Tony Morris video footage of him buying a dozen bottles of scotch

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  • Incognigo Montoya
    Incognigo Montoya

    Ok... so the buying of the scotch, in that quantity, and expense, on a Sunday morning, away from his home town, does not look good. Could be scandalous even. But the Cadillac? Really? That thing is close to 20 years old. You're really grasping at straws there....

  • lastmanstanding


    Some can’t see it. Which probably explains why they were brain dead dubs for so long.

    The GBoobs have explained time and again how they are too too toooooo busy with the big job of being the guys who talk to Gawd Owlmighty.

    The GBoobs can’t do simple stuff. Oh no... busy with Gawd.

    In fact, in the year 2000 when I attended the Pontiac Silverdome for the big big big meeting, which we were told at the outset NOT to record, the GBoobs withdrew their positions as board of directors members as this work would be given to lessers.

    And the GBoobs would focus on the spiritual stuff. Cause they are too busy.

    But now, here is Tony Juicehead, on a clandestine liquor run. Shopping.

  • sir82

    Yeah, that car is pretty much a beater.

    But everything else? Come on man.

    Imagine the pope being filmed buying a dozen bottles of scotch in a little suburb 50 miles outside of Rome, while wearing a trench coat and cap.

    I'm sure the pope might well tip back a belt or 2 on occasion. Nothing "wrong" with that. But imagine as I said such a film emerging.

    The JW GB have set themselves up as the moral and religious equivalent of the pope.

    Tony is 1/8 of a pope.

  • lastmanstanding


    Well said. Easy to see how you are not a zombie.

  • JWSpurlock

    Here is a link of the crime scene:

  • Incognigo Montoya
    Incognigo Montoya

    My jw folks often go out of their way to avoid doing things that in and of themselves aren't bad, or forbidden, so as not to stumble others. How much more so should the 'mouthpiece of God', hold himself to a higher standard. There are a whole lot of speculative issues at play, in the video, and I think Lloyd does a good, balanced job of covering it all, but in the end, it's the perception, the potential stumbling block, that is the issue. With how much the thought of never doing anything to stumble your fellow brother, has been drilled into the minds of the sheep, you'd think a GB member, especially as outspoken and judgemental as Tony is, would not put himself in this position. (For all the reasons you all have listed previously; excessive drinking? Donated funds for purchase? The buying it out of town, on a Sunday morning, Etc) It almost smacks of guilty arrogance...

  • Jehalapeno
    while wearing a trench coat and cap.

    Jesus. Did none of y'all ever visit Bethel? That's like Bethel elder uniform, especially with the Brooklyn crowd.

  • lastmanstanding

    Governing Booby paparazzi LOL

    gotz to luv it

  • LV101

    Takes more than scotch to blather/tape WT drama. Plenty of good eating/boozing on better than EVA street from the looks of him. Ahh, the good life and those special ones fleecing the fold.

  • dozy

    In addition to the "booze" angle , the other aspect of this incident that amuses / baffles me is the lack of any effort on Tonys behalf to do any "informal witnessing."

    He had an obvious opportunity when a stranger started to converse with him and an easy lead in with the comments about him previously having travelled to Scotland & Ireland where he could have mentioned the beauty of the countries( God's creation etc ) or the fact that he was there doing evangelising / Christian work. It is a classic scenario presented numerous times in the meetings. The Memorial is in just over 2 weeks time - he could easily have given an invitation ( plenty of room for tracts in those trench coat pockets! )

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