South Lake Tahoe Apostafest Pictures

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  • Vinny

    You see Flipper knows what I wrote is correct. A fader is risking much by posting photos of himself and his wife.

    Maybe nobody will see it. But keep bumping the thread up and guess what can/will happen?

    There is no argument here. If Flipper wants to fade to maintain his relationship with his JW mother and daughters, then posting photos and bumping them back to the top on the JWN is a BAD MOVE.

    Nothing else to say unless you get smart again.


  • Vinny

    Flipper writes: "VINNY- I guess you aren't satisfied with only verbally assaulting me on this thread ? Like I said on the other thread , what constitutes an emergency to you is not a concern to me. Get a good nights sleep, Peace out, Mr. Flipper"

    **** If you want to call my laughing off AlltimeJeff's "Mydol/Metamucil milkshake" comment as verbally assaulting him then you have once again WHIFFED.

    I asked Jeff to put up some actual content rather than midol milkshakes nonsense. Is that okay?

    I don't think Jeff felt I verbally assaulted him.

    I am sure you get the point now. I stated my opinion. You got sarcastic and then I came on more directly until Shamus and you did the brown nose thing and then I just had some fun.

    I have nothing against you and never have.

    Have agood one too.


  • Johnnytwofeet

    Classic case of thinking that because a forum is called "Members Only" that this is any amount of security. You realize that anyone with an email address can access this ultra secretive "members only" part of the forum correct? Vinny is correct in the fact that if you are truly tryinig to fade, posting pictures of yourself on without doubt the most heavily accessed ex witness site on the internet is not exactly inspired thinking. I gurantee that someone you know has seen these pictures and knows who you are.

    I don't care one way or another what happens to you to be quite clear, but people should realize that there is almost no "private" online. Becareful if this actually matters to you.

  • Johnnytwofeet

    And I didn't even notice that you identify the region you're in in the title of the thread. Anyone that lives anywhere near that is going to scan the pictures. This gets more ridiculous by the second.

  • asilentone

    Vinny, that is not your concern, let Flipper live his own life.

  • Vinny

    Johnnytwofeet writes: "And I didn't even notice that you identify the region you're in in the title of the thread. Anyone that lives anywhere near that is going to scan the pictures. This gets more ridiculous by the second."

    **** I missed that. Sheesh. And then to keep bumping it up is only asking for somebody to see it. Not too smart.

    Asiletnone says: "Vinny, that is not your concern, let Flipper live his own life."

    **** Sorry, but Flipper ASKED for opinions and I simply shared them. This thread just ties in with the other one. And how is my doing just that, stating opinions and sharing concern, preventing Flipper from "living his own life"? That's just total nonsense.

    Posting photos publicly on an EX-JW site with name of town in headlines is not the way to maintain a JW fade. Especially if EX-Wife is looking for reasons to oust you.

    And if you are going to blow your fade why not do so replying to your daughter's personal letter rather than posting some back slapping good time photos like this on an EX JW site?

    Anyway, agree or disagree the points have been made and concerns clearly expressed.

    Flipper will do what Flipper wants.

    It's time to move on.


  • AllTimeJeff


    First off, maybe Mydol is not in order. Sorry!

    No, actually, your issues with Flipper are obviously your own, and to that, I wish to add nothing.

    My comments, which I know were unwelcome and to which I apologize to you for that, were simply to point out that Flipper is free to do what he wants.

    Obviously there is a history here I am not aware of. I should probably have recognized that before butting in.

    Having said that, I personally don't think it wise to post too much of oneself on the internet. Others feel differently. I can see your point about wanting to fade, yet putting out pics of yourself, but, to each their own. I didn't think it a big deal one way or another. It's a personal choice.

    I don't think Flipper merited the tone that you expressed your opinions in. It was your tone which was more offensive to me personally then what you actually said.

    I don't think it anyone place to tell Flipper how he wants to fade, or if he should post pics or not.

    As to other issues raised recently on this thread, I have zero to say. I know nothing, and couldn't possibly be of help, insight or assistance.

  • Vinny

    Thanks for the apology Jeff. There was really no need, IMO.

    I hear where you are coming from about the tone. But take a look at exactly what I wrote before Flipper turned sarcastic, and you will see I was very respectful and even mentioned the importance of that in my comments. It's all still there.

    He simply didn't like what I wrote which expressed exactly what you are agreeing with me on; that posting photos will surely risk your fade status.

    Which is the very reason why Flipper said he could not reply to his daughter's letter all about the JW religion.

    But then posting photos contradicts that reason given.

    And he did not like hearing that.

    There is no history of bad blood between Flipper and me. I simply did what he asked by offering my opinions about his situation.

    He asked for them and I (along with others) shared ours.

    We discussed some things in detail. But the tone changed when Flipper became sarcastic.

    I then just had a little fun with him and Shamus his buddy.

    Thanks again Jeff,


  • flipper

    ALL TIME JEFF- This thread DOES NOT tie in with the other " private apostafest thread ". Vinny is trying to connect them. The Tahoe apostafest thread was bumped up for people on the BOARD to see what a good time we had last year with fellow ex-witnesses.

    Then- Vinny manuvered the thread into insulting me for even posting pictures of the gathering - thinking he knows better about my personal life. The real reason Vinny is pissed off is because I didn't write my letter to my daughter the way HE wanted me to write it. I use Steve Hassan's methods which tries to use an authentic , non-witness speak approach to helping cult family members. Vinny thought I should disclose ALL the reasons I stopped attending the meetings and why I faded from the witnesses. I've already tried that approach with my daughter YEARS ago and it did not work. She closed her mind. So I'm using a different tactic. Vinny still ears his ex-witness elders hat and can't handle that I won't follow his advice. Doesn't matter. He has no power over me. Thanks for your concern

  • AllTimeJeff

    Just to weigh in, I can't say I agree with Vinny, and esp his tone. To that I hold.

    Having said that, I sort of regret butting in. Just because....

    Other then Vinny's tone, I have no problem with Vinny. (like that matters anyway, I am sure you will sleep well at night now! lol)

    I especially have no problem with Flipper! I guess when you put personal items up, people will comment, and we have to be grown up enough to expect that not all of our decisions will be agreed with.

    Lest everyone here forget, the decision to fade or not, (which I have weighed in upon) is not an easy one, nor is it easy to exit, esp when family members are involved. So whatever inconsistency there appears to be in certain personal decisions, I sure understand why. Clear thinking is difficult where this cult is concerned.

    I do have my opinions at the same time, but they are just that. We all have to be responsible for ourselves at the end of the day.

    I hope everyone has a great time in Tahoe! Maybe I will join in one day....

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