2.16.2017 NJ Star-Ledger Ad: "Were you sexually abused by the Jehovahs Witnesses?"

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  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    I called them today. I expressed my concerns and the did listen. It didn't seem like the law firm itself but an intake center but I maybe wrong.

  • flipper

    Broken record?

    Hey - whatever it takes to get the message out about this cult's despicable policies.

    Mrs. Flipper

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    Yeah flipper facts equate to a broken record.

  • Life is to short 2
    Life is to short 2

    Yep Landy I am and I am never going to stop anymore than you are, because your going accrose the same threads I am, and you might want to learn to be able to count because it's 3 threads not 20.

    Makes me wonder how true your facts and views are being you just embellished this number?

    RO now you can rest in peace, it's clearly a stupid law firm that doesn't mean anything, they are just doing a silly what did Landy call it oh I know a "fishing expedition to see if it might throw up anything."

    So since this is clearly a stupid law firm who's just chasing money and that it's such a huge long shot, only a uphill battle, now that you have called and realized that this law firm means nothing as as Landy so eloquently says it's a huge long shot. Stop debating us we didn't place the ad's.

    And no Landy I am not going to stop posting on these 3 threads anymore than you and all the other poster's who have posted on ALL THREE of them. The last I knew you didn't own this web sight and I have not broken the rules by posting on 3 threads. I see a lot of people posting on more than one, and so your point in getting ticked off at me really seems silly, especially since you are doing the same thing.


  • Landy

    Lol - you crack on then

  • Life is to short 2
    Life is to short 2

    Thank you Landy


  • flipper

    Landy and Richard - it's true LITS may be sounding like a broken record here.

    I think she has a very good reason considering her cause is to keep attention on the WT problems with sexual abuse, which then will protect children.

    I'm not sure what your reasons are for being so tenacious. If you are jws, perhaps to get brownie points with Jehovah? If not, maybe just plain bullying.

    Over the 10 years I have known LITS I have seen people try to discourage her - I think some people have resented that she has more heart and integrity than they do.

    Mrs. Flipper

  • Worldling9
    I am looking forward to watching the WTBTS go down, even if it is an uphill battle, even if it does take years, and even if it is a little bit at a time. Ornery old farts who like to argue for the sake of arguing won't be able to stop it.
  • Vidiot
    flipper - "...perhaps to get brownie points with Jehovah? If not, maybe just plain bullying."

    The two aren't necessarily mutually exclusive. :smirk:

  • cobweb

    Not entirely relevant to this thread but I just saw a post on reddit which linked to an Australian law firm who seem to be going after child abuse cases in JW land in Oz.


    Jehovah’s Witnesses Historical Abuse Claims

    The Royal Commission identified a number of serious issues in relation to the child protection policies of the Jehovah’s Witnesses organisation. It found that the organisation does not respond adequately to reports of child sexual abuse. There has been, and remains, litigation on foot in Australia, the UK, the US and many other countries against the Jehovah’s Witnesses organisation.

    We are committed to holding this organisation to account by providing the support and guidance to help survivors come forward. The voices of these survivors will continue to drive positive change, and will ensure that child protection policies and actions within this organisation are improved.

    We are working with advocacy groups and leading practitioners in the UK and the United States to ensure that we are taking a collaborative approach where possible and that we share learnings across the jurisdictions.

    If you’ve been affected by abuse, please contact the Shine Lawyers Abuse Team using the forms below.

    Shine Lawyers’ Abuse Law Team specialises in providing legal advice and guidance to survivors of abuse, standing as a voice for clients and helping them gain access to justice and acknowledgement for the harm they have suffered.

    Collectively, our team possesses over 105 years of experience in in this area of law. We work with survivors to determine their rights and deliver the outcomes that are most important to them – acknowledgement, apology and compensation.

    We are highly experienced in bringing claims for individuals who were subjected to sexual abuse within a range of churches and institutions, including the Jehovah’s Witnesses. We are familiar with the organisational and legal structure, the isolating culture and their policies in relation to the reporting of abuse. This experience allows us to provide expert advice and representation.

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