Tony Morris video footage of him buying a dozen bottles of scotch

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  • Diogenesister

    I think what is more interesting is that to spend $800 on Scotch he must be accepting his military pension. Someone mentioned you are not entitled to one unless you serve 20 in the USA, but remember he saw active service and in the UK, at least, a war pension is a ruddy good dollop of cash. I guess theyll just say "take caeser's money if you are entitled" but this is from the MOD and hes gods spokeman.

    I couldnt give a fig about the scotch, jws drink, after all, but i do think (ok im assuming) its interesting he probably lives off a military pension.

  • Diogenesister

    this is my favourite tipple

  • asp59

    You know what. This video is odd.

    1 he could bought it online. But he probably dont want Betel to know and have it delivered to the building.

    2 He could have ask someone in Betel to help him carry things to his car in the rain. But he probably dont want anyone in Betel to know abouth what he bought.

  • UnshackleTheChains
    UnshackleTheChains the tables have turned. I'm imagining Tony sitting there in his armchair flicking through this thread drinking his scotch.

    Yep sir Morris, now you know what judgementalism, intrusion, scrutiny, invasion of privacy and of course feelings if guilt actually feel like.

    That is the culture of the watchtower organisation. Rank and file members experience this on a daily basis.

    Personally, I have no problem with bro Morris buying a trolley full of whiskey, I love whiskey myself. However, it's the fact that one of the most hard-line leaders of this high control organisation is seen buying so much liquor is what raises eye brows.

  • atomant

    Drinking scotch gave me a stroke 15 years ago and l haven't touched alcohol since that day.

  • baldeagle

    LongHairGal said… “I feel that IF the JW religion were not excessively intrusive and high controlling about the lives of their followers - and IF they did not have crazy policies against higher education - and IF they did not insist their followers pursue poverty and give money to the religion ad nauseam (even children’s ice cream money) and not enjoy life and spend every spare moment they are awake preaching, etc... then MAYBE it is nobody’s damn business if this high profile man spends a fortune in a liquor store. But, that’s not the case.”

    Many posters on this video and subject have made similar observations and comments. The reason for the backlash and vitriol reaction towards Tony Morris is a simple as LongHairGal stated. This religion micromanages to the extreme, and hasn’t made one predication or speculation that has ever come true thus far. While GB Morris indeed DID NOT do anything unscriptural and buying alcohol is up to each individual, his high ranking status as a demigod to 8 million followers places him in a position that will be readily scrutinized and evaluated by observers.

    He himself saw the need to not stumble others or create gossip so he travelled out of state on a Sunday morning. I would guess this was NOT his FIRST booze run and he had been successful on numerous occasions before. This time though things would turn out differently. Again I say that he did nothing wrong and in my opinion he used his own money even if it was obtained through “green handshakes.” However, this religion is relentless on not giving even the mere “appearance” of aberrant or uncharacteristic behavior. It tells members that while what you WANT to do might be proper & allowed, if “our actions” could possibly stumble or weaken another’s faith, maybe, we should think of our fellow brothers & sisters first.

    The hostile response is happening because Tony Morris is a condescending, arrogant, pompous, demeaning individual. He spews venom in his talks and is one of the LEAST Christlike men, I’ve ever listened to or observed. He’s the first to criticize and obviously has personal pet peeves about clothing, higher education etc. His obnoxious unappealing personality is the basis for all the comments here. As they say, “What goes around comes around.”

  • nowwhat?

    Great cart witnessing tony! Shopping cart that is

  • sir82

    I understand & appreciate the comments about speculation, objectivity, we don't "know" why he bought the liquor, etc.

    But I believe this forum is not a bastion of objectivity where all contributions must be vetted for 100% reliability.

    I post here as a way to blow off steam, to point out absurdities, to highlight the hypocrisy of JW management, to poke fun at nitwits and blowhards. I post here for fun.

    Obviously no one outside of TM's inner circle knows why he bought 12 bottles, or for whom. Heck, maybe nobody knows but ol' TM himself.

    But it certainly is different, and new, and JW-related. All of us are here to post on things happening in JW-world - and a video of a prominent GB member skulking out on a Sunday morning to buy what is (even objectively) a large quantity of expensive alcohol is very interesting.

    So what's the harm in a little speculation, a little musing, a little what-if analysis? What's wrong with venting about the obvious hypocrisy?

    This is a discussion board. We're discussing an interesting event. That's all.

  • newsheep

    We only know what we are taught Master. When it came to my judicial they didn't have any facts collected but went a head and just df'd me. Others have had the same similar treatment. So excuse me as to how we express our viewpoints on Tony and how the whole entire world might view this as well.

    In pioneer school there was a part about how we might portray ourselves to the world when not in service and the CO gave an example how a guy might come home everyday from work and have a cold beer on his porch to unwind. He said the poor guy just wanted to relax but to onlookers it looked like he was an alcoholic because of that one beer everyday sitting out on his porch. Then we were told to carefully watch how we hold ourselves when not in service because we are being watched especially if people know we are jw's. If Tony wants to be on tv then Tony needs to watch how he portrays himself at all times to the entire world!

  • Jehalapeno

    sir82: That's probably the most reasonable explanation I've seen yet about the hysteria.

    I agree mostly.

    I'm also thinking about my mindset when I first started doubting. One of the first things I came across was something that I felt at the time was nit picky and conspiracy theory-ish. It turned me off from apostate websites for around 6 months. Probably delayed my exit. I was looking for objective criticism of the organization and my first exposure to apostates online was a lot of speculation with little evidence to back it up.

    Eventually, I came across JW Facts and the rest is History.

    But looking back, I wonder if I would have gained 6 months of my life back had first come across more level-headed criticism like I later found on JWFacts.

    When you've only been free for a few years, 6 months of slavery is a long time.

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