South Lake Tahoe Apostafest Pictures

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  • Vinny

    If Flipper says in thread A that he must protect his fade status because he will lose parents and daughters.

    But in thread B Flipper posts public photos of him and his wife with actual name of town in California (and then bumps the thread repeatedly).

    Then there, to me, is an obvious connection and reason to share an opinion.

    This has nothing to do with Flipper not accepting my advice. (So now Flipper can read minds too? This is almost as bad as Flipper saying I am somehow jealous of him last night).

    It has plenty to do with his contradictory statements verses his actions.

    And I connected the dots just for him!

  • Vinny

    Here are parts my earlier statements that show I was very aware of trying not to have a harsh tone:

    "With all due respect",

    "I say this respectfully, just in case it doesn't sound that way."

    "Just my .02..."

    "It's your risk here. At least I shared my opinion. "

    "Anyway, thanks for letting me make my point without getting all bent out of shape."

    "Have a good one",

    **** Only Flipper did get all bent out of shape and then started getting smart and sarcastic. And only then did I reply more directly and with a little bit more humor myself.

    But if you think I was too hard on Flipper with all that above nice sthings, then how about all of his sorry accusations, whining, ramblings and lies about me?

    He's just been called out and nothing more.

    He just doesn't like it.

    Just get over it Flipper, life is full of disappointments.


  • Kudra

    Vinny needs to take all of his posts here and move them to another thread. This thread is for showing the good times of the Apostafest last year... not for ridiculous, petty arguments that should have ended (it seems) a day ago.

    Thanks for bumping it up Flipper. Have you had any menu ideas? I'd love to go gourmet... at least a little bit. Maybe some California-style burgers- avocados, bacon, mushrooms...? mmm! Some sangria wine, some mozzarella balls with garlic rosemary and tomatoes on french bread? Great car-camping food! I rememberr MrsJones being a foodie? perhaps she can chip in on soem menu ideas

    Midol/Metamucil milkshake- that is hilarious. I'll probably use that line on someone sometime... apologies for ripping it off Jeff in advance ;)

  • mrsjones5

    Hubby has a few grilling ideas...flank steaks or baby backs marinated in a fancy beer concoction he found online...really good.

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    Baby Back Ribs sounds GREAT! Wish I could come.

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