This may be my last post…so goodbye and thanks

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  • WildHorses


  • WildHorses


    MS or not, I still have a crush on you. I'd send you a nekid pic, but I want you to get better and seeing my ugly bod would kill you for sure.

    BTW, my first job was as a nursing assistant. Want me to come and take care of you? On second thought, maybe not. I may just send you over the edge.

    Take care of yourself, Dave and please keep in touch. I may not post much these days, but I still read the forum and I always look for your post.


  • hooberus

    I wish you well and will pray for you.

  • gumby

    Just like Ali getting his much talent hampered by sickness.

    Dave....sorry I waited so long to respond. I have a hard time with this kinda stuff. You my friend have a wonderful gift......that of bullshitting and writing......mostly writing. Your bethel stories were a classic. I'll never forget freddy franz talking to his old brown shoes as he walked up the bethel stairs......poor little demented bastard.

    I guess you wouldn't mind getting a phone call though eh? I still have your number if it's the same one Craig gave me awhile back. We'll miss you here and your wit. Guess we're just gonna hafta settle for Scholar now since he's the only one with any brains when you leave. Damn!

    Take care buddy...I'll call ya right after I call craig since I'll need to clear my head by then anyway.(snicker)

    Gumby....your idol

  • z

    Why? Why? Why? I love all your posts the brown shoes is A CLASIC I allows will remember take care I wise I can say more no words in me


  • Undecided

    Sorry that you are having problems with your health. You seem to be able to handle it better than I could. I just hope you can enjoy living for a long time. This forum isn't the most important thing in your life I'm sure, so enjoy the other things you can do. We will all miss your post and appreciate you time invested here. Hope to hear from you in the future.

    Ken P.

  • Sunnygal41


  • magoo


    may the rest of your journey be as fruitful....


  • Kaethra

    I'm so sorry to hear this Dave M. We'll miss your sense of humour terribly! Take care of yourself.

  • ChristianObserver

    So sorry to hear about the MS and the difficulties it is causing. Anyone unaware of your situation would never guess from what you write.

    Will be watching out for your return and remission.

    Take care.

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