough. Only their destruction would free innocent people being hurt by these men.

    Face the reality that anything that is being accomplished is done by people like you and me who get off our asses and put forth the effort to do something meaningful

    This is something that I can definitely agree with. Sometimes though I get tired, but words like yours give me strenghth all over again.
    Thank you for all your efforts to achieve freedom for all the innocent victims of this murdering governing body.

    "Few are they that look through their own eyes and feel with their own heart"
    A Einstein
  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Arent we getting just a little bit carried away here?
    Arent we overreacting just a touch? Avenger.
    "Murdering Governing Body"?
    "Evil men"? And you insist these men must be destroyed.
    Ive been hurt as bad as anybody, and any involvement with the org is a curse that I wish had never occurred, but I will never believe there is any evil INTENT in anything the org does.
    They might delude themselves into thinking they are protecting people
    and in reality are decieving them.
    They might hurt people and tell themselves there have to be casualties in a war and some must suffer in the pursuit of a higher purpose.
    But there is no ground for suggesting, implying, deliberate intent to hurt people.

  • MadApostate

    "Get down off the Cross, honey. Somebody needs the wood."--Dolly Parton.

  • zerubberballs

    Hey Mad Apostate,

    I've just been reading a few of your posts trying to work you out. This is the second good person i've seen you stir up in two days. What gives with the shallow crap responces like the ones to Tina and this one here? Forgive me if we've met before this place can be confusing and we move in different. I don't know how much time i can dedicate to plumbing your depths. Any clues as to your outlook? (I kept trying your link in the tina thread but it was a dud.)

    I don't follow the silentlambs thing but it looks to me like you owe the guy more than a pathetic unoriginal one liner.

    curious unclebruce.

  • avengers

    I do think the Governing Body is a a murdering, evil and misleading piece of shit bunch of senile old men. In the past they outlawed vaccinations and inocculations and forbade their followers to have their kids vaccinated. The reason was as they claimed "cannibalism". How many lives did that cost? What about the blood matter? You tell me how many lives that cost!! What about all the suicides that resulted from all the depressions people suffered through the pressures and methods of indoctrination the Governing Body exercises? What about all the broken homes? The ruined marriages, where they had their spies even creeping into bedrooms of couples only to report their findings to the local elders? You think this is fiction? I have seen these thing with my own eyes, so don't tell me the Governing Body is not a murderous bunch of powerhungry men. If they weren't evil they would sit with you and me and discuss the wellbeing of my brothers and sisters, of the families who are hells unhappy about their loved-ons being seperated by the doctrines of a bunch of men upthere in their happy Watchtower. If they really, really cared about us they would come and help, them having God's Spirit and all. But they don't. They're liars, and I dare them to defend themselves against this saying .

  • MadApostate

    1. The Link works.

    2. Tina deserved all the crap she got. In a thread, one of whose subplots was "equal rights", she lambasts others, but then runs to the authority figure when she got back what she dished out.

    3. You can go FUCK YOURSELF. I don't have to take my time to explain myself to you. Try reading my 875+ posts in the past 7 months.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Well, Ive always thought of evil as INTENDING to do harm.Much like Satan deliberately leading our first parents into sin knowing they would die. premeditated.
    Still, looking in the old dictionary, under "evil" it says:
    ..."Harmfull, injurious,characterised and accompanied by misfortune, suffering or disaster"...
    I guess by that definition the stupid old buggers really ARE evil, eh?

  • Sam Beli
    Sam Beli

    Hello Bill,

    Sorry to hear of the trouble MA has been causing you. Alan F and I along with some others identified MA as trouble sometime ago. Alan thinks he is a troll and this allegation often makes MA go ballistic. At times his language is among the most foul seen on this board.

    My advice regarding MA is to have as little to do with him as possible.

    Regarding the GB being murders, I have to agree with avengers that they are just that: murders! Why? Look at the blood policy. They have known for decades that their policy was wrong – remember they based it on “eating” blood. Since transfusion (transplantation) is not in any way shape or form “eating” their original policy was based on a wrong premise. Did they abandon the policy once they learned the error of their premise? No. They found other arguments and kept the no blood policy rather than admit their error. People die because GB will not admit error!

    Their haughty attitude remains the same with the Silent Lambs issue. They will not admit error, so many people suffer as a result. Bill is making life difficult for them on this issue; Lee Elder is making life difficult for them on the blood issue.

    Lives are at stake. Go Bill. Go Lee.

    Sam Beli

    I have seen all the works which have been done under the sun, and behold, all is vanity and striving after wind. What is crooked cannot be straightened and what is lacking cannot be counted. Solomon

  • avengers

    RF I am not saying to destroy men. Destroy the GB. Destroy the WT.
    Dissolve the Governing Body. Dissolve the Watchtower, divide what they owe us, and never think about it again.

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