Diversity is White Genocide

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  • fulltimestudent

    Skin color is not a choice, our skin color is determined by our genes. In the dim distant past it is believed that all people may have had a 'colored' skin, then a mutation caused some people to lose much of their skin pigmentation and to have a blue or green iris. This causes a problem for these people as they become more prone to develop melanomas (like me for example) than people with more pigment in their skin. Otherwise, there is little difference between so called ethnic groups.

    However, culture* is also a factor in how we view each other. For example, when Europeans began to travel in some numbers they perceived the Chinese and other East Asians as being white-skinned. that was when Europeans where surprised to find such a sophisticated civilisation in East Asia. But as Europeans entered into the era of aggressive empire building and came to the conclusion that they were "special' because they were subjecting people, who had more of the pigment called melanin in their skin (thus a darker skin) to their domination.

    This induced in some European races a feeling of superiority. Think of Kipling's poem, The White Man's Burden. which (if you do not know) was Kipling's plea for the USA to continue its war on Filipino's who wanted to set up a independent republic. The USA did, of course, using similar 'burn and destroytactics that the US army had used against American Indians. Note the implicit racism in the words:

    "Your new-caught, sullen peoples, Half devil and half child, Take up the White Man’s burden, etc

    That world of the superiority of those with a skin with lesser pigmentation started to come to an end shortly after the USA's war of domination with the Philippines. Japan fought a short war with Imperial Russia and sank two of the Russian fleets, shocking many in Europe with its Eurocentric mindset

    "Culture has various meanings in English. I usually use the word as referring to those things that can vary because of our background or choice. From a biological perspective we all must eat, and we eat somewhat similar things but from a cultural perspective those food products may be prepared and cooked in different ways,

  • waton
    However, culture* is also a factor in how we view each other. fts

    There was amazing technical advance in ancient Egypt, China. but somehow nothing compares with the advancement that humankind has seen during the dominance of the pale race, including the jewish people of course.

    It could well be that these people, plagued with those near- albino mutation had to flee to the more temperate zones, but here you have it , you look at something great, and it was done by white mostly males.

    Of all those Brits, swedes, Dutch, Finns, that migrated to the Brazil, Canada, the US, multiculti, it was always great to think that back "home" there is this pool of homebodies, as it was meant to be. like Norway for the Norwegians, no more nor way soon.

  • Della Street
    Della Street

    Calling what is happening "genocide" is overstating the issue, and is not accurate. There is more intermarriage, more brown and black people are participating more freely in society in general and politics specifically.

    Light skinned people and whites have been killing off and oppressing brown and black people all over the world since the beginning of time, so the fact that those of us who are White NOW complain that it might be happening to us (even though it is not) seems a little ridiculous.

    At the same time, when you look at social dominance theory and social dominance orientation, it helps to explain the white male panic that is seems to be currently going around.

  • waton
    Light skinned people and whites have been killing off and oppressing brown and black people all over the world since the beginning of time, DS

    I think the pale race did not have a monopoly in extermination expeditions. perhaps when balancing the accounts, all people have benefited more from the white presence, than any other.

    Just take away all that was done by whity, the medical advances, the communication marvels, and see where you would be.

    There was a lot of altruism by the whites too.

  • fulano

    I agree with Waton. There is no excuse for what european countries have done in the past trying to dominate the world. On the other hand, we have contributed a lot to global development. A lot of African countries are still in a terrible state after decades of financial and practical help. And now some countries have fallen in Chinese hands, and history is repeating itself. Some could think this says more about the africans than anything else.

  • smiddy3

    I`m a bit lost ,I know I`m a bit thick at times, what do anti whites hate that we love ? After watching that u-tube .

  • zeb

    what a beautiful film.

    If these countries and Australia is one as well are in such need of new people why in hell arent they breeding their own. Take a look at what little Hungary is doing?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Otherwise, there is little difference between so called ethnic groups - there is a growing body of scientific literature that suggests otherwise.

    Black sprinters, specifically those of west African descent, dominate sprint events. Why?

    Because mean % of fast-twitch muscle fibers is higher in this ethnic group. Don't get me wrong, black sprinters are talented and train hard but they have a genetic advantage over other athletes. It doesn't matter how hard white sprinters train, they won't beat the black dudes. In fact, only one white sprinter has run sub-ten seconds over 100m. XD

    Jews are underrepresented in basketball ... because mean height for Jews is shorter than for other ethnic groups.

    This next point is very sensitive but is also reality: ethnic groups differ on mean IQ.

    Chinese and Jews are at the higher end, followed by whites, then Latinos, then Native Americans, then blacks.

    This IQ difference is mirrored in the achievement gap - Jews and Chinese in the US earn the highest mean wages, followed by whites, then Latinos, then Native Americans and blacks.

    Generally speaking, Europeans are overrepresented in terms of technological and scientific achievement. Jews are overrpresented among Nobel Prize winners.

    Again, the topic of IQ is very sensitive. IQ is a reliable predictor of career success so it shows the economic worth of people. But this must not be confused with our intrinsic worth as human beings - something that is in no way reliant on intelligence.

    Ethnic groups are separated by tens of thousands of years of evolution. Skin colour isn't the only difference.

  • fulano

    I never understand why these things are so delicate. We whites, we cant dance, unless it is the polka, or walz or other white stiff dances. But latin dances, like merengue, salsa, bachata ? Forget it, if you think you can (and have seen whites trying it in our assignment) you are wrong. Then certain instruments ...who plays the conga or bongo? But how many blacks play the violin? How many black chessmasters have we seen? For me it is not delicate at all, I find it more interesting.

  • WillYouDFme

    OMG - you do realize there is no such thing as RACE?

    We are all HUMANS with incredibly slight variations in meaningless traits like hair, eye, and skin color.

    So so sad:(

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