This may be my last post…so goodbye and thanks

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  • myself


    This is so depressing. I always go in to see what you have posted. Now before you start accusing me of stalking, I like to see what you have stirred up for the day. I am going to miss your posts immensely. You have been a great source of strength when things seemed tough, and your humor has brought smiles when I didn't think I could muster one. You have had a positive impact on my life. Thanks for being here Dave.


    Take care Dave.


  • Sparkplug

    OMG Gretchen..That is my gal!!

    I love you... I Wanna lick my screen.

    Thank you. Angolina. MMMMhhh

    I swear we switched bodies at birth.

    Dave, How are you hanging in there? I think Gretchen just make a burning hot offering for you. Look again!

  • DanTheMan

    Hi Dave, I never chatted with you much here but whenever I saw that you had posted on a thread I always clicked on it to see what you wrote, because you have a great way of cutting through the bullshit, which is an admirable quality to have in a world that is so full of it. Sorry about the MS, what can I really say...

  • hubert

    I hate goodbyes'. Dave, I didn't know and never expected that you had this disease. I'm so sorry, man.

    One of my co-workers has a son with this, also. So far, his medication is working well.

    I hope they find a cure for ms while it can still help you.

    I always look for your posts. I enjoy reading them, as you write so intelligently. I always imagined you, from your avatar, that you were a professor in some swanky college, like Yale or Harvard. Please don't change it.

    Good luck to you my friend, and please keep posting as long as you are comfortable doing so.

    And yes, I'm sending prayers your way, too.

    Hubert and family

  • kazar

    You've been such a part of this forum. Gonna miss you, Dave.

  • atypical

    Dave, I am so sorry to see you go. Thanks for all you have contributed. Best wishes to you and your health.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    You're one of the best posters on this forum (at least one of the truly sane ones) .... Your wit, courage and intelligence are irreplaceable. Take care of yourself .... not "goodbye", but "see you down the road a bit".

    btw... seriously, is there anything we can do for you?


  • talley

    Thank You, ((((Dave))))


  • Leolaia

    Dave....Like everyone, I'm sad to see MS take its toll on another bright .... I appreciate what you have given all of us, and I just want to say thanks and best wishes for you in what lies ahead...

  • kiddotan


    I only lurke here, don't often get involved, but you have helped me understand lotsa "STUFF", you know just stuff. This I really appreciate fella. Big hugs and many thoughts.


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