This may be my last post…so goodbye and thanks

by seven006 175 Replies latest jw friends

  • Nosferatu

    Damn, that sucks. Always enjoyed your posts and your art, but Paradise Erf ain't comin' so we gotta deal with our bodies wearing out.

    Take good care of yourself Dave, and be nice to those lady doctors and nurses ;)

  • kls

    This is a very hard goodbye to one great person i will surly miss on this forum. Thanks for sharing your talents with us that are so amazing.

    Goodbye Dave

  • daystar

    Aw, gods Dave. You'll be missed.

    But, cheers to ya! I'll think on ya on occasion.

  • Mastodon

    You will be missed terribly. We are all greatful for your comments and for sharing your good and not-so-good-times with us. We will keep you in our toughts...

  • minimus

    Dave, You are one of the finest persons I've had the pleasure to get to know. I sincerely want to say that I consider you my friend, a man who always will tell it like it is. I appreciate your post but i think we both know it is premature. UNTIL you CAN'T actually type or talk, this should not be your last post, myy friend! At this time, your perspective is MOST appreciated!!!!! Don't quite give up, just yet, PLEASE!

  • FairMind

    We'll all miss you and hope the best for you.

  • calico

    Take care of yourself

  • BrendaCloutier

    Ohh Cawed-Dammit Dave. I hate this crap.

    I know you're having a rough time and need to take care of yourself. I'll miss your pointed posts and sardonic humour.

    Drop back in and say "yellow" from time to time when you're up for it.

    Hugs and love


  • Odrade

    Sorry to hear it Dave. Yeah, I guess I'll "surly" miss you too. (*winks at kls*) HEY! my office is wheelchair accessible, so put your rollerskates on and come on over, at least we'd have a good laugh when you crash into my walls and I promise the closest thing to KH talk I'll do is to gossip about minimus...

    (((((ol' bastard)))))

  • wednesday


    I have always enjoyed your posts I look forward to reading them. I love your wit and humor. . You seem to be able to do more with one arm tied behind our back than I can . I will miss you.

    Don't go quietly, go screaming into the night.


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