NEW GENERATION DEFINED -- April 15, 2010 Watchtower

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  • Mythbuster

    When the overlapping definition of generation wears out they can always look to the Six Degrees of Separation generation definition.

  • flipper

    O.K. I have a confession to make. I can hold it in no longer. I have read all of your posts . I really value your faithfulness and that you have all been waiting for me to return all these centuries. Even though I died in 33 C.E. , I am BACK ! In this generation ! Wow ! See the connection ! ? All the generations REALLY HAVE been connected and overlapping ! ( Okay- Enough of my sick humor , I'll get serious. )

    ULTIMATE REALITY- Thanks for starting this thread. Man, did YOU stir up a hornet's nest ? LOL ! But seriously, I think the poster GREENIE stated it best when she said, " Maybe you should just make a JW explain the current concept to you in great detail BEFORE April 2010. " Great idea I feel. Steve Hassan's tactics go this way too. If a cult member is coerced to explain out loud in their own words a teaching - it puts the burden of proof on them- not us so we aren't casted as the bad guy.

    The quote from the new April WT, " He evidently meant that the lives of the anointed who were on hand when the sign began to become evident in 1914 would overlap with the lives of other anointed ones who would see the start of the great tribulation. " Notice the comparison to a typical dictionary's definition of " Generation " : " All the people born AT A PARTICULAR TIME, regarded collectively. A SINGLE STEP in descent or pedigree. The average time in which children are ready to take the place of their parents ( usually figured at about 30 years ) . " I didn't notice the word " overlapping " there, did you ? Once again the WT society is showing they will CHANGE THE MEANINGS of words to keep their members mind controlled and tied into their game so older JW's can continue donating cars, estates, $$$$, wills, life insurance policy's , etc. to assure the GB and upper echelon WT representatives can live to a comfortable retirement in a ripe old age. That's the motive behind this people.

    One poster mentioned this already- but I feel it's an important point - The WT society HAD to extend the generation teaching to a length of years to accommodate the opening up of the gathering of the anointed and that 1935 was NOT the end of the sealing of the anointed. So the two doctrines fit very tidy hand in hand now. It was definitely by design. Newbie witnesses can partake of the emblems all they want now and they won't get hassled by the elders as the alleged " last days " may continue another 70 or 80 years. But there's one big problem with the WT society's reasoning. Notice the quote from the Feb. 15th 2008 WT , " So when the term " generation " is used with reference to people living at a particular time, the EXACT LENGTH of that time CANNOT BE STATED except that it DOES have an end and would not be EXCESSIVELY LONG. " O.K. So don't you think that saying overlapping generations lasting 160 years to 180 years is EXCESSIVELY LONG compared with the REAL TRUE definition of the word " generation " which is only 30 years ? And the WT society IS LYING , because the EXACT LENGTH of a generation CAN BE STATED - it's about 30 or so years, period.

    Believe me, many of my JW family will hear about this from me. I WILL ask them to explain it - and I will be ready. The WT society has raped and pillaged far too many of my loved ones for me to let this go

  • wannabe

    To All!

    I'm just wondering, just which generation is it that will not pass away until all things are fulfilled. Seems to me, it would have to apply to some generation, either near, or far. If it comes like a thief in the night, like foretold it would, would it even be possible to know which generation we should be looking to? What about though, the generation of the last ruling world power, this eighth king John foretold that was to go off into destruction? {Revelation 17:11} This one who is found to be persecuting Jehovah's Holy Ones; prior to Jehovah's intervention? I'm making reference to the one Daniel foretold that would be in among the Ten Horns of Daniels vision? It was to spring from the SEVEN John said. Notice in Daniel 7:8, three of the Ten are uprooted to make room for this little Horn IN AMONG THEM. This little Horn is your Eighth King, because it springs from the seven of the Ten Left over after three are removed. This is the big instigator in the time of the end, who is a hater of Jehovah, his people, his entire heavenly arrangement. This one who establishes an image that all are forced on pain of death or starvation to worship. To make a very long story short, this eighth kings generation is the one that will not pass away. His generation that will have to be cut short, or no flesh would be saved. This Eighth King turns out to be the abomination of desolation standing or ruling in the Holy Place, because his Image or one world government demands the worship of everyone living on earth during his time period, and turns out to be standing or ruling in the place meant only for the Christ to stand or rule in. Constituting him as the Abomination of desolation standing in the Holy Place. In that he is a violent hater of Jehovah, he also turns out to be the foretold Anti-Christ, as well. This King,because his image demands the worship of all living will destroy every Religion on this earth while making War against Jehovah's Holy Ones. This fall will create the symbolic earthquake foretold in Johns Revelation, and this fall of religion will rock this earth from end to end, similar to what a literal earthquake would, only much worse. This will trigger the time of the great tribulation that will have to be cut short by Christs intervention. Satan will be thrown down. Matthew 24:7 will be fulfilled, along with Ezekiels prophecy, when the sword of every mans sword will come to against his own Brother. All particular hell will break loose, that will be ended by massive divine intervention. There's much more, but for now enough! Wannabe

  • flipper

    WANNABE- The generation Jesus was talking about was ONLY HIS generation he lived in- if you read the context. The Roman armies DID destroy Jerusalem in 37 years after 33 C.E. in THAT GENERATION, just like Jesus said. Does this mean Jesus was an " inspired prophet " ? Not necessarily. He may have been a really intelligent, informed good man who saw tendencies in the skirmishes between the Romans and the Jews in Jerusalem. There were tensions for years leading up to 70 C.E. when Jerusalem was destroyed. In my opinion- their WAS no extended application. Jesus was an intuitive man- he saw political trends like many forecasters today see political trends , that's all

  • stillajwexelder

    evidently - that usually means bullshit follows

  • Simon Morley
    Simon Morley

    EVIDENTLY: obviously; apparently

    Great usage of word etymology: "Obviously Jesus meant..." vs. Apparently Jesus meant..." when they get caught they will write the following:

    WT Apr 2152 QFR: "What evidence is there that Jesus evidentally meant....?"

    " When we wrote that Jesus "evidently meant that...." some took that literally to mean that "obviously Jesus meant...." However, while it may have been apparent that Jesus meant... it is now clearer that he was not. Some were under the wrong assumption that it was obvious that the generations overlap and had wrong expectations that the end to come when those born between 1950 and 2014 passed away. We can now see (WT Dec 2151 Page 12) that what was meant is that the annointed coincide in part with each each other. This evidently explains why there were 6,648,321, 478 who partook of the emblems at the 2151 Remembrance of Christ's Expiration."

  • dgp

    Like someone else said, the very sad thing is that many will fail to even take notice of the change in the meaning of generation. I can but hope that the witnesses I personally met will be smart enough to notice.

  • cattails
    Newbie witnesses can partake of the emblems all they want now and they won't get hassled by the elders

    I don't think that they wont get hassled. There have been three new anointed I've met in the last three years, and every single one has left the congregation they were in to go someplace else. One of them told me that it's hard for people to see you differently if they knew you all your life. She's come to know Christ is there for her and she and her children moved away to where she felt they'd be less 'hounded' although that's not the word she used.

    There's going to be a lot of newly anointeds who will begin to question the changes and the explanations. The phrase in a recent WT saying that "anointed ones don't have more Holy Spirit than the other sheep" didin't set right with the one I talked to about it. I tried to press for more but that's all I got, 'it didn't set right'.

    If the anointed don't have any more Spirit than the other sheep then why is the Governing Body so special?

  • thetrueone

    One could possibly make the conclusion that the WTS has deliberately reworded the bible itself to suit their needs.

    The ignorant ones will be exploited once again.

    But whose better to put words into the mouth of Jesus than the WTS. his earthly kingdom rulers......right

  • bobld

    My Q is if they keep overlapping the GB/FBS and appt younger ones and extend the end time will they NOT have more then 144k loosers and the end will not be here .


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