Hi I hope i am welcome

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  • penny2

    Hi cantleave. Most of us can relate to your circumstances and you are very welcome here.


  • AllTimeJeff



    A tough position to be in, an elder with a heart and conscience that is not being controlled by the GB.

    I have found great comfort being here with many former elders. As one who used to be an elder (among other things) I can only tell you that you are not alone. We understand.

    I will also suggest a bit of patience with yourself. Coming here is not an easy step, and in trying to get to know yourself and your own mind, it will be difficult.

    But you certainly can't ignore what you have seen, nor should you. An honest person can't.

    I wish you the best in your journey, and hope that the true and honest approach is one you will always take...

  • BonaFide

    Welcome Cantleave. I am an active Witness also. BF

  • BonaFide
  • marvfaybenz


    I was 30 years a j-w , i became one in Israel in 1974 i left in 2006. Remember Joseph of Arimatea and Nicodeme from Jesus time , they where also in your situation as well as thousands j-w in our days . I work here in France with an governemmental ex-cults association, we meet many witness in your situation we never put any pressure or guilt on them , far from it we try to encourage them . for my part i try to reoriente them if they really want to what really the Bible present as the "truth " . I discoverd that the "Truth" is not a religion but a personnal relation with Jesus Christ , John 14:6 "I am the Way,the Truth and the Life" (read chapter 14 for yourself). Any mature christian should not judge you in anyway. My advise is :make sur that what you teach is from the Bible taking the texts with the bakround , this is the "key" comprehend the Bible. God love you, we to as well , may His Holy Spirit guide you . Robert my E-mail adress: [email protected]

  • allelsefails

    You are so welcome here.........As a former elder and one who is still "in" I know the pain of living the "double life". If you don't mind a suggestion for "family study" I suggest actual "bible study" that is - studying the original Greek and different translations and commentaries - not sticking to Watchtower publications. It is easy to justify if you find a quote from a Watchtower publication and decide to look at the actual book they are quoting from to see the information. You will begin to slowly show your family how the WTS mis-quotes sources and has no real support in research materials. Use different translations too and when the New World Translation is way off do some research on why and you'll show your children what they need to know without being an "apostate".

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  • reniaa

    Well cantleave if you want to focus on elders that have individually overstepped the mark i'm sure you will get it here, definitely something the elders in pauls day never did! they were perfect then you know and didn't need constant council from paul ^^

    Seriously if you want your ears tickled here is exactly the place for it :(

    The saddest thing I see is the replacement of real Jw memories people have with false ones off here, every bad experience they hear about becomes the norm in peoples minds and somehow Jehovah gets lost along the way too.


  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse
    Seriously if you want your ears tickled here is exactly the place for it :(

    Funny, that's just the way I feel about the Kingdom Hall. The recent CO's talk was a perfect example: "Reject Worldly fantasies, pursue Kingdom realities". I think they switched the reality for the fantasy.

    Anyway cantleave, welcome to the forum. I'm still an active witness, it's not easy but it is possible to reach family members; I've had some success with this.

  • DaCheech

    hello, i'm in the same situation.

    I go to meetings knowing the truth about the troof.

    I go and show a happy appearance for the sake of not loosing family thru shunning

    I try to teach my family the goodness in life and the children are already hating going to the meetings. they sense the false "friendship" there

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