my parents were'nt JW. My father was strongly believing but not joining a church. My mother her whole life looking for the TRUTH. We had visitors from every cult or church over the floor. Almost 25 years ago, 2 JW's (a married copple) did knock on the door (literally because there was'nt a door bell) while the rain was pouring down. She (my mother) invited them in - to warm themselves with the words -no preaching please, my husbound don't like that -. Which they accept. Ofcourse they did come back, offering a book study when my father had his midday rest (after he had a stroke some years before) drinking several cups of tea and coffee, becoming kind of friends for the next 15 years (during we met nearly all the members of their congregation) To go short, after his funeral, their was some light pressure on my mother to make some progress, and join the meetings - which she did. My daughter, 15 at the time, got curious and asked me if I allowed her to study as well.... I was bringing the 2 of them each time to the meetings, asked a lot of questions, studied. My mother was babtised first, then my daughter (who did made a remarkable job on herself, turning into a real nice girl instead of the very difficult young lady she was before) and I was the last one. It was only after I was babtised that I got daubts, which I try to put away in a far corner of my mind. (not always succesfully) After the love bombing, and after the DF-ing of my daughter (Viv) I found out a lot of discrepancy which let me fade away after my mother's dead.