Diversity is White Genocide

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  • Diogenesister
    Bungi bill Having lived in PNG myself and known Jofn Cutforth, I tend to agree!

    Sounds like the sort of person I'd love to meet. What a desperate shame such a beautiful person wasted their personal gifts on teaching cult nonsense :((

    Id love to hear about some of your travels in PNG.

  • waton
    I will make one very concise point. Most of the world's problems* are caused almost exclusively by three things: fear, greed and tribalism. This thread concerns the latter, T12A.

    The fear of those living in established orderliness is, that through open borders the tribal conditions of the giving countries will overwhelm their pale peace.

    Rotherham turning into rapistan, Cologne (Koelln) and Neukoelln becoming little Lybias, Lebanons. and

    then spreading.

  • Nevuela

    "However, I agree that diversity is anti-white, anti-male and anti-heterosexual. Whenever trendy people say they want diversity, what they really mean is they want fewer straight, white men."

    What you're really saying is that nobody is allowed to ask for diversity without being accused of hating anyone who is white, male, or straight. In other words, when women and black people demanded a right to vote, they were being anti-white and anti-male. That's what you're saying. And if that's not what you're saying, then how about you stop cramming words into other people's mouths if you don't want it done to you?

    Nobody I know who wants diversity is anti anything. All they are asking for is fair representation. By the way, if you want truly fair representation, a middle-aged Asian man would represent a far larger demographic on this planet than a white man would, going by statistics. Sorry, but us Caucasians are the minority race. If you weren't racist, this wouldn't bother you.

  • Spoletta


    Government studies in the United States show that immigrants, both legal and illegal, commit fewer crimes than the native born. Shoots any "pale peace" theory out of the sky. Could it be that the majority of those that come here are looking for a decent, safe place to live, rather than to rape and plunder?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I have a son in University, and from what I see of his contemporaries, they're much more comfortable with diversity, (culture, race, LGBTQ concerns among others.) - there was diversity when I was at uni 4 years ago. I was comfortable with it.

    Here's a couple good questions:

    How much diversity do we want?

    Is it possible to have too much diversity, so that the negative aspects outweigh the positive?

    You and I are already hard-wired to feel what we feel, and I can no more understand your feelings than you can mine - well first, I understand where you are coming from. I used to feel the way you do.

    And second, my opinion is based on more than me being 'hard-wired' or 'feelz'... white-majority countries are the best countries in which to live. That is self-evident and an objective fact when we look at the countries that top the best quality of life list. There may be multiple reasons for white-majority countries being the best countries (none of which is 'white superiority', i.e. racial superiority).

    And I want to keep it that way, the white majority, for the UK.

    The simple fact is millions of brown and black people are emigrating to white-majority countries.

    You don't get millions and millions of white people desperately trying to reach black-majority or brown-majority countries.

    And so another question for you, an American citizen: which country would you want to emigrate to? Which country is better than the US?

    If the future is a brown one - where's the democratic mandate for this? Which Western country has had a referendum where the majority of its electorate want a brown future?

    Political parties which openly espouse this sentiment will be crushed come election time.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Government studies in the United States show that immigrants, both legal and illegal, commit fewer crimes than the native born - these studies ignore the fact that illegal immigrants are committing crimes when they enter the US. Illegal entry is a crime in and of itself.

    Or the studies are lumping legal and illegal immigrants together. This would be intellectually dishonest.

    Also, it's harder for the US authorities to catch illegal immigrants and connect them to any crimes they commit. They can just disappear, into the black market. Their names and ID are not on any database.

    Nice try, though. XD

  • LoveUniHateExams

    In other words, when women and black people demanded a right to vote, they were being anti-white and anti-male. That's what you're saying - nope, not at all.

    You couldn't be more wrong.

    I'm fine with women and black people voting. That's nothing to do with diversity. That's their right as citizens in a Western country.

    Brown and black people (and indeed other white people) trying to reach Western white-majority countries have no unalienable right to be in our countries.

    We, the electorate of Western countries, inform our politicians whom we want in our countries and how many, and then those same politicians carry out the will of the electorate.

    That's the traditional set up and that's how it's gonna be. Political parties will have to take the will of the electorate into consideration in order to be elected to office and to continue in office.

  • The 12 Apostates
    The 12 Apostates
    I'm fine with women and black people voting.

    Well thank god it has your blessing, otherwise I don't know where we'd be.

  • Incognigo Montoya
    Incognigo Montoya

    Let's get real, and simplify:

    Illegal entry into a country is... illegal. It is breaking the law. Committing a crime. The media, politicians, and all the do gooders in the world, are blurring lines, when they simply refer to them as "immigrants". Arguably many of these illegal immigrants are not career criminals, simply looking to better their lives. There are, though, a number of illegal immigrants who are criminals, looking for a more prosperous country from which to plunder, exploit, or terrorize the legal citizens. Who really wants those people here? How do we keep them out? By having a system that screens individuals wishing to enter this country and become a citizen. Wait, we already have that...

  • Incognigo Montoya
    Incognigo Montoya

    The 12 apostates, LUHE was addressing Nevuelas comment. Instead of immediately reacting to LUHE's statement in a negative and demeaning way, why not take it all in context and add your thoughts/constructive criticism on the topic?... or just not say anything at all.

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