Prank call to Governing Body member Anthony Morris III gets through

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  • enigma1863
    I don't think most of you guys are being fair. If you were to confront them directly, blast them with an array of questions about their core beliefs do you really think they would respond? Confront people with a silly joke and they are a much more open.
  • Gentledawn

    point of the call: was it either to give a message or press for information?

    I think Cedars managed to deliver a message. As konceptual99 demonstrated above, I doubt you are gonna get any doctrinal/organizational rules type answers from any gov-bod member except, " ask your local elders (so they can punish you)". I highly doubt any member of the F&DS are gonna invite personal letter  writing

  • konceptual99
    Should of, could of ..... 
    Make the call and see what happens.  If you do not then it was cedars call to make.

    Fair point but I will repeat for the third time that I personally respect him for getting through.  I don't know what he was intending to do once he got through but I don't think it would have been impossible to have tried a tack that was more challenging to Morris.

    I would be more than happy to make a call but I don't think there will be much getting through to Morris or any one else in the upper echelons of the org now or any time soon...

  • cappytan
    _Morpheus Really...  When did the brooklyn laundry shut down?

    When they sold the Factory (or whatever building it was in, I can't remember). Anyways, when they sold the building, they started shipping all laundry to Wallkill.

  • enigma1863
    I think this could instigate Tony to do even more stupid actions. They are in the spotlight now more than ever. This call shows Tony he is no longer in his protective bubble of loyal JWs.
  • konceptual99
    I don't think most of you guys are being fair. If you were to confront them directly, blast them with an array of questions about their core beliefs do you really think they would respond? Confront people with a silly joke and they are a much more open.

    If they are on the defensive because they think the person asking the questions is an apostate or some nobody in a congregation then you might be right but it shows that the lack of openness is endemic.  The defensive nature of Witnesses when challenged is repeated time and time again.

    What if you met Morris as a householder on the ministry?  His response would be different if he thought he had a potential fish on the line.  Why would his reasonableness be any different when asked genuine questions even if it is by a journalist or a known critic and apostate like Cedars?  Because the WTS revels in it's persecution complex.  The WTS does not like debate.  The WTS justifies a lack of transparency on the basis of spiritual warfare.  A clear demonstration of this was there for the taking.

    Don't get me wrong, I am not saying the call was worthless or even that petty. Just the fact an apostate can get that close on the phone is a pretty remarkable achievement.  I just think that perhaps the opportunity to get something that was not in the least bit flattering to Morris was there.

  • Simon

    Anthony Morris came across as actually having some wit and a sense of humour - "then you shrunk em!" to the guy claiming to be from the laundry dept asking about tight pants was pretty quick.

    In terms of anything new, I think we already know that ex-JWs do not like the governing body and that the governing body do not like us. It's hardly breaking news or telling them anything that would surprise them in any way. There was nothing that AM said that was shocking or revealing and he wasn't unreasonable in any way or condescending as far as I could tell - he simply hung up when it was clear what was going on.

  • antes8080

    @konceptual99 those are great questions his answer would of been let me transfer you to the service dept.

    what cedars had was his direct extension that mostly only bethelites have thats why at the end he tells him you most know somebody.


  • Absalom

    Bethel's phone system is set up that if it's a call from inside bethel, the phone rings once, if it is an outside call, the phone rings in a short double ring.  

    They also have caller ID now, when I call my friends and family up there, they know its me.  I would guess that whomever he used to call Morris room or office has already been talked too.

  • notsurewheretogo

    Lloyd Evans aka Cedars was a figure on the internet that reported things in the JW world with a clarity and neutrality that made it so that dubs went to his site.  He never posted anything that could be construed as negative or personally attacking the faith or individuals.

    THEN he came out, he publicly DA himself and then revealed his true name and from then on he seems more about promoting his site and videos rather than do what he actually did.  He has degenerated into a bitter, mentally diseased apostate who attacks the person of GB members and now writes/speaks things that are easily identifiable as apostate. 

    He has lost the one thing that was truly unique to his site...he is now just a's all clearly gone to his head.

    I'll think I'll delete my internet favorite for his site.

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