Tony Morris video footage of him buying a dozen bottles of scotch

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    I don’t believe it’s a joke because of the footage. I truly hope Lloyd would never do anything that distasteful. I would never watch another video on his channel if he did.

    I don’t care that Tomo drinks, but holy shit that’s a lot of booze. What the hell kind of a party could justify that much alcohol, especially the good stuff?

    I do think it’s weird, that’s for sure....

    It’s possible that he has been saving up a long time for that purchase. It’s possible he went in the ministry and to a meeting later in the day.

    Perhaps he is stocking up because he fears real persecution and believes he will be hiding out? That may sound extreme but I’m sure Warwick was built with the Great Tribulation in mind.

    Tomo isn’t getting caught with his pants to speak...

    DD 🤔

  • lastmanstanding

    Some of the good folks here can see the significance of Tony’s booze run, others not so much. For the sake of the others that cannot see the forest for the trees, I think it best to explain what’s happening here.

    Tony is a WT God. As such, he has minions to take care of the more ‘mundane’ things. After all, the GB are important dudes. They have to relegate the mundane things to the lesser ones in the kingdom of Gawd, whilst they care for the important things of Gawd, like communication of Gawd’s laws to humanity.

    So, where are the minions? Isn’t Tony and the other WT gods to busy with the BIG stuff, the heavy lifting in the house of gawd....

    Tony is hiding what he is doing, not just from us, and the rank ‘n file dubs, he’s hiding it from Bethel. Maybe not hiding it from the other WT gods, as they may be booze hounds too. Maybe it was Tony’s turn to booze run.

    But more likely, Tony is an ALC.

    And if Tony the god sneaks out for liquor, what else is he sneaking around doing?


    We may likely see Tight Pants eliminated from Loony Tunes TV.

    I for one am calling Warwick. I am going to ask, WHERE WAS TONY ON SUNDAY MORINNG LAST AT 11 AM?

    And I am going to tell them.

    You should too....

  • Simon
    And if Tony the god sneaks out for liquor, what else is he sneaking around doing? Hookers.???

    Pathetic and moronic.

  • Gorbatchov

    The nasty thing is how to explain to third world country jw's who have to life with their family of a 50 dollar monthly budget and the religion leader is buying 800 dollar wishkey on a sunday morning.

    That's not okay.


  • john.prestor

    Let's not blow this out of proportion guys. I agree, he comes across as sketchy in the video, and yes, his taste in alcohol sure seems pretty worldly and clashes with what he tells the faithful about 'keeping their eye simple.'. But just because the dude wants to drink some fancy liquor doesn't make him guilty of anything else.

  • waton

    Any doppelgaengers available for April 1 st stories? not just tight pants, but tight over coats/?

  • Steel

    I think if you claim to speak for god almighty himself , you shouldn't drink alcohol at all. Given the fact all the bottles looked the same , they were not for a party, they were him alone and he is a fucking piss tank alcoholic.

    Oh man I can't too show some uber elders and ask " is that really clean conduct in the Christian congregation." I might even show up for the memorial half pissed this year.

  • Drearyweather
    Jesus didnt charge over 800 dollars for it. WT apologists will exuse anything that the Walkill Popes do.

    Whom did Anthony charge?

  • Steel

    The great thing about this video is it going to set thousands of people free. Maybe they wont quit tomorrow but this has to flick a switch to the general stupidity of it all.

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    Meanwhile.... In Russia.

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