This may be my last post…so goodbye and thanks

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  • Soledad

    Dave I am so sorry to see you go. I had no idea about the MS. I know that is tough, I have a close friend with the illness.

    We will certainly miss you.

  • willyloman

    Dude, you'll get no picture of me. That's a relief, I know. Anything else I can do to brighten your day, just holler.

    When they write the history of the downfall of dubdom they'll need an 8x10 glossy of you, so please send one to Simon.

  • Sparkplug
    I've got that new studio in my home and you've got that fabulous light kit. Maybe we should get together to do a shot for Dave? Nah...that'd just put him over the edge. You know how those old guys can't handle too much excitement.

    But what a way to go!!

  • prophecor

    Godspeed Dave

  • Sparkplug

    PSttt. Somebody tell Es that she needs to get naked!!

  • Gretchen956

    Dave, you are my absolute favorite curmudgeon. I'd almost trade teams for you! I for one will miss your wit, your style, and your intelligent thoughts on life, politics, and whatever higher power is or isn't there for us. I truly hope to meet you in person some day. If so I'll give you a big hug in person, but for now you'll have to accept this cyber-hug.



  • kls

    I don't know if this has been asked but Dave if you are contact with some posters here ,would you have them let us know how you are doing from time to time ?

    If that would be all right with you Dave.

  • Gretchen956
  • JT


    i am sorry to hear about what you are dealing with, but i have loved everyone of your post

    feel free to touch base with me here in Washington DC

    [email protected]


  • BrendaCloutier

    ((( Dave ))) I'm glad you gave SSA a call. I didnt' think your case would be nearly as difficult as mine was. With SSD you will qualify for Medicare and Medicaid. And that new bureaucratic cluster f***, prescription coverage. That will help with the medical crap.

    I'd be sending my pic to you, but I don't think you wanna see an overweight naked middleaged woman who's most exciting thing is waiting to see which boob will make it to her waist first!

    Have a good nap


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