Tony Morris video footage of him buying a dozen bottles of scotch

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  • BourneIdentity

    For those that don’t see anything wrong with what Tony did, I’m going to assume they must have been out of the religion for a long time and not heard Tony’s talks for the past 5+ years.

    You guys are all completely right, there is nothing wrong with buying a dozen bottles of booze. It could have all been for one party, which he only was going to have one glass of. Maybe it’s his stash for an entire year. Others are bringing out he could have been skipping a meeting or service. Others saying he was trying to conceal himself with the hat. I think everyone is getting distracted by all these other things and not focusing on what was really wrong with what he did. In my mind, this is all about the money. This wasn't just a dozen bottles of booze for $20 per bottle like most normal people would buy, try 4-5x that cost per bottle.

    This man has a platform to deliver talks to the entire World through JW Broadcasting. What does he do with that platform?

    • He chastises parents who would even think for a moment of allowing their child to attend college to obtain a more secure financial future for themselves.
    • He chastises members who take a better paying job if it means missing a meeting or field service here and there.
    • He chastises members who lean towards a materialistic lifestyle of enjoying some finer things in life
    • He encourages children to give up their ice cream money to send to the Organization.
    • He chastises members for having nice homes, cars or boats when they should simplify their lives and put the Kingdom first.
    • He chastises members if they put themselves in a situation that doesn’t look good from a worldly persons perspective and not becoming of a True Christian.

    If you think I’m going overboard on using the word chastising, I’m not. Just watch him. He looks pissed off and uses words like disgusting when talking of these things.

    This is an Organization where it’s been said more money is flowing out, than coming in. They say more and more Kingdom Halls have to be built while there not being enough funds to do it all with. Just a recent broadcast said there have been more natural disasters than ever before and the Organizations projected costs to provide disaster relief was going to skyrocket. That is a hint for members to send them more money without blatantly asking for more. They’ve encouraged members to skip out on all the needless vacations to give to Jehovah. They’ve printed how members can hand over stocks and bonds, 401Ks, homes, savings, land, literally any asset they own that has value to put Kingdom interests first either now or willed over at their death.

    If this money was used from donated funds, that is an absolute tragedy. If it’s from Tony’s own account, it’s a shame he isn’t giving it to the Organization when he’s encouraging millions to sacrifice nicer things in life.

    This also begs the question, if this was a rare case of taping him doing this, how many other times has he done it, or other things where spending extravagant amounts of money on things that aren’t needed has been done?

    To conclude, this is my opinion only and if many disagree, I can respect that. There was nothing “wrong” with what Tony did. But what he did has now took away his free speech of any talks revolving around money and sacrificing it for the Kingdom. He can keep condemning ones wearing clothes he doesn’t approve of and I’ll laugh about it, but the minute money comes up, I will stop laughing and yell Hypocrite!

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    I think BourneIdentity summarized the issue well. Honestly, while this reinforces in our minds what hypocrites the WT leadership are, this will not make one bit of difference to the rank and file. I've been chuckling at the memes I've seen but at the end of the day, the average JW will chalk this up to Tightpants Tony being a regular dude who was stocking up on his favorite scotch that was on sale.

    The optics do look bad and he just got unlucky. Of all the things he's responsible for, this is the least of his "sins".

  • nowwhat?

    Totally concur if it was any other gb member all it would do is raise some eyebrows

  • Simon

    Isn't the fact that it's 8 bottles of the exact same thing a clue that it's not in fact for him?

    I can only go off my own purchasing habits - we don't buy a lot of liquor but if we're buying things for ourselves and stocking up, we don't buy 8 bottles of the exact same thing. We buy a variety, because we want options.

    Most people I know have bottles of different things in their liquor cabinet, not a line of the exact same thing.

    So straight away, the simplest, most obvious, Occams razor explanation is that it's not for personal use. But if you were buying corporate type gifts, it makes sense that you'd give each person the same thing.

    The video is evidence of nothing other than that he bought 8 bottles of the same thing. If we want to try and extrapolate things from that, we can, but it's not proof of anything other than possibly our own biases and attitude.

  • newsheep

    BourneIdentity you said it perfectly as to how most of us feel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for this summary that TONY IS A HYPOCRITE!!!!! The fact that even if it's a gift or his own private stock, why isn't the nut job donating this to the world wide work???

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Executive leadership of corporations other than tiny family run businesses do not purchase corporate gifts on their own. They have assistants who perform that sort of work. That explanation doesn't make any sense. I'm only middle management and I have an admin that would do that. There's no way a GB member is purchasing corporate gifts on behalf of the WT.

    We don't know what Tony was really doing. Everything I'm reading here is pure speculation.

  • Incognigo Montoya
    Incognigo Montoya

    ...simon, are you speculating? 😮😀😆

    There is any number of plausible explanations for his purchase. But, it all really boils down to 2 things;

    1. How it looks

    2. How the money is spent

    If it can be perceived as bad, it can bring reproach on Gods name and a Christian would want to refrain from participating in anything of the sort. This is the council often found in publication, as well as drilled into every witness, from the platform.

    When witness children are being shaken down for their ice cream money, do not even the GB have a responsibility to lead by example, regardless if it's their personal pocket money, or donated funds?

    And that is why it's hypocrisy

  • atomant

    Cedars has a follow up video rationally discussing with others their thoughts on this matter for those interested.

  • dozy

    I'm wondering what will be the Society's response.

    I've always found it interesting that there is very little turnover in the GB. Essentially , it is a job for life. It is very rare for someone to quit or be removed ( Ray Franz & Leo Greenlees are obvious exceptions , for different reasons. ) Compare & contrast with a typical 8 man body of elders - inevitably over a period of time , some will resign or be deleted.

    It is really important for the Society , especially now when the GB have taken for themselves the role of the "faithful & discreet slave" and are so prominent , via JW broadcasting etc , to be role models and "whiter than white". Most JWs are indoctrinated enough to cut the GB a degree of slack but incidents like this certainly would make some JWs , especially if they already have some doubts , wonder what is going on. A comparison could be made to the breaking of the UN library story which was the final straw for many JWs , but which was pretty much hushed up by the Borg.

    I'm guessing that the Society will adopt its usual strategy of just saying nothing & hope it all goes away and rely on loyal rank & file JWs either not being aware of the incident or put it down to "apostate lies" but I would expect Tony's profile to be reduced , at least in the short term - maybe not hosting JW broadcasting for a few months , for example.

  • Incognigo Montoya
    Incognigo Montoya

    According to Mark O'donnell, there was an email sent, which was recieved and responded to, by a GB helper. You can hear its summary on the latest watchtower in focus. He gets into it around the 14:50 mark.

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