South Lake Tahoe Apostafest Pictures

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  • Dagney

    Awww, Snakes, it would have been so great to see you again.

    I think we are on a roll here, maybe we should plan a west, central and east coast fest once a year or so. If you plan it, they will come, I believe. It is especially fun in a recreational area. That was a good choice Flipper

    Yes, next time JK. I'm sorry I wasn't around much, it just didn't work out that way. There are more stories I would like to hear. I'm envisioning a campfire maybe....and stories all around.

    Loved seeing Kudra again, and meeting Velta and Joe, how special are they! It was just great to see old friends and meet the new.

  • PEC

    BD and I had fun, sorry to cut out so early, next time, I will save a little more vacation time for the flipper-fest.


  • daniel-p

    Nice pictures... would have loved to have been there. -dp

  • flipper

    Mr. Flipper here - Just had to bump this thread up again to let people see what a fun time we all had at Lake Tahoe this weekend !

    MICKEY MOUSE- It was a really cool thing seeing what people really looked like in the flesh after talking to them on the board ! Lots of good looking people there !

    AWAKE & WATCHING- We did have lots of fun ! Mincan is a blast to be with ! Mrs. Flipper and I are enjoying his 2 week visit with us . We are going to take him swimming and hiking more in the mountains out here !

    WINGS- I'm glad you and your brother made it back safe sis ! My wife and I really enjoyed getting to know you more ! Really enjoyed your company ! You and my wife have a lot in common. I feel we all made some good new friends there at Tahoe that weekend !

    DAGNEY- Good points you make ! The WTBS does want to take away our relationships so they can make it seem that we absolutely fall apart after leaving the witness cult. That way it will make them look more believable to their rank and file members- if us on the outside aren't having too much fun ! It sounds like your witness girlfriend was trying to keep the peace in her relationship with you by saying, " everyone makes their stand ". Kind of a safe non-committal statement. Enjoyed meeting you sis !

    JK- You know you are my bro ! It was nice getting to know you and spend time together !

    SNAKES- It would have been nice to have you there too ! Look forward to meeting you down the road sometime ! Maybe anotherapostafest !

    HORRIBLE LIFE- S & D ? Perhaps JK meant sophisticated and demented ! Certainly have some of those on the board !

    PEC- It's all good. It's cool you and Barbie Doll were able to see some sights together. Otherpeople went off and did that as well so don't feel bad about it . There are a lot of beautiful diversions at Tahoe for everyone ! We shall meet again at future apostafests !

    DANIEL P- Maybe next year we will see you at an apostafest ! Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • daniel-p

    off-topic: Flipper I'd just like to say that I think it's very cool and gentlemanly to always respond individually to each poster. It shows that you respect others deeply and are not a lazy communicator.

  • flipper

    DANIEL P- Thanks for the compliment ! I appreciate it . I value everything that everybody says- even those I might strongly disagree with on the board - that being said I think it's important to give others human dignity and respect their takes as individual humans ! By interacting with everyone - we all can learn something about human communication and that everybody is important and has something valuable to offer ! It's just how I have always rolled

  • beksbks

    I am so disappointed I could not be there!!! There must be a next time.

  • Sparkplug

    Thanks for sharing these!! I am so happy to see faces!


  • flipper

    BEKSBKS- There will definitely be a next time sis ! We had a lot of fun ! Wish you could have been there !

    SPARKPLUG- It really was cool seeing everyone's faces as we have communicated on the board so much ! Hey- You'll have to come to Northern California for one some time ! We will have another one ! It would be nice to have you ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • flipper

    Hello all ! Just wanted to bump this thread up as per Awakened at Gilead's thread to show poictures of some 18 or so posters on the board so you could put the pictures with the posters ! Enjoy ! Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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