Tony Morris video footage of him buying a dozen bottles of scotch

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  • Giordano

    It's great to see that Tony is cutting back on his drinking. Talk about a party animal!

  • sir82

    Yeah I heard he doesn't drink any more.

    He doesn't drink any less, mind you....

  • UnshackleTheChains

    I would love to be a fly on the wall at the next GB meeting.

    I can just imagine the heat on Tony. Stephen Lett raising his pinkie ring finger saying....... "oh Tony, how will this look to our YOOUNNG WANNS" 😂

  • ShirleyW

    So the Borg even quotes a scripture in Galatians when they warn about drinking, yet we all know they can put away. Before my dad was baptized my folks had a anniversary party and basically the whole Cong was invited. My father (a drinker) asked the waiter for a box at the end of the party because "this isn't a drinking crowd". Guess how many bottles were left to be put in the box for him to take home . . . . . NADA !! He's told that story several times to a few Dubs and they laughed, weren't even offended, but they why should they be?

  • Brighton

    Of course he drinks - how else is he supposed to deal with being such a fraud?

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Maybe before/at the next Annual Meeting in October, an announcement will be issued by the G.B. that "due to ill-health Brother Morris is standing down as a member of the G.B."

    He has brought the name of Jehovah "the slave" into disrepute and will be viewed disparagingly by many JW's.

    Could the org ever send him to another country for a speaking assignment? He's an embarrassing liability.

  • lastmanstanding

    Has anyone called Warwick yesterday to ask “Where is Carmen, I mean where was Tony last Sunday morning....”

  • Simon

    This topic does more to highlight how bitter, unbalanced and obsessive some exJWs are than it does provide evidence of any wrongdoing by Tony Morris.

    While I'm sure some would love to believe that he's going to drive to a lay-by and drink himself into a coma, a more realistic explanation is that they are being purchased for some event or as gifts. Gifts would explain why he's out buying things himself instead of someone else doing it - maybe they are gifts for people who would normally do those jobs?

    Who knows.

    What I do know is that while you can invent any story about anyone, it doesn't make it true or believable ... unless you have an audience of fools desperate to believe the sensationalist crap you're peddling.

  • BourneIdentity
    Like a few of the Tony Backers on this site have said, nothing wrong with buying a bunch of booze, we don't know if it was for his personal consumption or a big party. We don't know if it was purchased with donated funds or his own money. We also don't know if he was skipping a meeting, he could have been attending an afternoon one. We also don't know if he was trying to hide his purchase from fellow JWs, he might have had a reason to be in that location. Plus the trenchcoat and hat could have been his normal dress attire. Alot of this is pure speculation, which I do see.

    The one positive quality I see in him is he did a hell of a job in an effort not to stumble any JWs, being he did it at a time most are in service or attending a meeting. He also chose a time when not many normal people would be buying alcohol. So give him credit for considering his brothers and sisters and not wanting to stumble them.

    The negatives I see are this. He has made a vow of poverty, I don't know many people that are well off financially that could justify purchasing such an expensive bottle of booze. If I was limited to $200 per month or whatever it is, I sure wouldn't be blowing the majority on alcohol, that is, unless alcohol was my God and I loved and cherished it.

    The other problem I see is he didn't informally witness to this man. The end is so close, we are at the very end of the last days! I'm sure Tony looked at him and knew in a very short time, that guy is gonna be toast. He had to see him as a blackened, charred, split open bratwurst, with a lotta dead bodies strewn about everywhere. And Tony didn't say anything to save him, he has blood on his hands for not witnesssing to him. Tony has totally lost any kind of freedom to speak from the platform and telling everyone how critical these days are and the urgent need to preach to everyone we encounter, when we can see he doesn't live by it himself.

    For some that feel there was nothing wrong about Tony being in that liquor store filling up his cart, would they feel it would have been a good witness for Tony to preach to this man? Rather than Tony standing next to a literature cart, he's standing next to a liquor cart, that is fairly full of very premium expensive booze. He always encourages friends not to look ungodly or be in a position where we are embarrassed or ashamed to preach, and it looks like good old Tony did just that in this case. I'd feel less embarrassed if a brother in tight pants preached or a sister in tight spandex out for a run preached compared to Tony doing liquor cart witnessing.
  • lastmanstanding


    You and I can see it.

    Some... not so much.

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