Born and raised in Northern New England. Parents became witnesses when I was a baby. I tried to be a good little witness, but it didn't work...I guess the dark side was just too strong! :) I felt from a relatively early age that something was just wrong with the teachings. They didn't seem to match what the bible said, which was very confusing for me. I don't blame my parents, as I truly believe that they raised us in the way that they thought was best, and opposite of their religion-less upbringing. They did a great job teaching us all the critical thinking skills that enabled my siblings and I to leave, even though I'm sure they never expected the decision making skills that they taught us to result in our leaving the witnesses. I'm of the fortunate few, in that my parents still maintain a close relationship with all of us, despite knowing exactly how we all feel.I definitely count my blessings in that area.