NEW GENERATION DEFINED -- April 15, 2010 Watchtower

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  • Sapphy

    hey cattails, "no doubt" =3,431 ...

    The WT really is the master of weasel words

  • Sapphy

    So now 'we believe' the generation that saw the generation that saw 1914 will not pass away.

    Perfect. I'm looking forward to the WT study where I will make that point. I may even add in ideas about a composite generation...

  • thetrueone

    Ummm.... thats good religious bullshit , goes down good and is mighty satisfying

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    Hey, why is it so complicated?

    Couldnt Jesus simply say "two generations will not pas before the end will come"????


  • Sapphy

    Albert Einstein Yeah, he should have cleared it with the WT first, going off making predictions that don't fit neatly with 1914!


  • SirNose586


    I need a timeline to keep these generation changes in order.

    1897: A group of contemporary people

    1927: The anointed

    1951: Within the lifetime of those born in 1914 who understood the "importance" of that year

    1995: Contemporary wicked people

    2008: The anointed of 1914

    2010: The anointed of 1914 + X number of overlapping generations

  • donuthole

    With the past two changes to the generation they lost the sense of urgency because it couldn't be tied to any visible group of people on earth today. This new change hints that the current crop of 50+ year olds sitting in the GB will be the anointed to see the Great Tribulations. You have the old-school group with Rutherford, Franz, and Knorr overlapping with the new group of Jackson, Morris, and Lett.

    I know the wording of the WT allows for multiple generations but I don't think that is the intent.

    My other observation is that they simply aren't trying any more. I recall the old way "new light" was introduced with long, non-sensical explanations - but at least they attempted an explanation. Now they just say "evidently" this is how it is and expect it to be accepted.

  • thetrueone

    Why do I think the Watchtower lawyers had a part in this, lawyers as everyone knows have ways to miraculously find new meanings

    out of words put forth by people to create a different understanding from previous conceived ones.

    One GB member : so fellows we are approaching a 100 years from 1914 and and we've just about run out of time

    on are end times generations doctrine, it looks like we're going to have to extend this a little further,

    so how do you purpose we do this ?

    We already are getting lots of letters by faithful members involving this sorted time calculation.

    Lets table some ideas quickly on this before the shit really hits the fan.

    Another GB member : aaah .... I know what we could do, why don't we go ask the lawyers, they usually have good ideas !

    Great suggestion brother, we'll adjourn this meeting for today and after getting advise from the lawyers

    we will reajourn together to make a final decision. This meeting is there by closed until tomorrow.

  • orangefatcat

    Quite frankly I say lets burn em on a stake like they did in the Witch Salem Trials in Mass. It is crazy there interpretation of scripture, they pull the answers out of thin air. Lets call this generation X Y Z and put one on top of the other. now see them all lined up overlapping each other in a row, how pretty it looks, now what the hell is it suppose to mean. They don't know so they invent something that sounds so utterly ridiculous and voilĂ  this is what it means.

    Gee how many times has the WTS done this? A whole lot of times since I was one and they are still doing it. When will people open their eyes an see the fallacy of their teachings and their failing prophecies. They are expert at that. Does anyone recall the constant flimflamming of the resurrection hope, starting in 1963 and how many times they changed their minds on who was getting resurrected and those who would not. It was enough to make your head spin. I wonder if they ever did get it right or are they still trying to figure it out. Oh the woo of it all.

    When will they ever learn.

    orangefatcat. yes I know I used the word flimflamming instead of flip flop, because to me they ae flimflams, and scammers and deceivers.

  • diamondiiz


    This is the dumbest thing I've heard from wts in a long time. I think they should bring back the pyramid measurements. This must be the dumbest thing they've done since calling 1975 as the magic date for armageddon. Will there be more dubs waking up to the fraud? Let's hope so.

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