Tony Morris video footage of him buying a dozen bottles of scotch

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  • tiki

    Talk about opening a can of worms! This whole thing has made for some real fun reading. I personally don't give a hoot who buys what in the booze store...Mr Morris included. And I further do not give a hoot who is going to slurp down the golden potable. But I do agree that the ravings of this particular charlatan lose credibility against this little glimpse into his real life.

  • BourneIdentity

    As they say, perception is reality. Doesn’t matter what the facts are, the point is how does this appear to others. As someone noted, he went to great lengths to minimize any from being stumbled, but this one outing came back to bite him.

    I find it so odd that JWs preach and teach we want to respect life and what Jehovah God has given us, yet they feel it’s acceptable to disrespect their bodies eating whatever they want becoming obese, as well as pickling their liver with all the booze they drink.

    They seem to think they will get new bodies in the new system. Sorry, but if you live on into the new system, your stuck with the same body unfortunately. Better off dying to get that new bod!

  • BourneIdentity

    I should rephrase that. In Tony’s case, he feels he will become a mighty angel serving alongside Jesus, so probably is fine with using and abusing his body before he turns it in for heavenly life.

  • lastmanstanding

    There's a lot of discussion here, but myself, I feel action is most important. I conclude with a thought about that.

    As far as talk goes, some have suggested that Tony was buying gifts. Hard for me to read that with a straight face.

    Others have suggested that he is no different from any of us and 'buying booze' is a nothing event. When I read that, I ask myself, how long has the person who wrote that idea been away from the bOrg. How disconnected that thought is from reality.

    People are dead. Others soon to be, because they will turn down a life-saving medical treatment as a result of listening to this "regular guy" Tony.

    Regular guy Tony who monthly works to convince 8,000,000+ to do his bidding.

    Regular guy Tony who guilts defenceless, trusting children to donate their ice-cream pennies because Jah sees them.

    Regular guy Tony who boasts his own super-righteousness in your face and would readily condemn you for doing the exact same thing as he was caught doing.

    Is Tony a regular guy, just out shopping?

    Could Donald Trump just wander in to a hispanic area one Sunday morning and hire some immigrants for whatever?

    Could any living president just slip out for booze?

    The governing b's claim to be more than every president, every movie star, every Nobel laureate and every notable contributor to humanity COMBINED. They claim they will sit at the right hand of God Almighty, rewarded for their unparalleled righteousness and put in charge of all the universe.

    The governing b's demand control over every aspect of everyone on earth and dictate their whims with threat of the destruction of you and your family's life.

    But he's a "regular guy"...

    If everyone calls Warwick and asks "where was Tony last Sunday morning", then the buzz will haunt Warwick. There will be no way to keep that quiet. Whispers will turn to open conversations.

    Hello Warwick desk, where was Tony last Sunday?

  • JRK

    Trippy, and his wife likes Jamison's! Tony the Turd has good taste. Let the kids give up their ice cream money for his scotch.


  • Drearyweather

    Everybody is bashing Anthony Morris now.


    If Anthony Morris is asked to leave Bethel tomorrow and he becomes an apostate, then the same crowd here will be sympathizing with him and bashing the WT for kicking a 65 year old man with his wife out of bethel for a small thing like purchasing Whiskey.

  • lastmanstanding

    Dreary, it's called forgiveness.

    But let him tell the truth first.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    For his level of hypocrisy, hate, arrogance and murderous harm caused to hundreds of thousands...I'm inclined to put Tony Morris in the same class with the Devil & Hitler.

    Some here may want to love bomb him should he come-around...that's their business!

    Don't forget many of Toxic Tony's hardnosed rulings and actions have directly or indirectly caused many an individual to lose their life ...worse yet, take their life.

    I know...the above are harsh words...but don't forget...currently Tony Morris is one of eight most Toxic men on this planet!

  • BourneIdentity

    Dreary, we already know the Organization is cutthroat and will kick anyone to the curb at anytime and not care for how their needs are going to be met, think of the hundreds laid off from Bethel in the past couple of years.

    If they did it to Tony and his wife, it’s just another example or case to add to their list. Business as usual for them, I’d have nothing new to bash them about.

    I would only sympathize and be on Tony’s side if he humbled himself and stopped being so critical and judgmental of everyone else.

    You’re right though JW GoneBad. It would be hard for any apostate to take him in and be supportive when he’s had a hand in ruining so many lives, also ending many lives.

  • Finkelstein

    Lets not forget that the GB these days are powerful glorified individuals of the JWs, who are out to protect each other.

    They may talk to him into not buying so much booze at one time and suggest just buying only one bottle, instead of a dozen.

    ......lest he stumble someone.

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