Tony Morris video footage of him buying a dozen bottles of scotch

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  • dubstepped

    I love how now it has gone to questioning even those who don't see the outrage. @lastmanstanding - I'm pretty sure that Simon and I have done more activism than you. You can question how long we've been out or whatever. I see people of all lengths of time reacting in different ways so I'm not sure how it's relevant.

    I think one reason I don't feel the same is that I've been able to get beyond a lot of what I first felt. I don't need to make fun of this particular event to get something out of my system. If you need to rant or joke, go ahead. I'm not sure why those that don't quite get it are so threatening.

    I find some of the jokes funny now as I've gotten more context for how others feel. I still think it's petty on levels, just as TPT is petty. I guess I don't want to be like that, at least in this instance, but I get others finding an outlet in it. I have no problem taking him to task for his pettiness either and included a video of his in my recent university presentation, him specifically as he's so awful. As some messaging here has become more specific, I get it. I see a million leaps in the messaging but why not if it matters to you. It didn't to me, I get it more now, but still it's a meh at best to me.

    We don't all have to agree and it doesn't make either of us wrong, just different.

  • Hecce

    Not supporting this gentleman or his actions, but there seems to be a contradiction in his way of living; dressed as any other old timer on a weekend, buying liquor (maybe taking advantage of a special sale); and the most telling item is the car that he is driving, according to some of the comments it looks like an almost 20 year old auto (here in USA people change cars at about 5-7 years).

    Maybe he is just a regular guy and his professional image is just “food for the Bubbas”.

    After pointing all this, he deserves all the scorn and criticism that he is getting for what he has done to others.

  • steve2

    If he was ever kicked out, he might find himself literally in no man's land. Ex-JWs would be interested in his story, sure. However, unlike Ray Franz, Morris is not a warm and likable man and his expressed disgust over what people wear is extremely off-putting. He has positioned himself as looking forward to ruling over the earth with Christ and executing "the wicked" (which is JW parlance is every one of earth who is not actively warning people about Armageddon. He would need to abandon his high and mighty persona before anyone could trust him.

  • lastmanstanding


    How would you know? Seriously..

    "I'm pretty sure.." That sounds like '...there must be a reason for the UN connection. Sure, it probably was a library card.' A little self-serving don't you think?

    I am sure that I have been in the bOrg longer than you, especially since I am still counting... And I was a born in during the baby boom. My reasons my own.

    I am glad if you have done much. I appreciate that. Don't stop.

    That said, to wave your finger at me, tisk tisk, and suggest something for which you have no evidence is saddening.

    Those who defend Tony the lush, when all things considered, have no merit in my humble opinion.

    If you want to defend him, then enjoy.

    And if I chose to point out the inconsistencies ... an ad hominem?

    I merely wished to encourage that this opportunity not slip past.

  • Incognito

    While I personally have no interest in what he does, TM3 is a prominent leader of a religious organization which places obligations on members to always worry about how their actions will reflect on Jehovah's name (in reality, the org's name) and to not do anything which may reflect negatively or stumble others. 'Others' include not only other JWs but also, people of 'the world' which includes exJWs.

    The interest in this topic on this forum alone seems to indicate many members here are astounded if not stumbled by the quantity and expense of alcohol purchased.

    Would it be a positive witness if people of the world saw a JW minister and leader of the WT organization buying that quantity of alcohol? How would the average taxpayer consider anyone that has taken a vow of poverty, spending a substantial sum on alcohol?

    This same religion with little more than hearsay, will often cause an investigation or form a JC to pursue punishment of members that are accused of sins, regardless of circumstances. A JC may be formed for sexual impropriety with the only evidence presented is a married member being seen eating alone with someone of the opposite sex that is not their spouse or, a member's vehicle being observed parked overnight nearby to the residence of another member of the opposite sex.

    JWs are instructed to lead a simple life and to be generous to the organization. Even JW children are 'encouraged' to donate what little they have.

    JWs are not to think too much of themselves but are to always live their life to God's glory and benefit.

    As a leader that establishes rules for the entire organization worldwide and requires the enforcement of those rules, it is not surprising he and all other GB members will be closely observed and criticised by exJWs, for behaviour and actions which would not be considered appropriate for other members.

  • dubstepped

    @lastmanstanding - You were the one that waved your finger at those not seeing it your way. I responded and now you're offended and it's funny. You seem to be able to see it one way and label anyone not seeing it your way.

    I'm sure I have no merit because a simple questioning of the reactions in trying to understand would put me in that category with you. But yeah, I'm blazing the ad hominems.

    You seemed to read into my post like a video of an asshole doing a thing you don't know the back story to. If you want to attack him I have no problem and said as much. If you want to bring it to me I'm going to have to ask you to do better than changing what I said. I mentioned the activism not to wave my finger at you but to point out that your characterization of those with opinions different to yours wasn't true. You were the one painting people in your preconceived boxes. If you want to invent a backstory with TPT by all means. I'll ask you not to do so with me or anyone else questioning the topic du jour.

    Congrats on being in the cult longer than me, something I never questioned, I guess?

    I think, or thought, maybe we were all on the same team. Just don't dare question the majority response, a response I admitted to understanding more.

  • Jehalapeno
    Those who defend Tony the lush, when all things considered, have no merit in my humble opinion.
    In the same breath, this guy calls himself humble then says people he disagrees with have no merit. LOL
    Tight Pants Tony, is that you?
  • hybridous

    They may talk to him into not buying so much booze at one time and suggest just buying only one bottle, instead of a dozen.

    Well then, that might entail several trips per week for the poor man, just to keep his cups filled...

  • princecharmant
    I hardly comment. Simon's take and other posters leaning that way is about the most balanced in this tragi-comedy. Most other posters have an axe to grind in whatever fashion they fancy. Perhaps it's catharsis, I don't know. But it feels sad.
  • Finkelstein

    Why is it so hard to rationalize the fact of an apparent contraction of high moral justification from one who is supposed to be the leader of the most righteous Christian based religion (Anointed , FDSL) in the world, according to their own proclamation.

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