This may be my last post…so goodbye and thanks

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  • Axelspeed

    As everyone else has stated, I'm sorry to hear you are dealing with this illness. Your presence on this board will be sorely missed. Your posts have always caught my attention and I have enjoyed and learned from them emmensely. I dont post alot, but I read just about everything....and yours are usually at the top of my list of those to read.

    Check in from time to time as you are able. Take care.


  • kgfreeperson

    It feels really strange--sort of like, good bye and thanks for all the fish! I really hope you can remain part of this little community and that we can find ways to help ease your way.

  • AuldSoul

    (((Dave))), I'll send my number by PM. If you ever want to chat, feel free. I have always appreciated how free you are with letting others benefit from your work experience and your thoughts on the organization most of us were once suckered by have helped to shape my own.

    Don't consider it a last post, it is just farewell for now.


  • Dan-O

    I would normally wish you "good luck" with this, Dave. I know what MS has done to a couple of my cousins, so I understand a part of what you're facing. And so I'll simply wish the best for you. Wander thru again if and when you can.

  • peggy

    Your avatar is a picture of a man of WISDOM! Your words are words of depth, spirit, strength, knowledge, love. Post when you are able, yet know that your thoughts and ideas live on.


  • bisous

    wavey: you were my welcoming committee at JWD with just the right mix of surly sarcasm and wry wit that enticed me to hang around and get to know folks. Our correspondence helped me work through a load of leftover JW shit that I didn't realize was still clogging my arteries. I rarely post here these days, but when I do breeze through I watch for you ... always a guaranteed guffaw or internal hell yeah when I read your comments. For instance, last time I was here I read your comment about your son listing you as his hero on my I carefully prepared one of my extremely entertaining PMs to you, commenting on how MY son had listed ME as his hero on his page ... and how we musta done SUMPN right in spite of the freakin cult ... but for some reason (I suspect Simon has an underground campaign to derail Macintosh users LOL) it went to JWD PM heaven with all traces eliminated. ANYWAY. So now I find this ... guess those thoughtful suggestions of bee sting therapies and other strange concoctions haven't panned out, eh? fcuking tragic. you haven't even made good on your promise to share a genuine dry martooni with me someday. harumph. sorry your health is deteriorating so rapidly. glad you decided to reverse your earlier determination to disappear without a trace vs. let us know what's happening. even though it kills you, we do care you ol' curmudgeon. recent developments further my case for phone number exchange!! wink wink. if you agree, PM me. big sloppy ones. biscuits.

  • seeitallclearlynow

    Oh Dave, I'm so sorry to hear this from you...I'm heartbroken!! There must be some form of treatment, some alternative treatment, that could help you. There must be. I hope, I believe. What have you tried??

    You're such a great guy and I've really enjoyed reading what you've had to say over the years...I'll miss you very much. All the very best to you.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep


    When I first found this haven you were one of the posters who made me laugh and cry and think.

    My life has been made richer by your presence and I thank you very much for the time you spent here.

    I will miss you


  • tetrapod.sapien

    dave, take care man. we have never even talked, i think, but i always stopped to read your posts. because like LT said, you cut through the shite like no one else. love the way your mind works.

    best wishes,


  • alamb

    Thank you for your words and thoughts and heart.

    When I first came across this board, and had miles to journey and fire to go through, I found a few posters whose wisdom pulled me through the darkest days. I cut and pasted their words into little journals for when I was losing site of this place I look for called Freedom; so I could read and re-read the passages and find the way.

    In the journal where I keep yours, I heard the voice of wisdom and understanding. Your words ring with the clarity and force of your art. Thank you for sharing that.

    You are a gift.

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