This may be my last post…so goodbye and thanks

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  • Elsewhere

    Sad to see you go.

    Do what is best for your health and take care.

  • stevenyc

    Words fail me Dave.

    This time last year when I first came across this ex-JDub site, and I was battling old demons, it was your posts that convinced me to stick around. I ended up reading most of your posts, well the essay's anyway.

    They helped me put things into perspective. And not to worry.

    Thank you for making a difference to me.

    You take good care of yourself.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Dave - thank you for that courageous, kind, and honest post.

    We are - above and beyond all else - a community of individuals that have a common backdrop in our lives. I have come to appreciate your posts, though at times we have been reading through a different life-lense.

    I have left my 'fundy mindedness' behind, once I learned to think on my own. I owe that to all that have contributed diversity of opinion here. That includes you. So I give a hearty thank you.

    You do not feel sorry for yourself - so I will honor your request not to do so.

    Adieu my friend - drop around if u can. If not, may things go as well as they can for you.



  • Poztate

    Dave..Sorry to hear about your situation. MS is tough and there are no good answers. Take care of yourself the best way you can and drop in to post or comment if you are having a better day. I know you will be lurking at least if possible....Poz

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo


    Gonna miss your posts.

    take care

    love and prayers

  • mouthy

    Darling with tears ---I tell you I will miss you MUCHLY!!!! Take care of yourself---- Its a bummer when we get stuck with theses illnesses.... But no matter what.... You are truly loved by us all. God be with you.


  • lonelysheep

    I will miss you!!!!!!

  • Enigma One
    Enigma One

    Does voice recognizion software help to read and / or post here? Just a thought?

  • seven006

    Boy, is this a great way to pick up chicks or what?

    I took a long nap after I posted this because keeping one eye closed for a couple of hours when I type gives me one hell of a headache. I guess that ends my dreams of going to sniper school. George Bush can breath easy now.

    You are all incredible people and I would love to have all the women here send me nude photos of yourself but I’m getting a headache again so hold off on that for a bit. I will try to write thank-yous to each and evry one of you but I can’t right now. Same goes for those who have sent me PM’s.

    I talked to Brenda C. last week about how to sign up for SSI because this was getting a lot worse. I called them today and they were very nice and said I should be accepted easely. I made a tun of money in the 80’s and damn it, I want some of that SS money back before Bush decided to invade EuroDisney and the money is all gone.

    I’m trying to keep my sense of humor up but you damn people are choking me up a bit. I need to go close my eyes again but if I can, I want to thank each and evry one of you for your comments with a PM. It may take me a wile but I will try and do it.

    Go Seahawks!!!


  • minimus

    My nude pic is cumming to ya.

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