Diversity is White Genocide

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  • Tobyjones262

    What is racist is the anit white its all white males fault for this or that. How about blacks take responsibility for their crap neighborhoods and drug problems? Why is it that all the majority black cities are shit holes E. G. Memphis, Baltimore, Detroit, Huston, Jackson, Dayton, Cleveland. Hmmmmmm

  • LoveUniHateExams

    OMG - you do realize there is no such thing as RACE? - absurd assertion.

    Different groups of humans left Africa tens of thousands of years ago and evolved largely in isolation until about 500 years ago.

    That's many thousands of generations for natural selection to act upon. Human skin is an organ and natural selection has acted upon it. But brains, bones and muscles are body parts, too. Natural selection has also acted on these, and perhaps in more meaningful ways.

    I'm 'white' - I'm northern European, have blue eyes and a light skin. I'm of a different race compared to Frank Bruno. Me and Frank Bruno are racially different from Son Heung-Min.

    BTW if there's no such thing as race, then we must get rid of race hate crime legislation.

    No race, no racists ...

  • shadow

    Validity of IQ testing is hardly a given, especially when applied to large groups. Correlation or causation????

    IQ tests today

    Debate over what it means to be “intelligent” and whether or not the IQ test is a robust tool of measurement continues to elicit strong and often opposing reactions today. Some researchers say that intelligence is a concept specific to a particular culture. They maintain that it appears differently depending on the context – in the same way that many cultural behaviours would. For example, burping may be seen as an indicator of enjoyment of a meal or a sign of praise for the host in some cultures and impolite in others.

    What may be considered intelligent in one environment, therefore, might not in others. For example, knowledge about medicinal herbs is seen as a form of intelligence in certain communities within Africa, but does not correlate with high performance on traditional Western academic intelligence tests.

    According to some researchers, the “cultural specificity” of intelligence makes IQ tests biased towards the environments in which they were developed – namely white, Western society. This makes them potentially problematic in culturally diverse settings. The application of the same test among different communities would fail to recognise the different cultural values that shape what each community values as intelligent behaviour.

    Going even further, given the IQ test’s history of being used to further questionable and sometimes racially-motivated beliefs about what different groups of people are capable of, some researchers say such tests cannot objectively and equally measure an individual’s intelligence at all.

  • redvip2000
    We are all HUMANS with incredibly slight variations in meaningless traits like hair, eye, and skin color.
    So so sad:frowning:

    The thing is....that is not really true. This would make sense if we were actually created by God, where he would somehow make us all the same.

    But we evolved in segregated gene pools for much of our history, and so each gene pool developed many different traits that are not exactly the same across gene pools. Many things such as height, IQ, temperament, and other physical and emotional attributes are really different between races.

    Why is there any shame in considering this? This is how evolution works. Other species work the same as well. If you look at dogs, some breeds (races) have distinct personality traits, temperaments, ability to learn, etc, etc etc.

    The reality is that this is a tabu item, because anybody that wants to discuss this is quickly ostracized by the equality police.

    Equality is not about pretending we are all the same, but it's about correcting for those differences when needed.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    For example, knowledge about medicinal herbs is seen as a form of intelligence in certain communities within Africa, but does not correlate with high performance on traditional Western academic intelligence tests - this is because folk knowledge about medicinal herbs has a local application and local benefit.

    If I was in the middle of the Kalahari desert, the best people who could help me would be the bushmen locals. But Western knowledge of medicine has a global application and therefore global benefit.

    When you get sick, who are you gonna trust, Western medicinal science or a shaman?

    the “cultural specificity” of intelligence makes IQ tests biased towards the environments in which they were developed – namely white, Western society. This makes them potentially problematic in culturally diverse settings - this sounds like cultural relativists whining because reality is out of sync with their ideology.

    African-Americans, white Americans, Chinese-Americans, Jewish Americans, Latino-Americans and Native Americans all understand English. The IQ test is understood by people from all these ethnic groups, so language logic isn't a problem here.

    And most of the IQ test is about pattern recognition and spatial awareness. This, too, is ok for all ethnic groups in the US.

    Here's an interesting question: why is the IQ test 'potentially problematic' for African-Americans but not for Chinese-Americans or Japanese-Americans?

    'Yellow privilege'? XD

  • Simon
    nothing compares with the advancement that humankind has seen during the dominance of the pale race, including the jewish people of course

    Most of this is IQ driven. It's the truth that dare not be spoken, but some groups have higher IQs than others and that has a massive correlation with what those groups do.

    If you compare cultures, there are huge differences in accomplishments. Here in Canada people seem to fawn over indigenous people and they have to be involved in everything. You'll have a 30min segment about them in a high-school graduation ceremony with 1,000 white kids and 1 Native American. Why? Because white people are often the most benevolent on the planet (even to an almost suicidal degree) and value diversity more than any other culture.

    In terms of "accomplishments" there is a huge disparity, the Native Americans only seemed to manage to invent banging an out-of-tune drum and wailing. That's it, in thousands of years. Why? Because their society was one of brutality and superstition and didn't put a value on learning and advancement.

    White people have opera, orchestras with an unbelievable mix of instruments, ballet, all sorts of things. You may not find those appealing but you have to acknowledge - everything is perfected and refined to an unbelievable degree.

    Why wasn't there a Native American Mozart born? Because they didn't build on the learning and progress, their civilization was mostly stagnant.

    That carries over to every field - science, medicine, etc...

    Imagining that diversity is a magical solution in its own right is as naive and foolish as believing that race is inherently the problem.

    But let's not pretend all races are the same because they clearly are not.

  • shadow

    culture, socio-economic environments, which could be broken down into many sub-categories

  • shadow

    european invasion of the americas decimated the native population so impossible to say what they would have accomplished. 15th century europe was not exactly a great place to be

    european civilization has accomplished much to be admired but is a double-edged sword which has also brought mankind to the brink of extinction from a variety of self-created threats

  • shadow

    10 Pre-European Native American Achievements

    When Europeans first discovered North America, they described the indigenous people that they found there as primitive and savage. However, our understanding of human societies has come a long way since then, and we can now appreciate that many aspects of Native American civilizations were actually far more advanced than most of Europe at that time. Below, we've listed ten of the greatest achievements that the Native Americans made before the arrival of Europeans:

    1. Many of their cultures were matrilineal.

    This meant that men and women shared duties and power equally. Thousands of years before European women would begin the struggle for their own equality, Native American women already had equal rights to their men. In fact, it was Native American women who initially inspired European women to fight back against being second-class citizens.

    2. They were extremely healthy.

    This is because they understood the importance of good nutrition and regular bathing. While Europe was being constantly afflicted by regular plagues and famines, the Native Americans were in top form.

    3. They had impressive city-building skills.

    The Native Americans managed to construct cities that were bigger and a lot more complex than most European ones at the time. While Europeans were busy emptying filthy chamber pots out of windows onto the streets below, many Native American cities had access to fully-functional sanitation systems.

    4. They were innovative doctors.

    While Europeans were still using many questionable medical interventions, such as bloodletting, the Native Americans made use of a huge number of medicinal plants and herbs, which are still considered to be effective by today's standards. They also made use of syringes, aspirin, and even relatively complex surgical procedures.

    5. They made sure that everyone was properly taken care of.

    Within traditional Native American cultures, everyone from the smallest kids to the oldest grandparents was adequately taken care of and provided for. This was a far cry from the European systems of the time, which only ensured that the rich got richer, while the working classes suffered in misery.

    6. They have the oldest continuous democracy in the world.

    In 909AD, Native Americans established the Haudenasaunee People’s Confederacy which is still active today. However, while they were freely reaping the fruits of democracy, most of Europe was still bending the knee to royalty and waging war against anyone they felt superior to. In fact, this type of democracy actually served as the inspiration and model for the US constitution.

    7. They were brilliant inventors.

    Just a few of the things that they invented include snow goggles, snowshoes, toboggans, kayaks, and canoes. They also learned to create and cultivate rubber and maple syrup.

    8. They were highly advanced farmers.

    Around 70% of the world's crops today were originally cultivated in the pre-European Americas. These include potatoes, tomatoes, rice, and corn. They were also completely aware of the benefits of crop rotation, as well as the medicinal properties of thousands of plants.

    9. They were highly strategic when it came to planning.

    Instead of having one giant city in the center of the continent and expanding outwards, they instead built a huge number of smaller settlements, spreading them out across the land. The type of settlement built would then be constructed in such a way that makes it ideal for its climate and purpose.

    10. They were exceptionally accurate time-keepers.

    Native American calendars were so precise that they were only 19 minutes off by the 5th century BC. This is an achievement that no other civilization at the time even came remotely close to.

  • Simon

    Nice copy-and-paste, but those "achievements" are either outright wrong or really clutching at straws. Europeans had advanced time measurement and how exactly do you decide that a 500 year old calendar is off by 19 minutes? What's it compared against and how? Think about the claim and how its proven or disproven.



    They weren't the healthiest group and the myth that it was the white man that ruined what was otherwise a paradise existence is just that, a myth.

    They weren't healthy, they didn't have great medicine.



    They were brilliant inventors.

    But none of the examples then given really back that up do they? They were simple boots, boats etc... nothing requiring real ingenuity, just local craft-skills.

    It's propaganda and frankly, if that list is the best of their endeavours, it really proves my point: they accomplished very little as a civilization.

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