Once upon a time in a land far far away, a little blonde girl was born to a family of evil cold-hearted, ill-mannered, loud, religious fanatics. The girls parents were lazy and made the girl and her siblings work long hours cleaning the house, working in the garden, cooking, and doing various other chores. The beatings were frequent and the yelling constant. Church-going was mandatory, three times a week, and on the weekends you could count on the girl and her family going out to other houses to try to convert people to their wretched lifestyle. But the girl became aware early that this life was not all there was, she began to watch other people and to covet their relationships with friends and family, to see and desire love and friendship, and to belief in life outside of the cult. This awareness must be supressed. The girl was told she was immodest, stubborn, and too independent and that she would need a strong man to control her and make her submissive. As she grew, she decided boldly to wait her time until she could have her freedom, and then do those things that she had always longed to do, and meet others like herself. And truly, at her first opportunity she did flee the constricts of her upbringing, and the abusive life and family she had known and seek out a new life for herself. Alas, she had been only taught that which would make her a good wife and mother and no skills for independence. So she took low paying jobs and struggled to exist. And one day, she met the man that could control her, could make her submissive, but that could also provide her security and the life she had been raised to expect. Too late she realized that she had traded the freedom and independence of abuse for another form of abuse. And where her family had not been able to shake her courage and her hope in life, her mate was able to do so. She was told she was unlovable and that no one else would want her, she was told many many things which weighed heavy on her heart and made her tired and old before her time. And she was told by her father and by church elders that she deserved to be treated badly, that it was just reward for her actions of some kind and that if she prayed harder and worked harder at being submissive that life would be better and her husband would be kind. Many years passed, a son was born, he grew to mid-childhood. And finally one day the woman lifted up her eyes and saw that there was still another existence and she could be free of this abuse. So she left her husband of many years, and she got herself healthy and for the first time she left the religion of her youth which had taught her to be ashamed of herself and had only wanted to put her in her place and control her. Ah freedom. And with freedom self-awareness and life. And she tasted life, and she found that it was good! And she tasted knowledge and she learned new things and met new people. People that accepted her and loved her and did not try to change her or judge her. And life was good. And you can find her, to this day, living her life with joy and abandonment. Blessed be!