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  • wanderlustguy

    I didn't say that Jehovah is equal to the WT Org. instead, I included Jehovah amongst all the other things you all write bad things about.


    We don't all write bad about Him. He must love the fact that people think He needs them to defend him...how arrogant.

  • Bryan

    Aleman said:

    All of the people here have nothing but bad things to say about everything including the Almighty God Jehovah. Do you really want to take advice from people like this? Or do you want to look it up on your own and make educated decisions by what you absorb that is beneficial to who you are, a Christian.


    You are so funny Aleman. We are pointing out Watchtower literature and scripture from the NWT and you say we are lying about everything?

    Graps at those straws big boy... grasp! Then perhaps you will see the truth and be set free.



    Have You Seen My Mother

  • aniron

    Aleman (you read as if you have had to much ale)

    I need to warn you that many in this forum have off the wall belief systems that the Holy Bible warns not to have

    You mean just like the Watchtower organisation.

    It is the only one with truth in it's core. You will not find any other religion that has that in it's core.

    Thats what I thought for nearly 30 years. Then I discovered that the "truth" was nothing but a pack of lies. Devised and made by men.

    Look it up and find the information in the libraries, internet, or other well recognized media of information.

    Yes keep searching and checking for the real truth about the Watchtower organisation. Read the experiences of those who have suffered at its hands on forums such as this.

    (Aleman very odd advice to a JW, considering that the Watchtower warn JW's to NOT do such a thing,. See Kingdom Ministry Sept 2007)

    I hope you don't leave the truth or the faithful because of selfish reasons or unanswered questions.

    Strange you tell her to look for answers. Then not to leave if she gets NO answers??? Very few leave for selfish reasons, but many leave because they can't get questions answered. Because they are told not to ask questions.

    Find happiness and don't look for an excuse to leave the only perfect and holy thing existing in this word, and that is Jehovah God the almighty.

    Again a typical non-sensical remark by a Watchtower follower. That any who leave, leaves Jehovah. NO they leave a man-made organisation.

    I have answers, send me a message.

    No you don't! The only one you have are ones you read in the Watchtower, words of men.

    The message I have for you is "You were bought with a price, stop becoming slave of men." 1 Cor 7:23 NWT

  • FreeWilly
    Aleman : "But if YOU have bitter jealousy and contentiousness in YOUR hearts, do not be bragging and lying against the truth.This is not the wisdom that comes down from above, but is [the] earthly, animal, demonic.For where jealousy and contentiousness are, there disorder and every vile thing are." - James 3:14-16.

    A little presumpteuos don't you think?

    Aleman, step back and think about this a little. You are part of a religious relatively recent religious movement that branched off from the Adventists in the late 1800's. Borrowing (in some cases verbatum) Adventist logic your movement has continued use flawed reasoning and convoluted Bible formulas to make wild predictions of Doomsday, prophetic time periods and voluminous other crack pot speculations. All the while your group claims to hold "the Truth" and receive direction from Jehovah who will wreak death and destruction upon all who failed to heed these wavering cries.

    I realize the term "the Truth" is an integral part of JW lingo, but what on Earth causes you to think that anything issued by the 'Society' bears a resemblance to truth? Whenever the Society has attempted to apply their supposed divine insights to the real world they have been an embarrassing failure every single time.

    What happened the the "King of the North". First he was the Papacy, then the Nazi's, then the Soviet Union and now who the heck knows?

    What about the truly bizzare teachings such as Aluminum cookware is poisonous, Vaccinations are demonic, or that God lived in the constellation Pleiades?

    And recently, what happened to the Generation of 1914? First it was people cognizant of the events of 1914, then it bacame those who were merely born before 1914, then it became some undefined time period and now it only applies to the annointed! Aleman, despite what the Watchtower preached for decades, the Generation of 1914 DID PASS AWAY! That's why they had to change the teaching.

    Do you really think that your God is going to kill nearly all of humanity for failing to listen to an obscure religious movement known the world over for false Doomsday prediction, sheltering peadophiles, killing kids over blood and wrecking families?

    Don't flatter yourself. No one here is "jealous" or "contentious" of you - are you kidding me?

    How many times will you fall for a new and improved sucker story?

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear Cognac,

    First of all, WELCOME to the forum! We are so happy to have you here! I have been away from the forum for a while, and when I read your story it reminded me so much of what happened to us! Look in your inbox, you have a message.


    Lady Liberty

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear Cognac,

    WOW!! I finally finished reading the rest of this thread. My head is swimming with so many different things I want to say to you. But where to begin. My heart goes out to you, as does everyone elses, as it is obvious from reading all the other replys to you. We know your frusteration, your shock, the anger, and the great sadness and fear you no doubt feel. These are all normal emotions that you will most likely experience as you continue your journey.

    If I may suggest to you from experience, that you research everything, and don't just take someones word for it. Take the information you discover, and verify it, prove what you are finding to be true. That way you will never doubt yourself later. (Ask for actual copies of literature if you can't find them, from us here.) Also, keep close to Jehovah and Jesus. Keep praying for Holy Spirit. When I was discovering everything like you, I was so overwhelmed, I didn't know which way was up. So I prayed for Holy Spirit, and for Truth, no matter what it was.

    I prayed that God let me find the Truth about the "Truth". I asked that if it was what I had always believed, to help me realise this, and let my question go, and to quit questioning. But if, what I had always believed to be the truth was not the truth, please help me to see it and to see what was the truth. I totally relied on Jehovah and Jesus to help me. At times it was hard, because I had been brain washed all my life to believe I could not have a relationship with Jehovah if I was doubting his "faithful slave". So it was a inner battle. At times I was very afraid. My mother who left the organization with my father 2 years before we did, gave me a wonderful scripture on a magnet to remember: 2 Timothy 1:7...For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. And too, to use the God given brain I was given, to ask questions. Amazingly, my prayers were answered, and I was more determined then ever to get to the bottom of my questions. And as you are finding, one question, leads to a 1,000 others.

    I truely felt Jehovah was answering my prayers. Now I look back on it and know that they were drawing me out of the organization. Imagine that! Holy Spirit leading me out! That still sounds funny ..it has been 3 years in March since we were at our last meeting. But since then I can assure you that I am still happily married, we have a lovely teenage daughter who is respectful, moral, and loves Jehovah and Jesus. We have not fallen apart and become these horrible people that I had been told would happen if we didn't come back.

    I cannot count how many times we have prayed to Jehovah since leaving the organization for help, guidance, reassurance and Holy Spirit. And EVERY time, our prayers are answered. Only Jehovah and Jesus can read our thoughts. And there is not doubt in our minds they have not held our hand through this whole journey.

    So, I guess what I am trying to say, is just because you may feel you have been lied to by the organization, does not mean that Jehovah and Jesus have lied to you. They are leading you to Truth, because obviously your heart is ready for truth. Let them guide you. You are in safe hands. So many "throw the baby out with the bathwater" so to speak. They blame God because of their pain. I pray that those will one day realise that it was God who drew them out.

    There are so many wonderful people here on this forum, who like you have been down this road. They have been and continue to be pillars to me and my family, and are here for you as well. Hang in there!!! Take one day at a time.


    Lady Liberty

  • Vinny

    Aleman, you're such a sissy.

    You run and hide from all the issues I placed in your lap. As have many others here.

    And then ramble on about a whole lot of nonsense.

    You are such a girly-man Aleman.

    Are you gonna cry Aleman.

    Aleman need a WAAAAMBULANCE?

    waaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaa

  • Vinny


    Here you go Aleman. Remember this? ALL FOR YOU.

    Funny thing is, you never addressed even ONE THING.

    Yet down after my list was placed right on your LAP, you say something about answering every single question.

    Yet Aleman answered no questions.

    Poor Aleman.

  • Aleman

    This is Aleman!

    Many of you have issues with people inside the organization, and I don't blame any of you since we all are people born with sin and many many many times have commited mistakes. Some of you have issues about people in the WTBT and, although I find no logic in these issues, I find that just letting go and forgiving these small acts is the best thing to do.

    Some of you, not all of you but very few of you, say insulting things about the Almighty Jehovah of what he should or should not do, How he should allow or not allow, etc. This hurts me, and I'm sure It hurts him too, since I'm a follower and faithful believer of God.

    People say to me that you shouldn't be here reading or posting information or beliefs of mine, but the truth is that this is a free country, and a free service. Anyone can be here and can say what is in their minds if they so wish to do so. I once heard a man I preached to tell me, " Hey, why don't you take my literature? if it doesn't affect you it woun't and if it changes you to be better not worse, then great! but you have to give it a try and see what it does."

    I am strong like the soilder I am and getting stronger every time I gain valuable information. Throw at me what you got and I will reaserch it and give you the answers I have found. With Jehovah at my side I can not fail. I will be victorious over any opposer of what is the truth, I can not fail, especialy since we live in this world where everything and anything is known. There is nothing you can know that isn't known.


  • DJK

    Do I see a thread hijacked here?

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