South Lake Tahoe Apostafest Pictures

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  • flipper

    Just wanted to bump this thread up from a year ago. Memorialize the anniversarry of Lake Tahoe last July 4th weekend ! Enjoy the pictures ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    Wow! It looks like fun! We are very tentatively planning a trip to Nevada/California next summer. Who knows? Maybe I could pop in. My husband is not an ex-JW so he just wouldn't get it but I think it's a great idea.

    We need one of these in Atlanta! Anybody else live around here?

  • Vinny

    Mr Flipper wriites: "Just wanted to bump this thread up from a year ago. Memorialize the anniversarry of Lake Tahoe last July 4th weekend ! Enjoy the pictures ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper"

    **** With all due respect, I am a bit confused that you would not only post photos of yourself here, but then bump the thread again and again since maintaining a fade is so important to you as you have stated here repeatedly to me and to many others.

    If only one person that knows you sees this thread, and then sees all of your posts, you are 100 percent disfellowshipped and OUT.

    And then your relationship with JW mother and daughters is kaput!

    Sorry, but I just don't quite get it Flipper.


  • flipper

    SCARRED FOR LIFE- It would be great to have you out here in California ! Would be nice to meet you and your husband. Hopefully you can get together with folks in the Atlanta, Georgia area soon also !

    VINNY- With all due respect - I appreciate your point. However I have determined not to allow this mind control organization keep me frozen in fear anymore. This thread is on a members only apostafest and get togethers part of the board where only signed on and joined members will see it. I am very certain that none of my witness family would join the board and they don't hang out with people - other witnesses - who would. I don't live my life in fear and cowering . Nor will I allow an organization to make me do so.

    Life is about risks /rewards. I could walk across the street tomorrow and get killed by a car running me over as well. I have developed good friends on this board , quality friends and for that I'm proud of. I'm quite confident in my mom's unconditional love for me , and I'm working on my daughter still to reach her authentic personality. I think things will be fine. Don't worry, thanks for your concern though

  • Vinny

    Flipper writes: "I don't live my life in fear and cowering . Nor will I allow an organization to make me do so."

    **** I would believe that if you hadn't said this to me on another thread less than a month ago:

    "Perhaps you understand why I'm so cautious. ANYTHING I say will inevitably go back to my daughters mother- and she is famous for twisting the reality of what is said about me into a complete lie and fabrication. So- I choose my words carefully."

    and then on the same thread you wrote:

    "The part about saying I realized I couldn't " support a set of beliefs and teachings " is NOT the thing to say to witness relatives ( especially when an ex-wife with a vendetta gets wind that I say those words- it will go right to my former elders who will call me into a JC, DF me on the spot and my 80 something year old JW parents will then shun me. It would be like shooting myself in the foot ! And then mention that I disagree with the blood issue as well ? I couldn't even GO THERE with a JW relative unless I expected to get strung up before a judicial committee !


    "All she (ex wife) would need is for me to slip up and open my pie hole incorrectly"...

    And then:

    "VINNY- Thanks for understanding the totality of my situation here. It is convoluted and complex - thus the need for caution indeed."

    * *** You see, Flipper, people that are JW's do sign up here on JWN and will often look things over without posting anything at all. How many times have we been told they lurked for a year or more before ever posting anything?

    It does not need to be your ex wife or daughter that see your photo here. But simply ANYBODY that knows who you are, and then reports back to them.

    Surely you know this and can see the logic here.

    So which is it, do you wish to remain anonymous or not? If not then good for you, post more photos it sure does not bother me either way.

    BUT, if you really mean what you said, quoted above, then posting photos here and then bumping that thread numerous times is a very BAD IDEA.

    I say this respectfully, just in case it doesn't sound that way.



  • Vinny

    I wanted to add that the above reasons quoted were why you would not even address your JW daughter's letters to you and Mrs Flipper directly, even though she brought up the JW religion and your leaving it all throughout those letters.

    That was a golden opportunity for you to reply, IMO.

    But because of fear of getting turned in, getting disfellowshipped, and then losing relationships with daughters and mother, you decided not to say anything at all about the JW religion and why you stopped going. Which I thought was a bad move.

    And yet, here you are posting photos and bumping threads which bring definite risks as well, with no opportunity to tell your daughter what you really want to and what she absolutely needs to hear at some point.

    I hope you can see why this seems like a bad idea and risky move to me, OR... why avoiding the entire JW subject in your letter to your daughter was then a bad idea.

    At least one of them must be.

    Just my .02...


  • flipper

    VINNY- You have your view , I have mine. Let's get this thread back on track

  • mrsjones5

    I'm glad you brought this thread back up Flip. I was thinking about it the other day. Gonna show it to hubby.


  • flipper

    JOSIE- Well at least you can see what my wife and I look like before you guys meet us ! LOL ! So we don't frighten you !! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Vinny

    Yes, we have our views Flipper. But yours are contradictory here as I have tried to show you. At least that's how it sure looks to me.

    You either want to walk carefully and avoid anything that gets you into DF status. (Which is why you did not reply with specifics to your daughter's JW religion filled letter when you sure had the chance).

    Or, you will not allow any organization to make you cower or live in fear. (Which is why you post photos and then bump the thread here).

    The problem is these are two contrasting viewpoints Flipper, and anybody with eyes can see that. You could EASILY get caught here by posting your photos if only one person that knows who you are takes a look. And then you'd have no chance to help your daughters see any light. THAT IS A RISK.

    And to be honest, any thread promising photos of EX-JW's would sure catch a current JW's attention, IMO.

    If I was still a JW elder I'd be LOOKING for such threads to check out.

    Perhaps you are still a little conflicted altogether. That can happen too. And I would understand.

    Anyway, thanks for letting me make my point without getting all bent out of shape. I do give you credit there.

    Have a good one,


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