NEW GENERATION DEFINED -- April 15, 2010 Watchtower

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  • donny

    And don't forget the word "logically".


  • neverendingjourney
    I also thought it odd that Jesus supposedly came in 1914 and has been doing nothing.

    Someone has already pointed out that this is all backtracking to cover up the original failure of 1914 when Armageddon failed to arrive. As time passes, their doctrines begin to make less and less sense.

    Along the same lines as your observation above, ask yourself this: If Jesus "arrived" in 1914 and the FDS was chosen in 1919 to warn mankind about the looming apocalypse, why has the end not come yet? Why would Jesus select a group of men in 1919 to warn mankind if 90 years later all of those people are now dead?

    It doesn't make any sense, does it? More inconsistencies will continue to creep up as time goes by. There are so many leaks in the dam that they will eventually have to tear the damn thing down and build a new one.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty
    One just hopes that they apply this change logic to the blood doctrine, and soon.

    Do you really?!?

    I can see it now: what does it realy mean to abstain from blood? Well according to definition to abstain is 'To refrain from something by one's own choice.' Therefore if we are to adhere to gods command, we must make the choice to withdraw all blood from our bodies. Like many difficult task he gave to his servents in the past, Jehovah knows it would be hard for us to understand why we must remove all blood from our bodies. But like faithfull abraham we trust that the god who made blood for our life essence can sustain us without it.

    Oh yeah, dont think about donating it to red cross, make sure it is poured out on the ground.

  • Sapphy

    According to the WT CD-Rom

    Evidently = 4,571

    Logically = 635

    "reasonable to conclude/think/believe" = 299

    "Really then" = 125

  • ThomasCovenant

    All quite laughable really................

    ...............until you remember that these are the same men whose teachings cause people to die from their

    criminal blood policy.

    Then the fun kind of dissipates, to be replaced, in my case at least, with renewed disgust bordering ever too closely on downright anger and hatred.

  • moshe

    -Evidently = 4,571, Logically = 635", reasonable to conclude/think/believe" = 299", Really then" = 125

    4,571 times! I knew they liked that word a lot. The WT loves those leading statements, don't they! It hides a multitude of lies.

  • donny

    How many times for "apparently?"

  • Sapphy

    Ha, - Donny:

    apparently = 4026

  • Sapphy

    likely = 6805

    We have a winner!

  • hamsterbait

    The study in October said that Jesus was talking to people who believed in both a heavenly AND earthly hope.

    I have NEVER seen John 6:53 applied to both hopes in 40+ years.

    I believe that they will stop publishing partaker figures, then tell everybody to take the emblems.

    They used to claim the decrease of annointed proves the nearness of the end. It will then become an irrelevant figure.

    When "Six Screens of the Watchtower points out what they used to say, they will scream "APOSTATE LIES!!"

    The litterature already denies Christ returned (even invisibly ) in 1914. (see "Proclaimers" p. 136)

    I am already tapping my ruby slippers together and saying "I believe, I believe, I believe(I do, I do, I do)"


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