Diversity is White Genocide

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  • The 12 Apostates
    The 12 Apostates

    I'm not sure what to make of this thread, or where to begin. This all seems very reactionary, and any legitimate concerns are presented in such a hysterical fashion that it's hard to even read them, let alone take them seriously.

    I will make one very concise point. Most of the world's problems* are caused almost exclusively by three things: fear, greed and tribalism. This thread concerns the latter, and the solution is for people of all types to somehow learn to come together and exist as one people. Fat chance of that happening though, let's be honest.

    * Specifically the problems that pertain to the politics of people, as opposed to environmental concerns like climate change, habitat loss, and mass extinction (all of which are far more important than any of this, by the way).

  • fulltimestudent

    Quote: "It’s interesting, yet not surprising that these beliefs were in the Kingdom Hall!!!"

    I agree, but with some reservations. I suggest again that the underlying influence was 'culture.' I can only give two examples, so it's dangerous to suggest they prove anything. But it is interesting to see the different attitudes of missionaries from two different countries,

    The first is Australian. Some Australian witnesses moved to Papua-New Guinea to serve. An Australian newspaper, writing on contemporary P-NG thought that the church group with Australian missionaries in P-NG, were the only missionaries that looked comfortable sitting on the ground, in a mud hut, with indigenous people who seldom washed and who smeared themselves with pig fat, which also stank. BUT, the one Australian who I knew personally, told me that he stayed in P-NG for less than a year, simply because he could not stand that over-powering stench, It is my belief that whatever success the witnesses had in P-NG was due to John Cutforth, a Canadian Gilead graduate who had one of the warmest personlities you could imagine, and who could thrive in the stench of pig-vat and human B.O. That story illustrates the role of culture. On Australian could not adjust his cultural settings, the other witness, John Cutforth, was a man who could adjust his cultural settings.

    The other story is Taiwain. Again, this story is from many years ago, The JW work in Taiwan was progressing slowly. I asked an Australian missionary working in Taiwan what may be the reason for that? His response was that most missionaries in Taiwan were Americans and kept trying (in his words) to turn the Chinese converts into 'little Americans.' In his opinion, they should have focused on beliefs and not attempted to change their culture.

  • fulltimestudent

    Quote: A poster asks. "Where is the freckled ginger kid in this 100m final? Perhaps we are just not socialising ginger kids to believe they can run fast."

    and illustrates the question with an image of African athletes at the winning post.


    The reason why, West Africans are so athletic appears to be genetic. Their genes (for whatever reason) make it possible for them to excel in running.

    Here;s the reason explained in a UK TImes discussion, (re-published in Rupert Murdoch's, The Australian.)

    Quote: "Research undertaken in 2003 found that variation in a particular gene called ACTN3 is associated with sprinting success (through its impact on fast-twitch muscle fibres), and that the "sprint" version of this gene is more common among Jamaicans than other populations.

    This led to headlines suggesting that Jamaican sprinting success is hereditary. A recent book by a leading French journalist has also made this claim.

    But the reality is more complex. Although 98 per cent of Jamaicans have the relevant gene, so, too, do 82 per cent of Europeans. In other words, both these populations have a huge majority of individuals with an ACTN3 gene conducive to sprinting success.

    Further research has found that Kenyans (who win distance events but have virtually no success in sprinting) have an even higher frequency of the relevant gene than Jamaicans.

    It turns out that most of the genetic diversity within mankind is contained within racial groups, rather than between them. At these Olympics, blacks, who have often been under-represented in swimming events, have started making it into the US team.

    It is possible, although not certain, that patterns of national dominance in swimming and athletics will change over time, as the popularity of different sports shift.

    What is certain is that the very notion of "black" athletic superiority is deeply misguided." The Times.

    Edited to add the reference link: https://www.theaustralian.com.au/sport/genetic-research-shows-athletic-skill-is-not-a-black-and-white-issue/news-story/794c66e0c667e7db8af44edc852531fa

  • Spoletta


    I'm sorry if I offended you. You didn't actually say that you consider whites superior, and I apologize for that. I'm a little prejudiced in that there is a long history in America of whites that want a society in which whites have all the control, and most (not all! ) of those are white supremacists., so I sometimes let that color my remarks.

    I suppose I'm a little puzzled, in that even the younger ones of us on this site will be gone before there is a noticeable change in our way of life. I have a son in University, and from what I see of his contemporaries, they're much more comfortable with diversity, (culture, race, LGBTQ concerns among others.) Why not let them decide what they want?

    If the future is a brown one, with a common culture that's a mix of all the best, people getting along, everyone housed, with plenty to eat and wear, and people able to pursue their desires, I can live with that. Certainly, the way things are isn't the way to go, and making all countries segregated by racial majorities will do nothing to ease tensions between nations.

    But, that's my opinion. You and I are already hard-wired to feel what we feel, and I can no more understand your feelings than you can mine.

    I'll leave it at that. Thanks for an interesting debate.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill


    Digressing slightly from the topic, but still:

    It is my belief that whatever success the witnesses had in P-NG was due to John Cutforth, a Canadian Gilead graduate who had one of the warmest personlities you could imagine, and who could thrive in the stench of pig-vat and human B.O

    Having lived in PNG myself and known Jofn Cutforth, I tend to agree!

  • cofty
    the very notion of "black" athletic superiority is deeply misguided.


    A 'gene for sprinting'. What utter nonsense. That article in the Times was obviously written by a journalist who normally writes the horoscope.

  • The 12 Apostates
  • Diogenesister
    Cofty gene for sprinting'. What utter nonsense. That article in the Times was obviously written by a journalist who normally writes the horoscope.

    Im absolutely baffled why you of all people think the study of this ACTN3 gene is "bollocks". The science is there, Cofty.

    Theres plenty of empiricsl evidence, too. Jamaicans are well known for their sprinting prowess. Interesting,too, that duropeans have a relatively high occurance of this gene becsuse you do quite often see european sprinters, yet rarely Indian or Asian.

    Anyway this is beside the point.

    Fulltimestudent I find the story of these deeply divided, class ridden societies in Taiwan snd China very, very depressing.

    In the UK, all the most lively snd popular places to visit snd live are often places with a historically high population of immigrants & LBGT communities such as Notting Hill and Brighton, SoHo, Hackney, Brixton etc. So sad to think of people being divided up on the basis of class, money and race.

  • The 12 Apostates
    The 12 Apostates

    I think he's suggesting that there's more to sprinting than a single gene. It'll be a number of factors, of which that gene is just one.

  • cofty

    Diog - The advantage that certain races have in sprinting is definitely genetic.

    The article identifies ONE single mutation of ONE single gene and then tries to disprove the genetic factor by showing it is also found in people not known for sprinting.

    Anybody who thinks that genetic effects can be reduced to one mutation of one gene ought to be put to work writing horoscopes and kept well away from science.

    The article is ideology masquerading as science.

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