Tony Morris video footage of him buying a dozen bottles of scotch

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  • MeanMrMustard
    MM if you buy that shit I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

    Your scathing logic has swayed me...

    How could I ever consider anything else after hearing such rock solid arguments?

  • lastmanstanding

    A soliloquy with Tony.

    After Tony sipped his snifter of scotch, he sat down to read over the monthly broadcast for the next day.

    He thought about how to read it, how he needed to convince 8 million people that they need to die refusing a blood therapy.

    Then he went on to practice the part about convincing the children to give up their ice cream money for him.

    He carefully pronounced every word of the part about “staying a long time with the wine” and laughed. He took another drink.

    Then he finished with the part about education being bad.

    The liquor store is still open he slurred ... I’ll sneak out for a dozen more bottles.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I think AM#3 is having problems with his unconscious that see through all the corporation's indoctrinating bull shit and it is causing him to use alcohol to easy some of the pain and deaden his brain to be able to regurgitate all the scripted bull shit before the world to see just what a fuck up he really is on JW Broadcasting. Compartmentalization, along with Black and White Thinking causes a lot of emotional pain and fills one with anxiety a little alcohol should be a natural refuge for people like AM#3 and his gay hating Irish wife. A cart full of expensive whiskey make total sense.

    AM#3 got so much stuff in his shadow, just look at the depth of his denial and it should instantly tell you he's in the pain denial so great and he's got corporation decisions to make that effect him profoundly not to mention millions of people he is letting down with all the bull shit he is spouting so his conscience is really bothering him. I hope he switched to some good cannabis but the paranoia it might bring to consciousness maybe a case of facing his demons.

  • 3rdgen

    LMS, hahaha

    Seriously though, we wouldn't be having a 31+ page discussion of AMIII's trip to the liquor store if he hadn't plastered HIMSELF all over the internet with his holier-than-thou broadcasts. Why? You ask?

    Because he would have not likely IF AT ALL been recognized. He wanted attention. Now he's got it! LOL

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    There once was a preacher man named Tony

    He made booze runs on Sundays ;

    Truthers didn't know he was a phoney;

    Guzzling his Scotch like always.


    Prophesied did he from those spirits:

    I need that ice cream money;

    It's a big church I need to steer it!

    What's that in your pocket sonny?


    Hard times came from the secret film;

    The sheeple started to discount him,

    Hark! I need a herald please;

    The party's over, turn in those keys.

  • jeffdavis

    MM, You can not argue with someone who has no point. You sir have no point. Why would anyone ever give quarter to such a douche nozzle as Tight pants Tony?

  • moomanchu

    Poked around about alcohol and this article came up, kinda funny.

    Tony is the name of the alcoholic in the article who didn't change his ways. LOL[search_id]=74605d69-bf16-4d82-93da-bd6d315e7a66&insight[search_result_index]=5

  • snakeface

    moomanchu, this is the one time that a Watchtower prophesy came true!

  • MeanMrMustard
    MM, You can not argue with someone who has no point. You sir have no point.

    Sure I did. What did he do wrong, exactly? Are members of the governing body allowed to drink or not?

    Why would anyone ever give quarter to such a douche nozzle as Tight pants Tony?

    Yeah, I agree. I grant you that he may be a “douche nozzle” with a tight pants fetish. But it may be you that is “giving him quarter”. If you, or any of us, are going to go after the GB, or a singular member thereof, it should be for something that actually makes sense. Child molestation issues within the organization - definitely. Witnesses dying needlessly from refusing blood transfusions - yes. Horrible shunning practices - absolutely. And many more issues! These are all things that are antithetical to basic morality, and to the Bible. So I’m with you on those. But there is no basis within the religion, or even the broader Christian tradition, to even suggest buying 12 bottles of scotch is a sin. So it’s a non issue. I guess it could be if he is drinking it all in a short period of time - as if this is his weekly supply. Yeah, then he is a drunkard and then you would have a point. But do you really think he is doing that?

    If an active witness were to lurk on this thread, they would think it is a non issue and that you are being a little bit of a nut bag.

    UNLESS!! Unless things have changed in the organization and alcohol is no longer allowed, or tight-pants-like edicts have been issued about buying lots of liquor at once. Or something that would make it matter. If not then... well.... meh.

  • 3rdgen

    I'm not sure how strict the borg is these days about "drunkenness" but in the late 1980's I was in a cong where not one but two sweet, harmless sisters in their 70s were DFed for just that. I know the "inside story" because one of them was my Aunt, the other was a distant cousin, and the PO was my Uncle.

    Both sisters were born in, lifelong active and faithful in every way. Both suffered horrible trauma from physical and emotional tragedies and found some solace from alcohol late in life. Both were seen ONCE at a restaurant somewhat tipsy. They were told on and counseled by the elders. Surprise surprise they relapsed.

    Mind you, AA was highly discouraged and no help was offered or given to these poor souls. Although they both attended the meetings, sat in the back and suffered for years they were never reinstated. (reoffending) They died with the indignity of being DFed.

    AMIII and the Borg he represents has done nothing to help people with addiction problems. Their MO is to ignore or worse yet, punish people in need of help.

    So if AMIII actually does have a drinking problem I simply hope he is dealt with the same as my dear Aunt.

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