NEW GENERATION DEFINED -- April 15, 2010 Watchtower

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  • hamsterbait

    The study in October said that Jesus was talking to people who believed in both a heavenly AND earthly hope.

    I have NEVER seen John 6:53 applied to both hopes in 40+ years.

    I believe that they will stop publishing partaker figures, then tell everybody to take the emblems.

    They used to claim the decrease of annointed proves the nearness of the end. It will then become an irrelevant figure.

    When "Six Screens of the Watchtower points out what they used to say, they will scream "APOSTATE LIES!!"

    The litterature already denies Christ returned (even invisibly ) in 1914. (see "Proclaimers" p. 136)

    I am already tapping my ruby slippers together and saying "I believe, I believe, I believe(I do, I do, I do)"


  • hamsterbait

    Wannabe -

    The Eighth King is no longer what you think. it was changed in 1990s - the abomination is no longer standing where Christ ought to be -

    It stands in CHRISTENDOMS holy place - so they cannot credibly identify the UN as the Disgusting Thing anymore.

    (They claim that in 1919 a WRONG interpretation of scripture enabled them to CORRECTLY (!!!??) identify the "Disgusting Thing")


  • Terry

    I discovered the simplicity of it all.

    No need to argue dates, scriptures, doctrines, interpretations and all that.

    That's like trying to run across quicksand. They'll kill you by sucking you in to "word" disputes.

    You don't grapple with JW's and their Faithful and Discreet Slave.

    You stand way back and call them on the ridiculous broad premise of their religion:

    JESUS HAS DONE NOTHING for almost 100 years while directing the Watchtower to "explain" that nothing and make it sound exciting.

    Preterists eat their dessert before the main meal. JW's are preterists.

    While mainstream Christianity is waiting for Jesus the JW's already have him.

    But--laughingly--it doesn't do them any good!!

    Think about it...

    Preaching the same stale doctrine over and over and over for 96 years can hardly be "food at the proper time".

    Wrong is wrong.

    Time to move on. Get a life.

  • thetrueone

    Russell's speculative guess work to help him gravitate interest to sell his books and magazines,

    is now proving to be a daunting and worrying headache for todays Watchtower Society's executives.

    Hopefully in the future people will see for themselves and realize what the WTS. has been up to from

    its very beginning.

    When people strive for power and money corruption usually pervades the effort in one way or another.

  • bennyk

    Oh, boy. Here we go again...

    The "Anointed" were not in existence when the words were spoken (pre-Pentecost), and thus could scarcely be the "this generation" about which Jesus spoke... And, in fact, the WatchTower Society specifically precluded their current understanding in the "Question from Readers" back in November 1995:

    *** w95 11/1 pp. 30-31 Questions From Readers

    When Jesus used “generation” for the last time, he was on the Mount of Olives with four apostles. (Mark 13:3)
    Those men, who were not yet anointed with spirit nor part of a Christian congregation, certainly did not constitute either a “generation” or a race of people.

    And in 1997:

    *** w97 6/1 28 Questions From Readers ***

    Many scriptures confirm that Jesus did not use “generation” with regard to some small or distinct group, meaning only the Jewish leaders or only his loyal disciples.

    And in 1999:

    *** w99 5/1 10-12 "These Things Must Take Place" ***
    So when, on the Mount of Olives, he again spoke of “this generation,” he evidently did not mean the entire race of Jews throughout history; nor did he mean his followers, even though they were “a chosen race.” (1 Peter 2:9) Neither was Jesus saying that “this generation ” is a period of time.

  • orangefatcat

    When our family first became witnesses in the early sixties, the understanding of the generation was the old understanding, which was perfectly fine by me, I was easy enough to understand. Now the GB in their so called infinite wisdom has changed it several times, and each time it was changed to me it became more complex.

    God is not a God of complexity but simplicity. Why make something so utterly ridiculous and reads equally as complex. What is it with the GB? Are they addled or what? I really wonder who is pulling the strings in the organization. With the complexity of this only a mind of a mixed up individual could come up with such a bizarre explanation.

    Anything to make themselves look inspired of God makes them look more insane. Scripturally how on earth do they arrive at such an explanation? The same way they came up with the explanation for 1975 I suppose.


  • cattails

    Hey sapphy how about "no doubt" even when there first thought in your mind is to doubt what they're saying.

  • thetrueone

    Most likely the reason they stated that they hand Jesus in their hands was an assertive effort to distinguish themselves

    from the huge monster known as Christendom. Setting the lime light off of that powerful gorilla and on to them served a dual purpose,

    in that drew attention to themselves and the literature their were selling to the public.

    Religion in the US is still and open and unregulated commodity, where the public should be given notice of Buyer Beware.

    The empire of the Watchtower may be on its its way of crumbling down on weight of its own doctrinal misgivings.

  • bluesapphire

    I don't fully see what you all are seeing. To me it sounds like what they are saying is that there is no clean cut line beginning a generation and ending a generation. For example, my husband and I are one generation. Our children are another. But my husband's nephew who is in my son's generation is the same age as our generation. I don't really see two generations. I think they bought themselves time but not a lot of time.

  • bluesapphire

    Sort of like OTWO's illustration except the only generation is the shingle in the middle and the only ages are the parts of the other two shingles that touch the one generation.

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