South Lake Tahoe Apostafest Pictures

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  • flipper

    OTWO- That guy with the squirrel on his shirt is PEC and his wife Barbie Doll. So you have a stash too, eh ? Cool! We will see ya some day . Thanks for the visual ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • JK666


    It was great talking to you today. About real stuff, not superficial things. I guess this might be a support board after all! (if you ignore the S&D'ers)

    I have enjoyed spending time with you in the past, and look forward to our next meeting. I am with you, my brother!


    P.S. Call anytime.

  • flipper

    JK- Get some good rest from the Tahoe trip. I had to do a floor buffing job tonight, so I didn't call you. Take care, will talk soon

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Great to put some faces to names!


    Looks like you all had too much fun! So happy to see Mincan made it. Thanks for sharing the pics as well as the stories.

  • wings

    Well, my brother and I made it home after a LONG drive. Had so much fun I just can't tell you. Feel as if I have made some genuine friends. Love you all! wings

  • Dagney

    What an awesome time to be had by all. Thanks to Flippers for executing the idea and making it all happen. WTBS wants to spank us by taking away our relationships with others. But we are social creatures, and we need to share and be with each other.

    I loved meeting everybody and look forward to see all again. I need to hear more stories! I hope to have another fest down this way in the fall, out in the desert by Hortensia.

    Thanks for the pics...

    to all!!!

    Edited to add: Just got off the phone with my JW g/f who knew I was going to meet exJW's. She wanted to know 'how it went.' LOL. I told her they were people just like us, but for having a questioning mind their families and friends are taken away. I told her it is a terrible way to treat people, and I cannot support it, just for a thought, a difference in opinion... She said, "everyone needs to take their own stand."

  • JK666


    I enjoyed seeing you again too! Sorry we did not have more time to talk this weekend, but fortunately we had a large crowd in Tahoe. Maybe we can talk more when I come to LA next time.



  • SnakesInTheTower

    What a great bunch of pics of a great bunch of people...

    Mincan sure get around..cross country.... Dagney too... from Torontofest (Oct 07) to Tahoefest (July 08)... two of the nice folks I have met at a fest......

    would have loved to have met all of you in Tahoe... I had to settle for home in the midwest..but I was with all was good...

    I was thinking...I bet if we knew the ID of the JWDers here..., I think with the whole 6 degrees of separation thing would be true.... I think you could probably link a whole bunch of us JWDers... that would be interesting...

    One day, I want to meet JK..... seriously... drink a beer with you...

    Snakes ()

  • horrible life
    horrible life
    I guess this might be a support board after all! (if you ignore the S&D'ers)

    Sad and Depressed?

    Sassy and Dapper?

    Sad and Disliked?

    Sh!**ers and Dippers?

    Sailors and Daters?

    Squatters and Dollars?

    Squigglers and Dittlers?

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