Tony Morris video footage of him buying a dozen bottles of scotch

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  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad
    Ralphthegreat: These WT trolls are priceless.

    Good point...we all agree! But just so these trolls don't let the word 'priceless' go to their mean amusing, hilarious, absurd, nutty and that vein...right Ralphthegreat?

  • lastmanstanding

    Mean mustard

    The first word says it all.


    And you get joy from that.

    Your posts are all the same nonsense.

    I won’t waste my time responding to it.


  • MeanMrMustard


    Mean mustard The first word says it all. Mean.

    Ummm... A few pages ago you said I was using the arguments of Nazis.

  • Ralphusthegreat

    On a positive note, it is great to have a place to have free and open opinions. Something you cannot have in the WT corporation. An ideaology that seeks to silence open discussion and shun those who disagree is one to watch out for. And the WT apologists come HERE to dispute with wicked mentally diseased opposers, which is everyone that disagrees with them. It is nice to be here and read everyone's comments. Also very very easy to spot the trolls.

  • Drearyweather
    Good point...we all agree! But just so these trolls - JWGoneBad

    'We' - the faithful ex-jw brotherhood

    'These' - the worldly and the spiritually weak

    Doesn't it look like the Digital Kingdom Hall of Ex-Jw's? A place where people giving a dissenting opinion or a criticism of popular opinion is branded as a JW Troll and apologist.

  • 2+2=5

    Drearyweather, you’ve been marked. Keep this brazen conduct up and you’ll be removed.

  • Listener

    This is a transcript of the email that Mark from Watchtower in Focus received. He says a letter was written to a Governing Body Helper that works closely with Morris explaining concerns over this incidence. The reply from the helper stated -

    Dear ..

    While I appreciate the concern of the Brother "who witnessed this" I also have some concerns about the assumptions made.

    Please keep in mind that there are a number of circumstances that others may not be aware of. For example, using the purchase in connection with visitors, graduates from Gillead or the Branch Committee School, also over what period of time will this be used?

    As far as dedicated funds, some of our Brothers had businesses prior to coming to Bethel. I will not get too personal on Brother Morris' circumstances in that regard.
    It does point out that our dear Brothers are a "theatrical spectacle" so please assume the best of our dear Brother. Thank you

    The response explains that there are a number of assumptions made and he has concerns about this. He then proceeds to make a number of his own assumptions but expresses no concerns whatsoever with these. In fact, there are a number of concerns if we were to examine them..

    He then explains the obvious - that there are a number of reasons why behind Morris' actions but doesn't even attempt to give anything factual when it is within his ability to do so and further to that, he has been asked to do so. I guess that if a Brother does have concerns about this then they are not only entitled to ask Morris directly but Biblical direction would make him required to address it.

    One of his suggestions is that they have been bought as gifts for other Brothers/Sisters. I wonder if anyone has gone out and bought something like expensive bottles of perfume for the Sisters. I can't imagine many of them being interested in Scotch Whiskey. But this is a boys club to begin with and only further cements it as such.

    Another problem is why are they giving such gifts to other Brothers? When I mentioned this video to my husband (never a JW) the first thing he said was it could be a type of bribery. How much more are these JWs going to feel indebted to the GB with expensive gifts being showered on them? How many should be stumbled because of this? How many Bethelites or other JWs would be offended when they hear of this?

    The GB Helper then chooses to completely ignore the issue of whether dedicated funds have been used or not. There are no reassurances here even though it would be easy enough for him to find out or advise. He obviously shows no concern for the Brother who has written the letter in the first place, even though he claims that he does.

    The odd thing is that the GB Helper refers to Morris as being a 'theatrical spectacle'. He's a spectacle for sure but a 'theatrical' one? That surely means that what he does is an act. The man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz comes to mind. Regardless, how did the GB get to a position where they are 'spectacles'?

    Then without any explanations of the actions of Morris he turns this all around and asks that the letter writer ASSUME the best of Morris.

    One thing does stand out - he does not deny this happened. His letter suggests that it did.
  • sir82

    Who buys very expensive whiskey or scotch as a gift for a large group of people anyways?

    Didn't think of it until now, but this pokes another hole in the "these might be gifts" rationale.

    Single malts vary greatly. Those who enjoy them almost inevitably gravitate toward one or two favorites.

    I recall one of my first forays into an Islay - my first thought, upon opening the bottle, was "Good Lord - what is that smell, and why on earth would I put something like that in my mouth?"

    But then in time, I discovered what I liked & what I didn't like.

    Which single malt you gravitate toward is, I think, a highly personalized decision - not everyone likes it, and even for those who do, they probably dislike the majority of them out there.

    Would you buy a "corporate gift" of 6 or 12 bottles of the exact same cologne/perfume to give to a bunch of women? Would you buy 12 identical prints of artwork to give as gifts? It's about on the same par to buy 6 or 12 identical bottles of single malt & *hope* the recipient likes it.

    Methinks, instead, Tony has a couple of favorites and was stocking up while they were on sale.

    And again, for the 20,000th time - nothing "wrong" with that.

    But - in WT-world - appearances are everything.

    What does it look like for, not just a "prominent" JW, but arguably the most prominent JW of them all, to spend a Sunday morning spending $100s on a case of scotch instead of either being at his meeting, or (if his meeting is in the afternoon) sharing in the "crucial, life-saving work" of passing out Memorial invitations? What does it look like to pass up an opportunity to give an "informal witness" when a stranger strikes up a conversation with you? To not have a tract or a JW.borg "contact card" to hand out?

    Bad, bad optics, if you get caught - and Tony got caught.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Me thinks WT needs to reconsider whether to continue celebrating the memorial of Jesus' death...its turning some if not most annointed ones into alcoholics...shucks look what toxic Tony Morris has become! Tony went from soft (wine) to hardcore 86 proof!🤣

  • asp59

    Strange GB helper NOT said directly what happend. He must know what happend. But he presented idées what could be going on. But if he knows what happend and dont go out and tell directly IF it is a wrong doing or not. That must mean there is something wrong that GB member got involve with.

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