NEW GENERATION DEFINED -- April 15, 2010 Watchtower

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  • thetrueone

    I think this new generation explanation is discerning effort to keep this generation, the body of active GB members in a state of continuing support,

    which is really their own life blood. What happens to the next GB generation is going to be their problem to deal with.

    The covering are asses with bullshit department , is going to busy in the coming years.

  • Terry

    Here is a thought worth a pause...


    What about THE BIBLE?

    This whole religion devotes its interpretations to scriptures from THE BIBLE.

    So what?

    So, this:

    The BIBLE did not exist in Jesus' day nor in the lifespan of his apostle's.

    People didn't walk around with one (Bible) tucked under their arm.

    Christians didn't carry one (Bible) door to door for preaching and teaching.

    The closest thing to THE BIBLE was the SEPTUIGENT Greek translation of Hebrew scriptures which not one person in a 100,000 had ever seen!

    Okay, so what?

    So this:

    All the Christian teachings were oral. That's right: oral. Somebody said this and somebody else said that.

    There were hundreds and hundreds of VERSIONS of who said what floating around.


    1.There are no original copies of THE BIBLE anywhere in existence. Why? Why not?

    2.There are no existing copies of originals anywhere in the world. Why? Why not?

    3.What we quote from, argue over and dispute about stems from the flimsiest of all hearsay reports many times over.

    Why treat each word as though WE KNOW those words were actually spoken by the very sources attributed?

    CHRISTIANITY is not on a firm, mathematical basis of sound, provable substance both tangible and irrefutable.

    Right after the time of Jesus there were so many at-odds versions of who he was and what he said it is ----IMPOSSIBLE---to know anything at all for certain.

    We can't intelligently take any of this as though it is provable, arguable or even valid.

    It is shaky, flimsy, tenuous and mostly loud assertion passed off as infallible.

    Come on, people!

    Don't get sucked in.

    If God did not see fit to PRESERVE (and He didn't!) the original manuscripts (when that should have been the most valuable of all possessions on Earth to the true Church) we must admit it was not worth preserving.

    There is no "there" there.

  • thetrueone

    Good thoughts Terry

    Something for the spiritually minded to chew on.

  • bluesapphire

    Terry, and to further your thought, the Septuagint contained 7 more books than the NWT and it's the Bible Jesus quoted from!!! If those 7 books were good enough for Jesus, then why are they not good enough for the WTS?

    Not only did the generation of Jesus and his apostles and subsequent generations after them NOT have Bibles, they had NO PAPER either! This is the whole entirety of the doctrine of oral Tradition. The Tradition came first and from the Tradition was born the Bible. The Bible is itself a tradition.

    Therefore, the whole point of arguing about what does this text mean or what does that text mean needs to be put away. There were a lot of traditions in the early centuries. The most powerful of them won and is now the RCC. JWism is just another tradition in the pot. There is no point in arguing ANY doctrine. I think they got themselves out of this one pretty nicely. Most JWs are not going to blink twice at this change.

  • wasastar

    Hey I just found out I am part of the generation that experienced the American Civil War. I don't know how I could have missed that entire event.It was kind of a big deal, wasn't it? EVIDENTLY myself and Betsy Baker are of the same generation. She was born in 1842 and died in 1955. I was born in 1954. Oh, the stories I could tell you about our life.

  • Marni Mai
    Marni Mai

    hah I'm actually glad this came out - it might make my dad's eyes open just a flicker. He has always had issues with them changing the generation doctrine, and has written in to Bethel several times on the matter.

    He's one of the 'waiting on Jehovah' class, he prefers to ignore everything that doesn't make sense and just hope it gets changed to something more suitable someday.

    He is hoping desperately for armageddon and the paradise though, as he's getting old and has had a few health scares/almost dying issues lately.

    Maybe it will kick him into realising that he is going to actually die? Or else he'll just swallow it along with the rest of them. I hope not.

  • slimboyfat

    "Evidently" how? At least Fred Franz would have come up with a new Greek tense to justify the new understanding, or misquoted a nineteenth century biblical scholar. Are the guys on the Governing Body these days even trying any more?

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    No, they're just pulling it out of their ass.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Alrighty, here's a picture to complete the illustration:

    When installing roof shingles, you start at the bottom and overlap toward the top. So the bottom row here (viewed on the extreme left) would be likened to the lifespan of the anointed that were alive in 1914. You will see that another row overlaps them, but actually the third row is on top of where the edge of the first row is located on the roof.

    WTS will start out having us believe that the overlap is like the first and second row, extending the generation to somewhere close to 120 years. Anointed who were alive and already knew they were anointed 60 or so years past 1914 had an overlap and still live for another 60 or so years past that first group. They will lead members to believe they would have been adults of 20 or so in the year 1974 and can easily live past 2034. That puts the beginning of the Great Tribulation at 2034 or so. That gets them past 2014 without too much grumbling.

    I imagine they will give members the idea that the overlap was a bit more significant at first, so that the time period is short. They won't print that, but they will have talks at conventions and C.O. talks will include "speculation" and then later they will discourage "speculation." As that time period gets older, they will stretch this out to say that perhaps it is enough that the lives barely touched (as the first and third rows do). If the last of the 1914 anointed died around 2004 or so, then an anointed born by 2004 or so overlaps his life. That buys time until 2100 or so. All of us will be dead by then (unless you are a five year old reading this and live a healthy life).

    But they left an "out" for the next GB generations. One group overlaps the next and overlaps the next and so on and so on. SO the whole thing will be mutated into a continuous "generation" of overlaps just as the roof is only complete when all the overlaps are included all the way to the top.

  • thetrueone

    So just to set the record straight , what the WTS. is saying now is that anyone that was born on or after 1914 and up,

    are" the" selective generation ? Assuming then that there are people who live to be 100 + that would mean this select generation

    will end approximately 2014. So anyone that was born from 1914 to 2014 is included in this " said generation ".

    That means they have literally pushed the end generation up another 100 years or so.

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