Tony Morris video footage of him buying a dozen bottles of scotch

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  • 2+2=5

    The WTS smears people's reputations when they leave. It's what they do. Trying to do the same makes us just like them.

    And when I say "us", I mean, not me.

    If the WTS had a rule against buying liquor, then this would be a story. As it is, it's just insinuation and makes little sense.

    Is the insinuation that someone has a drink problem? It's possible, but expensive liquor? I doubt it.

    It's far more likely that it's gifts or some corporate event.

    If we shout that the sky is falling every time it isn't, people will stop listening. And if we invent things then people who are researching will see it and lose trust.

    There is plenty to criticize the WTS for without inventing things and pushing what is simply click-bait tabloid-style crap.

    I know what your saying, but this is an ex-Jw forum, and stuff like this is far less boring than the usual.

    Don’t be surprised if this shit goes for weeks or months, perhaps hundreds of pages. The people are hungry, let them enjoy their meat.

  • dozy

    I did some IT work in the London Bethel for a couple of months in the 90's. Like many JWs I had a somewhat naive view of Bethel as "God's house" and as something of a bastion of spirituality but left with a completely different attitude. As others have also noted , I was amazed at the heavy drinking alcohol culture - most of the permanent residents seemed to have a "stash" of spirits in their rooms , usually in a locked cupboard so it didn't draw the attention of the cleaners.

    One night I was driving back to the Bethel after a KH meeting with a couple of Bethelites and they wanted to stop off at an off license to pick up a few bottles of cheap vodka ( they didn't have the GB finances to go for expensive single malts! ) and this simply seemed to be their regular practice , almost on a weekly basis. Like Tony , I assumed that they were careful not to choose booze shops or supermarkets closer to the Bethel where they might be noticed by other JWs or where it might give a "bad witness" to worldly people.

    It just seems to be they way many people cope with a very artificial institutionalised culture where most of the jobs ( eg printing , laundry , factory based ) are extremely tedious with long hours. I guess Tony is just another example of that toxic culture , and on this occasion , he has just got caught out.

  • 2+2=5
    Anybody drinking that amount would be an alcoholic and would be doing serious harm to his health.

    You’re right.

    I’m not sure on the percentage of that scotch?.. I’ve known plenty that drink that much or the equivalent of beer or wine daily, 37-40% alcohol liquor. I’ve got some alcoholics in my family, and I’ve worked in construction for 20 years, drinking is like a sport for the low paid blue collar sector.

    Alcohol is also insidious, like any drug. A heroine addict can consume vastly and consistently more than a normal person, I’m sure you understand all this, but for seasoned drinker the first glass of scotch doesn’t touch the sides, you consistently need more to get the buzz.

  • Dmitry
    you consistently need more to get the buzz.

    Morris, apparently knows their monthly needs)

  • waton
    He was in a liquor store in New Jersey? Isn't that about 200 miles from his residence in Warwick?

    TFG, no, Warwick is right on the border between NY and NJ, and NJ is the cheap, commercial underbelly of classy New York.

    Any cross-border unlawful activity, even intent, is a federal matter. and

    This is not unlawful, it is awful. particularly springing the story in the spring, April 1.and

    2019, the centennial year that the GB, or Faithful and Discreet Slave, of which the alleged bottle - packing brother constitutes 1/8 or 1/9. (on Wednesdays)

  • sir82

    The more I think about this the odder it seems.

    Morris was in a liquor store, by himself, on a Sunday at 11 AM. The store is probably an hour or more from his "home" in Warwick. He wouldn't have been returning from some sort of "theocratic event" (talk, assembly, etc.) without his wife, so he must have purposely left home at 10 AM or earlier for the express (or at least primary) purpose of driving out to buy booze. Then he'd have to drive the hour or more back home.

    That's a 2 hour round trip, minimum. Maybe longer if he stopped at some other store - but then again, what would he need to buy that Bethel does not supply? Alcohol is just about the only thing you might need that they don't give you. Clothes, maybe, but again, he wouldn't go out shopping for clothes (or much of anything else) on a Sunday morning without his wife.

    So it seems he went out very likely for the sole reason of buying scotch. Since it is such a long trip, he made it worth his while and bought 12 bottles.

    OK, so were they for his personal use, or to use as gifts?

    It would be supremely weird for just about any non-Bethelite JW to accept a gift of a $70 bottle of scotch from a GB member. Try to imagine even a "prominent" JW accepting an expensive gift from a CO - then multiply that by 1000 to get the idea of receiving something like that from a GBer. It just doesn't square.

    Gifts for fellow Bethelites? It would still be weird for anyone below the rank of "GB helper" to get any sort of gift of any value from a GB member.

    Maybe - maybe - he would buy gifts for members of his GB committee, or other GB members or helpers, or something like that - but it still seems weird.

    To me, it seems far more likely that the bottles were for his personal consumption, or at least his personal stash to share with guests.

    So, in my mind (1) he made a purposeful long round trip just to buy scotch and (2) it's primarily for his own use.

    As others have noted, there is nothing "wrong" with any of that - but it sure does seem awfully weird. It just raises all sorts of interesting questions.

    Not the least of which is, how long before he makes another long Sunday drive for another 12 bottles? If I lived in the area, it would be interesting to "stake out" that store on Sunday mornings for the next few months to see when he returns.

  • Biahi

    The GB should now be aware that exjws i.e. “apostates” are everywhere, EVERYWHERE.

    You are not safe outside. Get into the bunker, NOW.

  • ohnightdivine

    Where's the link, please?

    Edit: I found it online already..

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    In many ways it's same old, same old when it comes to higer ups drinking. When I was a kid we always had D.O's and C.O's stay at my parents house and you should have seen all the booze they drank. The last congregation I left from there was a real problem with a X-C.O. and his wife with drinking. When beer thrity came around every afternoon they had a drink in there hand. Drinking until they could not hold their glass. It's all the Cult gives them so what do you expect. It's not that I am excusing them but a couple of belts everyday keeps them going. Lol. Still Totally ADD

  • stillin

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