Diversity is White Genocide

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  • cofty

    Spoletta there really is reason to be concerned about the scale of immigration in parts of Europe.

  • waton
    Italian, Russian, Polish, Greek, and other languages, and follow only the customs of their ancestors? Did they overwhelm the cities and turn them all into foreign enclaves? They all assimilated into our country, and the changes they brought only enhanced our culture, not supplanted it.S

    Indeed they did, thankfully, the new new comers, globally, often arriving illegally. do not assimilate, instead we now have milk cartons with 3 languages, they demand federal services in their language, barring native speakers from these cushy jobs. Natives scrambling to pass new language tests. forcing a change of cultures.

    If your next door neighbor was exactly like you in every way, culturally, linguistically, IQ, finances, morals, etc. and was black or brown, you'd consider him your inferior, plain and simple.

    If she is from India, they likely are more intelligent,schooled, from Saudi Arabia, certainly richer, from Vietnam, more industrious. Of course, that is the beef of the working class, of any colour, but mostly redneck white (what oxymoron)

    Please do not bring anti-semitism into it,

  • waton

    If I may add: she might also, as an asylum applicant for years be entitled to benefits, that you are not. It is galling for the "white working class " to see cases like that walking out of the mall carrying designer store bags while you try to make ends meet.

  • snare&racket

    Remember back when,,.... there were those Neanderthals in the East with slightly darker skin who would grunt at a slightly faster pace when communicating ! They also ate their berries without washing them and have taken all the club making jobs of the local Neanderthals..... terribly sad time wasn't it.

  • Spoletta


    There's a refuge crisis in parts of Europe, but definitely not any white genocide crisis.

  • Spoletta


    You're going to believe what you want to believe, no matter what I say. You can deal with it, or spend the rest of your life being a victim.Your complaints come right out of the xenophobe rant book, half truths and exaggerations that have nothing to do with white genocide.

    Good luck in this brave new world. I have a feeling you're going to hate every minute of it

  • waton
    Good luck in this brave new world. I have a feeling you're going to hate every minute of it. S

    As a typical person that contributed to the ascent, rebuilding of my group, I have actually no time to worry about the status of white civilisation. am far too busy at projects. Am also living proof that I am not a racist. but I applaud the Opening Post. let us keep our identities. roots. orders.values. repeat: Europe for the Europeans, Africa for the Africans, North Amerlca for the North Americans---

  • LoveUniHateExams

    @Incognigo Montoua - you make some good points.

    And I'm not against diversity - up to a point.

    There's nothing wrong with people coming from different backgrounds, speaking different languages or having different skin colour.

    Just to be clear, when I say I want my country (the UK) to remain majority white, I'm not advocating state violence or any other kind of violence against ethnic minorities, nor am I saying people should be kicked out the country because of their skin colour.

    The UK government could keep the UK majority white by controlling immigration. If other groups in the UK are reproducing at much faster rates than whites, our government could look to bring in white people from abroad - e.g. white farmers from South Africa. They all know English and their culture overlaps with British culture, plus they would be a boost to the white population.

    I realise this is a sensitive topic and it's an excuse for highly sensitive, caring and sharing people like Spoletta to feel others' pain, dab their eyes with a hankie, reach for the smelling salts and wail "racism!"

    But my opinion is shared by many others - white and non-white. I'm friends on facebook with a Kenyan and a Jordanian. They're friends with me, a white guy, so they can't be too racist. They might be ok with white people visiting and living in their country. But how would they feel if more and more white people moved to their country and reproduced at a higher rate? The Jordanian guy would want to keep Jordan majority Arab; the Kenyan guy would want to keep Kenya majority black, right?

    To those looking to find racism and take offence on others' behalf, what I'm saying sounds racist. It may seem close to what neo-nazis say ('black people should go back to the jungle', 'throw the Jew down the well', and other crap).

    But it's not close at all if you dig deeper.

    Me personally, if I settle down with a nice girl, she doesn't have to look like me - her eyes can be any colour, her skin can be any colour, her hair can be any colour. I'm not bothered.

    I only want the UK to remain majority white because it's a northern European country, home of white, northern European people. Plus, when I look around the world, the best countries to live in are majority white. That's obvious, isn't it?

    I'm not saying that whites are racially superior, just that Western culture is superior to all others.

    If I was an African-American guy I'd rather live in America than Africa. Doesn't make me a racist.

    The racists I'm talking about are the ones chanting "Jews will not replace us" - ah, you mean Palestinians, gotcha. Still, that's a little off-topic, Spoletta. XD

  • Diogenesister
    Fulano never understand why these things are so delicate. We whites, we cant dance, unless it is the polka, or walz or other white stiff dances. But latin dances, like merengue, salsa, bachata ? Forget it, if you think you can (and have seen whites trying it in our assignment) you are wrong. Then certain instruments ...who plays the conga or bongo? But how many blacks play the violin? How many black chessmasters have we seen? For me it is not delicate at all, I find it more interesting.

    Now sorry but thats just cobblers.

    I've seen some many simply stunning white and chinese dancers, incredible white drummers, and all my kids maths teachers in their very large school (with predominently white teachers)are black ( they also run the chess club). Not to mention my brothers black ex-girlfriend has a singing voice like a foghorn.

    Fulltimestudent NB European's light skin pigmentation is a mutation that gave those living in northern latitudes an advantage in increased vitamin D synthesis as most vitamin D is made as a by product of the skins exposure to sunlight.

    LUHE Now Ive seen the video with the ideas on race that you refer to, I believe based on whats known as 'the bell curve by Charles Murray', but races and ethnic groups are just extentions of very large famillies. I mean we will frequently say such-and-such a family are all very tall or musically gifted etc so it makes sense that there may be a tendency to observe when looking at very large numbers. BUT, and its a big one, how do you determine race? At what point do you draw the line? For example all black American have white blood to varying extents. I would never know to look at her Meghan Markle has a black mother. She looks portugese-ish to me.

    In New Zealand you can have someone caled Rahtahi Fukafeetahati who looks completely white and someone called Hamish MaCloud who looks completely polynesian. That's because there is no such thing as a full-blooded Moari.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    LUHE Now Ive seen the video with the ideas on race that you refer to - the video I posted in this thread was nothing to do with IQ, it was about the maga hat boy media blow-up.

    My comments on race and IQ are not taken from a single source (The Bell Curve).

    There are several studies on IQ and race, plus the US army has been testing new recruits with the IQ test since 1919. That's a century's worth of data. The data are clear, and the pattern is replicated in studies done on 'the achievement gap'.

    It's not nice viewing, and IQ studies are typically brushed under the carpet (unless they're on mean IQ of Republican states vs Democrat states, then they're published).

    And to be clear, we're talking about differences in mean (average) IQ. It's very important for scientists to find the averages in data sets. For parametric data (e.g. height, weight, IQ), the mean is the meaningful average. For non-parametric/discrete data, the best average to find would be either the mode or the median figure.

    And there is some overlap. This means that there are black people, Latino people, Native Americans with higher IQs than me, a white guy. When I was at uni, there were only two students in my class who received a first class degree. I was one, the other actually got higher exam results and a higher mark for the third year dissertation. This person was female, black (of Somali heritage) and Muslim. She achieved what she achieved because she was intelligent and industrious. Based on merit, no shortlists for wammins, moose limbs or negroes.

    For example all black American have white blood to varying extents - I'm not sure about that. What scientific studies have concluded that?

    How do you determine race? - good question. Race isn't easily defined, there's lots of blurring and gradation.

    Meghan Markle is mixed race. She's part black, part white.

    But just because race is tricky to define, it doesn't mean there's no such thing as race.

    If you looked at local people in Swaziland, you'd be able to tell which people were of sole European descent. XD

    I'm not ginger (thank God XD) so I look different when compared to a ginger person. I also look different compared to Frank Bruno.

    The vast majority of ginger people are white, obviously, so me and a ginger person are both of European descent. Are we both of the same ethnic group? It's tricky - the ginger person might be of Gaelic ancestry, so if that's the case, the answer would be 'no we are of different ethnic groups'. Would we be of the same race? Again, it's tricky.

    And now me and Mr Bruno. We also look different. We're clearly of different ethnic groups, different races. If a white guy went up to Frank Bruno and said "Hi Frank, there's no such thing as race - me and you, we're the same!" ... XD

    Bruno might realise the white guy's trying to be colour blind and be well-meaning. Or Bruno could be proud of his heritage (Black British - Jamaican - ultimately West African) and take offence.

    Race is tricky to define but it exists.

    If it doesn't then there's no such thing as racism - if race doesn't exist, even the kkk wouldn't be racists. The entire race industry - including race hate crime legislation in the UK and other countries - can be torn down.

    We can't have it both ways.

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