Secret Santa II......

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  • Angharad

    Oops posted at the same time as Gadget

    BTW: Please post ideas everyone hint hint hint

  • myself

    I have been out of town and came back to a computer that is down. I just received notice about this thread so I hope I am not too late.

    Just in case, here are my hints.

    My favorite color is blue, I love candles, and I collect moose(s)

  • Elsewhere

    OK... I've ordered the present for the person I have. Visit Smiley Central!

  • caligirl

    Just wanted to ask anyone who hasn't posted a gift hint to pkease do so! I have NO idea what my person wants/likes!

  • anglise

    This is a lovely idea,

    Anything for THE TREE will be lovely


  • xjw_b12

    I've been away too long.

    Gadget. Got your PM and the name of my recipient, Thank you. Now I'll have to learn how to knit ..... tee hee.

    Here's a challenge. Heard a very nice compulation on CBC Radio, the other day from a violinist I've never heard of before.

    Nigel Kennedy, and the CD was called East Meets West

    xjw_b12 who is masquerading as a cultural soul.

  • morty

    if you have not posted your ideas....please drop hints, hints, hints, hints, hints,hints,hints, hints,hints,hints hints hints.otherwise you will get a

    cat or dog in the mail,and if they have to be delivered over seas, the poor things will be a little thirsty by the time they get to you..

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    OK my parcel is in the mail

    It isn't going to Canada

    and it isn't going to Europe or Down Under

    I hope it gets there before xmas

    but no peeking when it does arrive

    You can take off the brown wrapper though - carefully though because there is xmas paper underneath

    No ribbons though - they are so hard to wrap around

  • Country_Woman

    I've send my parcel too, but I 'forgot' to pack it in X-mas paper - thought It might be unpacked immediately.

  • caligirl

    Still waiting for a wish list from my person to be posted....guess I'll have to find one of those yummy bricks fruitcakes to send out if a list isn't posted soon!

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