NEW GENERATION DEFINED -- April 15, 2010 Watchtower

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  • SouthCentral

    Wow. I have given up!!!.....This teaching should just be the unfinished mystery.

    If taken to the public during the time of a controversy (transfusion case), this teaching alone would be the downfall of the entire organization. It's kinda like the priest scandal, there is no valid explanation or excuse. It's is JUST WRONG!!

  • SouthCentral

    The thought of 70-80 years was very pratical and valid....I believed it. The end is sooo close because some old bastard is now 86 (he was 10 in 1914). When this timeframe expired, they should have admited ignorance instead of constantly changing.

    This teaching has made me lose all confidence in the "Gods in Brooklyn" (or is it upstate NY)

    I wounder if anyone in the org. understands or believes this.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    All these changes reminds me of a Corporation where new management changes company rules & policies, because of wanting to put their stamp on things, a knee jerk reaction, or simply out of desperation.

    Think About It

  • Gayle

    I just hope this "overlapping" generation(s) thing shakes a good number loose. Are all of us getting ready to welcome a bunch here (I hope)?

  • Gerard

    When the carrot becomes dry, mouldy an unedible, thy just switch to a fresh one. That easy. Now they have fuel for a new overlaping generation of unlimited years.

    One prominent American religion confidently predicted that the world would end in 1914. Well, 1914 has come and gone, and - whole the events of that year were certainly of some importance - the world did not, at least so far as I can see, seem to have ended. There are at least three responses that an organized religion can make in the face of such a failed and fundamental prophecy. They could have said, Oh, did we say '1914'? So sorry, we meant '2014'. A slight error in calculation. Hope you weren't inconvinenced in any way. But they did not. They could have said, Well, the world would have ended, except we prayed very hard and interceded with God so He spared the Earth. But they did not. Instead, the did something much more ingenious. They announced that the world had in fact ended in 1914, and if the rest of us hadn't noticed, that was our lookout. It is astonishing in the fact of such transparent evasions that this religion has any adherents at all. But religions are tough. Either they make no contentions which are subject to disproof or they quickly redesign doctrine after disproof. The fact that religions can be so shamelessly dishonest, so contemptuous of the intelligence of their adherents, and still flourish does not speak very well for the tough- mindedness of the believers. But it does indicate, if a demonstration was needed, that near the core of the religious experience is something remarkably resistant to rational inquiry. [Carl Sagan, "Broca's Brain"]
  • TheOldHippie

    "Would anyone even want to worship a God that made it this difficult to understand his words?"

    Like the Trinity? Or souls? Or hell? Or life in heaven?

  • carla

    Pistoff, thank you for that quick and easy to remember summary!

  • Gayle

    Gerard, good picture. Thanks. Could you make or find a picture of a very old person barely walking, with a walker, with a stick with a carrot (or maybe a jar of pureed carrots)? That's the way it is now-a-days.

  • warmasasunned

    it just makes you want to vomit, what happened to the simplicity of the gospels.

    "you will know the truth and the truth will set you free"

    they just tie people up in knots. bollocks!!!

  • Butterflyleia85

    Honestly I don't think the "Generation" cares! I asked my pineering sister about this and she said, "I never really studied it." They over look the whole thing. If it's confusing, heck they just pass it aside. Or let me say pass it on to the next door. They have no clue what they teach, they just teach it.

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