2.16.2017 NJ Star-Ledger Ad: "Were you sexually abused by the Jehovahs Witnesses?"

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  • sir82

    This has the feel of something big - something that will snowball.

  • kpop

    Brothers, this is another sign we are living deep in the last days! OMG the end is here the end is HERE!

  • Worldling9

    Hehehe, time for the GB to stock the bunkers...the GT is about to begin!

    I guess they'll have to tell the r&f to stop watching television or reading newspapers...

  • redvip2000

    Anyone who lives in the Tri State area knows that this is an ad for the law firm of Weitz and Luxembourg.

    Well known for chasing asbestos and other personal injury cases.

    Yup. Being from the area, I confirm. These folks are true "ambulance chasers". They are the classical money hungry lawyers, and they will hit the bOrg with as many lawsuits as they can. Taking this to a TV commercial, means that they believe this is big enough to tap into.

  • slimboyfat

    Very interesting. Given they were already short of money, could they actually run out? What would happen if they did?

  • sir82

    Given they were already short of money, could they actually run out? What would happen if they did?

    They've got well over $1 billion from real estate sales and the Grand Congregation Cash Grab of 2015, on top of whatever they had accumulated beforehand. It would seem to be enough for a while. However.....

    A few Boston Archdiocese-level settlements would whittle that down in a hurry.

    One wonders if the rush to complete Warwick was at least in part a desire to get it finished before the money, or at least the excess money, runs out.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    They have plenty of capital in real estate that gradually will be liquidated as they lose membership. It seems that their real estate investment will slowly be transferred to law firms, counseling services, and victims.

    2017 can be considered the "1799" of Charles T. Russell. He was off by 218 years.

  • Spoletta

    It makes sense that this is all happening so soon after the ARC commission. The transcripts and videos alone are a wealth of irrefutable evidence that all decisions come right from the top. Not to mention the presence of a Governing Body Member on the witness stand. Imagine if the Pope had had to appear to answer questions about abuse in the Catholic Church!

    Also, the close proximity of the Watchtower headquarters to New Jersey will make it hard to avoid more appearances by the Governing Body, as they can't make the excuse that there's no one available to appear in court. They can't all be out at conventions all the time.

    The high visibility of the real estate transactions makes impossible to plead poor, so all in all, this is an ideal time to jump on the Child Abuse Bandwagon before the money is all gone, or hidden in a bank account somewhere out of the United States.

  • Dunedain

    I think all of us, including myself, who live in the NYC, tri state area, and have access to this newspaper, should grab a copy, and make HUNDREDS of photo copies of this advertisement.

    We then should carefully cut out the advertisement, perhaps even wearing latex gloves, so as not to "dirty" the copies with fingerprints. Then place them in an envelope, and anonymously mail them to EVERY JW we know. Including Elder bodies, pioneers, publishers, EVERYONE.

    That will "grow" the "buzz" in spades. There will be NO denying that its "just rumor", when they are literally holding a copy of the add in their hands.

    This is an add, in newspapers, in the NYC area. This is in, or near the same state, that the WTS HEADQUARTERS are in. Not some far away town, or small rural state, or another country, NOPE, right in their own backyard. In fact, we should make copies of this ad, and MAIL THEM TO BETHEL by the thousands.

    ADVERTISE, ADVERTISE, ADVERTISE!. They will reap, what they have sown.

    All those who are in the NYC/NJ area, and have access to this paper, including myself, PLEASE help by getting copies of this, out there to as many JW's as you can. Make it so they CANNOT deny it. Make it so they CANNOT disregard it. Make it so they CANNOT sweep it under the carpet, and try to hide, like they always have in the past.

    Lets BLOW THIS UP!!!!!! Lets make copies, and start a mailing campaign, without having to write a word, just a copy of this ad. Post them up in public places. Make fliers, put them up on public boards. Get it out there.

    Heck, JW's have been leaving stacks of literature in peoples doors for YEARS, why not leave some stacks of copies of this add, at the front door of every Kingdom Hall within driving distance.

    PLUS, as I stated in the other thread I started about this ad, there is actually a TV commercial being aired, as we speak. For all those that haven't heard, its a commercial from the Weitz and Luxembourg Law firm, asking if anyone has been sexually abused by the Jehovahs Witnesses SPECIFICALLY, to call for possible financial compensation.

    Between us getting copies of this add out there, and the public TV adds, it will be very hard for the average JW to NOT take notice.

    This is BIG, but we can help, in a small way, to make it an even bigger impact, perhaps even reaching those young ones, and others that were abused, helping them to get justice.

    Lets get our copy machines out friends! It is time!

  • cobweb

    It is exciting news, but I think it is wise to double check the reputations of the law firms involved before getting too carried away. There are a few comments on the reddit forum that have chastened my enthusiasm a little.

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