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  • Found Sheep
  • Most Noble
    Most Noble

    WOW- Interesting how Cantleave finally moved on with his life and matured into an agressive atheist, with all his family out of the org. All in a period of 3years. COngrats

  • James Jackson
    James Jackson

    Do not think for one moment that your children have probably not already noticed a change in your attitude. They will notice before anyone else.

    When I read this statement in this old thread, it struck home with me.

    1) I cuss more, my favorite saying is when someone does something stupid, I call them "dumn ass".

    2) The Elders wanted to talk to me about something I said;" You have talked to me twice this year about things that were not true, I am done being talked to." One Elder said, That did not go as I expected".

  • Phizzy

    What I think is wonderful about this story is that Cantleave became Didleave. He ,and Nugget and family are an inspiration to all.

    It can be done, and you make a much, much better life for yourself by leaving.

  • bigmac

    yep--a lovely family--ive met them several times--and hope to see them again at the Portsmouth ( UK ) christmas lunch next month

  • jookbeard

    did I welcome you Angus all those years ago?

  • cantleave

    No you didn't you unwelcoming B*stard

    I am mortified that I used "guys and gals" in my opening sentence

  • tresdecu

    Hi cantleave (...didleave) ;-)

    I am intrigued...dont have time to sift through hundreds of posts and figure it out myself, but could you tell me what was the tipping point for your wife, cause as you mentioned in your 1st post "... she is completely devout as are her family."

    a brief explanation or link to a key post would be fine. I am in a very similar situation to where you were 5 years ago. Thanks


  • cultBgone

    Nugget and CantbutDidleave are truly an inspiration!

    It would be great to see a list of all the ones on JWN who have kindly assisted their beloved family members and friends to see TTATT.

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