Secret Santa II......

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  • Gadget

    And I resisted the temptation to just send my name and address to everybody for them to send presents to, lol!

  • mouthy

    HA! HA! I sent you something already!!!!Not much just a little thing.....

  • reboot

    Thanks Gadget.

    I 'm happy with anything....surprise me !

    I bought my present today for......sshhhhh...hope you like it!

  • morty

    Well, My gift that I send will be handmade.....

    I like chocolate, candles,(fruitty,or baking flavors)alcohol is all good to...cant go wrong with any that I have mentioned....


  • Lutece

    My giftee is going to receive something naughty and nice...........


    I love Christmas.......and if you have me, I will like just about anything, but if you can't decide what to send, food, a good book you've enjoyed or something from your area that's unique would tickle me. Happy Holidays everyone.........


  • Gadget

    Thanks Mouthy!

    And a quick reminder, there are still some people who haven't posted what sort of things they like, if you haven't done it yet can you do it now please! Or if you've got one of these people, you can normally pick up what sort of person they are from reading some of their previous posts, so you might get some inspiration there!

  • smack

    hey Gadget, I can't participate at this thyme. Sorry for the late notice, but my heart is just not in it.

    merry christmas Paul


  • Sassy

    well this is the first time ever for a gift exchange for me.. I think it is going to be fun.

  • Sassy
    secret santa is when you are sent the name of a 'giftee' that you
    send a present to and in return, you receive a surprise gift from
    them for Christmas; when you get your gift you realise who your Santa
    was...hence the 'Secret Santa' title"

    I'm confused.. does this mean that you are partnered with someone to exchanged gifts with? or it is a mix and you give to one person in the group and a totally different person in the group gives to you?

  • Gadget
    it is a mix and you give to one person in the group and a totally different person in the group gives to you

    So until you actually receive the gift you won't know who sent it!

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