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  • shopaholic


    Welcome to the board. You're not a hypocrite, you're just trying to figure a way out with the least amount of damage. Take your time...but don't take too long...its no fun knowingly living a lie.

    And if you're ready, you should totally take Flipper up on his offer. Don't worry, he won't apostatize you. He's a great listener. Its amazing the weight that is lifted off of you by simply having a conversation out loud about where you are in regards to the JW faith.

    Best wishes for peaceful journey,


  • The-Borg

    Reniaa, why are you so full of hatred for people who just want to give an alternative view to the watchtower?

    Instead of hating you should try to show love as Jesus instructed you to do.

  • reniaa

    Hi theborg

    In this i'll leave cantleave to judge for himself who shows the fruitage of hatred, a few weeks of reading certain thread titles should do that or just the rececnt mj ones.


    (edit) oops soz mrsjones I did mean michael jackson threads. I was thinking more about hatred towards witnesses generally than any directed towards me. I know it's not personal that I am just representative of Jw's the few times abuse has been hurled at me, so I don't take it personally on the whole.

  • mouthy

    Mouthy I try to give you space but threats by you are not welcome even if you don't mean them.

    I am NOT threatning you. When I picketed Brooklyn Bethel one of the brothers???
    who dared to speak to me round the back of the WT.... Told me.... That he was catching
    all those who were posting on the net... At that time I didnt even know what he was talking about DAH!

    I will tell you Reniaa right now... I FEEL for you.... You sound just like I... when I was kicked

    out but still believed it was truth.... I pray for you HONEST!!!!!Let us let cantleave now have HIS thread....

  • mrsjones5

    Recent Mjones? Reniaa, it may be hard for you to believe but I don't hate you. I reserve that honor for those more worthy than you. Nothing that I have said recently related to you has been hateful...merely my humble opinion.

    But if you choose to believe my words were hateful that's your problem not mine.


  • The-Borg

    Josie, I think she was refering to the Michael Jackson Threads.

  • mrsjones5

    That's cool.

    She not hated here. Some wish that she would shut up and go away and some think she should stay. Like I've said before she should stay, she serves a purpose on this board and it's not what she likes to think it is. But in her staying here she should realize that folks won't just agree with what she says. There is gonna be debate and discussion. That's not hate, that's life. If she doesn't want to be challenged, there's an easy solution but we all know she's not going to do that.


  • cantleave

    I amazed my introduction has caused so much controversy. I think everyone has a right give their view on such a debate and it is refreshing to have such open discussions. I am so glad that so many here can relate to my predicament due to having had similar experiences to myself. I am also pleased that Reniaa is here voicing her views, she is entitled to do so, and believe me I would love to think that I haven't wastedover 40 years on a lie, so if I can be convinced that I am wrong in my deductions about the truth I would be delighted. Sadly I do not think that is going to happen, but don't give up Reniaa! The WTS has stifled debate and this is very worrying since the bible tells us to "make sure of all things" and how are we suspossed to do that if the only message we are allowed to discuss is from them? As previously stated I still believe in God, I made "the truth my own" after studying the Physical Sciences to graduaute level and I am convinced that intelligent design is demonstrated in everything around us. I also believe that God demonstrates love for us by his creation and so must have an interest in the outcome of the Human Race. He has given us free will and a spiritual side to help us find him, it seems a shame that a control freak organisation has manipulated this inbuilt desire? I still don't know what they get from it, as far as I know no fat cat is making a fortune out of the Rank and File. maybe you guts can enlighten me.

  • jando

    Hi cantleave,

    sosorry to hear about your predicament,which made perplexed sad and angry so much that i joined this forum to posta comment to encourage you. I have been in the borg for about 20 yrs but left 5 yrs ago mainly due to as you say how elders have become worse than the polis and become corrupt in thyre dealings with brothers they dont like because the face dont fit and if that face is yours you have no chance cos theres more spies in the org than ther is in the c.i.a. so keep your chin up dont forget ther are lots of people out here who are in similar situations to yourself or even worse so take heart we are all with you,,

  • The-Borg

    so if I can be convinced that I am wrong in my deductions about the truth I would be delighted

    Here is the opportunity you've been waiting for Reniaa, we're all ears.

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