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    it stresses me to see that elders have become cops and task-masters rather than shepherds. As my name suggests, I'm still in, though, in large part because my wife is so dependant on her involvement with her religion. I have been involved, too...for more than 30 years! But a husband who cherishes divine law is what I vowed to be and I will try to be supportive for my wife and keep my end of the deal. I also have to keep my head screwed on straight. Filling it with one-sided propaganda will only blind a person, how much good will I be to her when she realizes the ugly truth behind this religion? I don't want to stumble her, but I want to catch her if she falls.

    In the meantime, this site is exploding with interesting people who will actually say what they think. Now, THAT'S refreshing!

  • Spike Tassel
    Spike Tassel

    Spike Tassel (Post 50)
    • re DaCheech (Post 2429): Some may say that cutting-and-pasting is being a slacker, not willing to work. Others may say that cutting-and-pasting IS work, just smart use of technology. So, it depends who your audience is. Perpetual reasonableness is a requirement, after all.
    • re stillin (Post 25): You mention elders as cops and task-masters. This reminds me of the "evil slave" spoken of at Mat.24:48-51. The fact that the Scriptures speak of this phenomenon means that Jehovah knows very well where everyone's heart is, and will reward that one accordingly in his due time. I recall another passage stating that the "first" will be "last" and the "last" "first", so it's not Jehovah and his word at fault, but the faulty motives of the individuals in question. Becoming "wise as serpents", "innocent as doves" is also important. Love, wisdom, justice, and power: it takes true spirituality to know how they apply as we make the necessary decisions. May none of us ever forget that we all need the ransom and must be forgiving and merciful and improving at listening so that we can benefit from the forgiveness and mercy of Jehovah and others and be listened to and taken as credible. We must also learn how we can plead the case of those suffering from the wrong decisions of others. Christian balance is an on-going issue.

  • no more kool aid
    no more kool aid

    Welcome cantleave. Maybe someday you can leave. I was terrified to tell my husband how I really felt, let alone quit. One Sunday I sat there (5/08) and said to myself "I can't do this one more day". My husband actually agreed with many of my arguments but wasn't ready to leave. He went to three more meetings. We are on the same page now. Life is good. Maybe someday for the sake of your children you will be able to level with your wife. There is much to be gained for you on this site. Read Crisis of Conscience. Again, welcome.

  • EverSoGrateful

    Hello Cantleave!

    As RedGreen says.... we're all in this together! I faded out and have lost contact with a few family members...but I could no longer live the lie... Recently when I told a family member that we are very blessed (my hubby & I ) .... that family member about passed out & said NO... you can't be if you are not attending meetings & going out in service.... SO... I guess in their eyes... satan is blessing me....Whatever they wanna think! All I know is I am alot happier now & don't have the guilt that I used to carry around for every single thing I did....MAN! ..when you realize the control that you have been under...it's amazing to start the recovery! It's like life just started all over & I can see clearly now! I no longer serve a multi-billion dollar publishing company & I am proud of it! Good luck, take it slow & pray for the REAL answers!!!!!! I am...ever-so-grateful that I got them!!!! Welcome aboard!

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    do some research on pedofiles in the JW organization. Last Year they paid out somewhere around 11 million ???/ on pending cases against brothers in the borg...they settled out of court on them......becaus they do NOT want this kind of thing in the news! Bad publicity..... BUT...you could use it as a tool to help your immediate family see that there are things being hidded in the org. Why not bring up pedofilia to the wife & say I've heard people saying this & that about it... so I did some research & low and behold...this is what I find..... get her interest up.... just think.... you could have a pedofile in your cong & no elders would ever disclose it....read up on it..... you will be SHOCKED at what you find out! research!!!!

  • Hope4Others

    Welcome to the forum, its nice to have you here.And it will be interesting to hear your take on things...

    Ya, don't mind some here....they don't just get it....at this time!


  • reniaa

    Hi eversograteful

    I think you'll find thats the catholics, Jws haven't paid out that much in my research only $50,000 settlements are confirmed. The policy of elders/families been told to goto police has backed them up in most cases but rather than take my word try this link rather than your biased ones.


    Hi cantleave

    I to believe in Jehovah, I was away from the Jws for many years I found that any organisation has its fair share of harsh taskmasters but what made them livable with was the good guys that tried to keep things fair.

    I talked to my youngest sister who only had a young childhood as a witness, it just came up in passing she said "I value the morality instilled in me as a witness child, it helped me avoid the drugs and alcohol all my friends were trying to get me to do when our family were no longer witnesses," she recently met a friend who'd she'd been childhood friends with after we left the JWs and that friend was struggling with drugadiction that she had been drawn into and tried to get my sister to do.

    I wouldn't join a religion that had no morale responsibility to the congregation, the greek scriptures clearly show that paul and the others took this as a heavy responsibility.

    Well enough said :) I hope you find you way just be careful on here the bias is extreme and not much truth in it at times.


  • yesidid
    try this link rather than your biased ones.


    We both know that you were very naughty just now.

    Your quote above intimates that the link you supplied was unbiased.

    Now, now, now, there are many who would call that deception. Because you know, I know and

    most on this board know that that is THE most biased (non official) website for Jehovah's Witnesses on the net.

    Thirdwitness was foolish enough to come on this board for a while. He left with his tail between his legs.

    But not before he was made to look very, very foolish indeed.

    BTW Reniaa, last time I looked deception was not one of the fruitages of the Spirit.


  • JustHuman14

    Your are more than welcome. In this forum you will find true friends and most of all will help you to face your fears. I'm here since 2001 and believe me is the best choice you did to join us. Feel free to express yourself

  • yesidid

    Talking, as we were, about websites, this one


    has documented evidence about the child abuse in the organization.

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